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Karl Hess – Buh Bye

WOW, Karl Hess booted by ACC over racist comment. Let's check in on Tobacco Road's reax… — (@LostLettermen) January 9, 2015 We all know “King” Karl Hess as a megalomaniac, thin-skinned diva, and all-around, general purpose dickhead. Or as the Brits would say, “bell end.” Well, good thing for NC State he also […]

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Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles! [Updated 6:46pm]

Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles!…and, they are just my ‘favorite’ kind of articles where some douchebag who doesn’t know jack shit about NC State history sits on a throne and ordains that they are better fans than everyone else!!! (GREAT MOVE, TECHNICIAN!!! Just what you need to be doing right now […]

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Maryland had the right idea

Lol at anyone who criticizes Maryland for leaving the ACC. They saw the light. — NCSUMach (@NCSUMach) February 16, 2014 Here's the smile… @WXMoose — Scott Clark (@Clarksa) February 16, 2014 It certainly hasn’t taken Syracuse long to become darlings of the ACC and John Clougherty’s officials. The strangest thing is that they haven’t […]

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