Report: ACC to end relationship w/ King Karl [3:30pm update]

In case you have missed it, the background for these recent developments have been discussed in this thread on our message forums for days (SEE why you need to make our forums a part of your daily routine).

About friggin time. Of course it takes something happening to another school – Wake Forest – to effect change. It shoulda happened after Hess’s technical foul on Mark Gottfried were the deciding factor of State’s game with Wofford. It was not even arguable that his personal feelings impacted his officiating and he was out to make a point. Ultimately, his point impacted the outcome of the game. The problem for years with Hess is that his biases obviously impact his work — you don’t get the name “King Karl” for nothing. Karl has always had to be in complete control of everything and his penchant of ‘making points’ in games inherently change the outcomes of games.

This is particularly funny since David Glenn is breaking the news as Glenn has always been a supporter of Hess and has expressed multiple times that Hess is an excellent official.

Anybody as obviously thin-skinned as shown by the Corch/Googs incident (for which he should have issued a very public apology) has no business in any position of authority. This should have been obvious to anyone with a scintilla of common sense. But it took him being racist to a connected dude to get him in any trouble whatsoever. The world in which we live.

The real hope for ACC Basketball fans is that SOMEHOW Jamie Luckie, Roger Ayers & Brian Dorsey can find their way out of the door next!

Statefans is going to have a lot more on this topic…so, please stay tuned. As for now, BJD has some comments available by clicking here.

More from ACC Sports Journal here.

The ACC is severing ties with controversial referee Karl Hess, multiple sources told David Glenn of and The David Glenn Show on Friday morning.

The decision to end the conference’s relationship with Hess was made by ACC supervisor of officials John Clougherty and other ACC decision-makers on Thursday. It’s still unclear whether the decision will go into effect immediately. The conference was considering giving Hess a two-week window to reach out to other conferences and schedule games later in the season while officiating ACC games as scheduled, sources told Glenn.

The ACC’s decision does not stretch to other conferences. Referees are independent contractors, so Hess is still capable of calling games in any other conference. He’s also under contract with the SEC and AAC.

The severance is not simply a reaction to the incident this past weekend, when Hess told a Wake Forest fan sitting courtside that he wants to watch his “Egyptian ass ref a game.” That fan, Indian-American and one of the Demon Deacons’ biggest boosters Mit Shah, was in conversation with the conference on Monday evening, an additional source told Shah has served on the Wake Forest Board of Trustees and is deeply embedded in the athletic department.

Instead, that incident was more of a tipping point. Hess was long under the watch of Clougherty for his past controversial actions, which include the ejection of former NC State players Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani from a game in February of 2012 and an unusually early technical on NC State coach Mark Gottfried earlier this season. He was not scheduled to officiate the 2015 ACC Tournament, a source told Glenn.

Hess was a polarizing figure within the ACC. He was one of the most respected officials the conference had under contract, as indicated by his assignments on six Final Fours and nine ACC championship games. But, at the same time, he had build a notorious reputation with ACC fans and some league coaches.

3:30pm Update has some additional info that Hess will not work any of his American Athletic games and is under review from the Big East.

Hess had been scheduled to work an American Athletic Conference game between Houston and Memphis on Sunday, but has chosen to step away from his remaining assignments with the league. Hess, who also works for the Big 12, Big East and SEC, may do the same with all of the leagues for which he currently works.

Referees are independent contractors for leagues and Hess told ESPN earlier in the day that he hadn’t heard from any league other than the ACC regarding his status.

Big East supervisor of officials John Cahill told ESPN that the league is doing its due diligence and conducting an independent investigation into Hess.

Also interesting:

Calls to the ACC have not been immediately returned, however a source told’s Andy Katz that Hess’ termination was the result of accumulated incidents in the ACC.

Hess had this to say:

Hess, who has worked ACC games for more than 25 years, told ESPN that the comment was made in jest.

“It’s a sad day and is devastating,” Hess told ESPN on Friday. “But I’m responsible.”

“I wasn’t trying to deliberately hurt anyone,” he added. “That’s not my character. I goof around a lot, and there was no intent to hurt anyone.”

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    Multiple sources told @DavidGlennShow and @ACCSports the ACC is ending its relationship with controversial BB official Karl Hess. More soon.— Da
    [See the full post at: Report: ACC to end relationship with King Karl]


    Don’t let the screen door …


    Who knows that Wofford loss could impact RPI just enough to put us on the wrong side of the bubble. As it appears now I don’t think we’ll have to worry about any bubble this year which could be for the best if it gets Archie here faster.


    packalum44 –

    I don’t understand why you think we are so far away from the NCAA Tournament.

    We are currently #44 in the RPI having played the 10th toughest schedule in the country. If we win one of the next two games we will easily have a Top 35 RPI with 4 wins vs the Top 100.


    SF, That’s how PA44 operates. I think he must have been a sports radio guy in the past. Troll whenever it’s possible.


    Can’t wait for King Karl the Konqueror to get an NCAA Tournament game involving an ACC team.



    Retribution! FINALLY!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Thank god one of my wishes have a chance to come true!!




    I guess all the refs will be wearing KH on their shoes this weekend right???? right?


    Thank god one of my wishes have a chance to come true!!

    That was my New Year’s resolution. It’s only January 9th and I’m done for the year.


    What is pathetic is that it took this incident to fire him AND he is considered a “good” official. I think one thing professional and sports should try to do is get away from officials incorrectly impacting outcomes as much as possible. Technology should soon be at a point where this is possible. (Its certainly possible in cases of out of bounds calls.)

    Regardless basketball officiating is horrible and officials are a big part of acc power structure.


    Well, NOW….is that peachy keen? The way that KH made up with GOTT….I was expecting the Lou Bello – Norm Sloan treatment for the next game….

    BUT, I will be glad that he is OUT.

    He MUST have had a run-in with Wake before. When I pulled his stats, Wake was the ONLY ACC team that had “red circled” him….in that he did NOT ref a single WFU game for a full season.

    We got TWO seasons….I can now add to my Reynolds Experience….Last NCSU game that KH called.

    The shoes MUST be checked for KKH initials….but I suggest a full body scan for Tattoos…..MAYBE this will do some good.

    I totally agree about Luckie, Valentine and Dorsey. When we fans know those names and faces….and several, besides me obviously do….then those refs are no longer part of the supposedly invisible Zebra Squad….

    Good riddance….but it was for an PC or perhaps an INCORRECT PC slur that got him….Capone was done in by the IRS…


    I absolutely adore being involved and a part of something that is really a phenomenon.


    Get ready for the KH stickers of support… really glad his ouster ultimately wasn’t due to anything NCSU-centric.. we’d have never won another game.


    Get ready for the KH stickers of support… really glad his ouster ultimately wasn’t due to anything NCSU-centric.. we’d have never won another game.

    It’s now being reported it was due to an accumulation of events, ie our stuff.

    The good thing is other conferences are starting to bail on him as well, so all referees need to take notice.


    Great reason to celebrate this weekend. LONG OVERDUE!!


    It’s interesting that it took an accumulation of stuff. The Gugs/Corch debacle should have been plenty.


    Been traveling a lot for work the last couple of years and haven’t had time to post much though I have been reading the blog. This however deserves a post. I haven’t been so happy about a firing since Fowler left. The first thing that popped into my head was the Witch is dead song from the Wizard of Oz. Hopefully this will impact the behavior of the remaining refs in a positive way.


    Ahhhh! You mean Hess won’t be able to ref in our game against Duke? Yessss! He will be missed! NOT!!!!!!!!!


    Chop ( way up there somewhere ^^^^)…exactly! And more to your point I don’t believe for a second that his firing was as a result of an accumulation of issues. That’s full bore BS! What the ACC does not want us to believe is that they fired him solely for one reason…that he violated the most nebulous of all doctrines, those of the politically correct. He was not fired for anything at all related to his profession. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone. I just wish the pu$$ies at the ACC would have fired him for bias, something that should be the worst sin possible among the profession in which he was employed. Instead they ignored his bias for years because it better served their needs. But, bust the PC code?….well, then they stand proudly upright behind their righteous PC cloak, chest all pumped out and make a PR statement by firing him. Total BS. PC is poison.


    Agree 100% with JG78 & Mr. P. Should have happened a long time ago.

    BUT, KKKarma is a b!tch huh KKKarl?
    Maybe Liberty will allow you to ref women’s volleyball or that most sought after of spectator sports- field hockey.


    Playing the race card these days will get you worse punishment than just about anything else you can do, including physical violence in some cases.

    Good riddance in this case, however.


    Playing the race card is a tactic used by the likes of Al Shapton. He is empowered by the politically correct among us who quake with fear that they might find themselves in his crosshairs. Hess did not play a race card. Hess made a racist comment. No Sharpton race card necessary here. Hess simply did what he did, plain and simple.


    My point was that if you as much as IMPLY something that could be stretched into a racist statement, you’re toast in this PC day and age. Lord knows I’m not taking up for Hess here; he’s an insecure little turd who never should have been given the NCAA stage with a whistle in his mouth.

    But my point is that I’m really tired of the double standard we have in this day and age, and I do think a lot of people will agree with me on this one.

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