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    @statefansnation Last 3 games NCSU opponents have made 55-75 free throws while we have only attempted 34, made 24. Fouls NCSU 62 opp. 39.— Matt
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    I don’t want to add fuel to the fire… but I swear I feel like this every game. Also, I’ve noticed the timing of when the other teams get called for fouls versus when we do and we draws the fouls. Our hot hands will get fouls called on them, the other team gets late whistles after the ref sees the shot didn’t fall or they didn’t get the rebound.

    Meanwhile we will draw make up fouls, non shooting, when have an unobstructed lane to the basket.

    I’m like why call the touch foul there and my internal conspiracy theorist thinks its to keep the foul discrepancy at the end of the day close and non beneficial to us. We never seem to be in the bonus or double bonus until the very end of the game while our opponents spend the last 10 minutes there.

    this was a vent because I always feel like I’m the only one witnessing the lopsided whistleblowing


    Fouls on both teams in games we play with “non-ACC” refs could be an interesting contrast to conference games. Does anyone have those numbers?


    At least we’re consistent.


    Maybe we should drive to the basket more


    Fouls on both teams in games we play with “non-ACC” refs could be an interesting contrast to conference games. Does anyone have those numbers?

    ^It would be interesting to see. I’ll never forget Richard Howell and the other players talking openly about how refreshing it was to play in a non-ACC officiated game after the 1st round win over San Diego State three seasons back.

    Maybe we should drive to the basket more

    ^Very fair point. Awful lot of jumpshots from Turner and Lacey lately. Don’t get me wrong – I never mind seeing those guys shoot, but that’s not a recipe for getting to the line.

    For the Notre Dame game however, I felt it was called in a wildly inconsistent fashion. I stand by my notion that the stripes completely changed the course of that game. Essentially, one team was allowed to be an aggressor while the other team had to play passively on each end. “Straight up” vertical plane fouls were called on one team and not on the other. Why?

    Yeah, State made plenty of mistakes in that game – a lot of those were made after some very incongruous calls though. In my estimation we should have absolutely blown that team out of the gym, and we were on the way to doing so. It’s still painful, so I can only imagine how the kids feel about it.


    I’m not about to give the ACC officiating a pass, as God knows there have been plenty of calls against us that are- at best- bizarre, and -at worst- blatant vengeance for Hess getting the boot. But having said that, we absolutely need to attack the rim more often if we want to get to the line more. We are a jump shooting offense who rarely feeds our bigs down low. And when we do, most of the time they settle for baby hooks and fadeaways. Shots that have a lower percentage of drawing contact. Barber needs to be able to drive more, he’s good at that. He’s a liability just hanging around the perimeter. Anya and Abu need to go up strong instead of trying to work around their defender. We do seem to be getting better at the foul line as of late. More chances are gonna be effective, especially in these close games.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    As much as I want State to be on the better end of the FT Rate, I believe it’s more important for State to draw fouls early and often to get the opposition’s players into foul trouble and force them to be less aggressive in order to continue playing. Doing this will allow State’s offense easier opportunities to score and that’s more important.


    Great, hold on to this hope that we are losing by someones fault other than ours. We lack a ball handler that can or is willing to attack the lane and create contact. With this style of play it is quite simple to guard our bigs down low without fouling. There have been so many games where the refs did have a large part in our demise, this has not been that year however. I will say this about poor officiating, I thank them for giving me several weeks before I had to watch the heels become completley protected from their opposition. Last night against Syracuse was what I’m used to seeing, typical refs. with whistles ready to blow if anyone dare look wrong at a tarhole.

    In honest response, I may feel the same as the author here if I wasn’t so disgusted with the overall piss poor play, decisions, coaching decisions and just general stupidity I’ve observed this basketball season.


    Holy crap!
    I knew the Miami game was badly skewed (21/10) but that is huge… and at the same time, our bigs have started getting more involved. You’d expect the opposition bigs picking up more fouls.
    I do think we need more emphasis on driving the basket. The Martins bring that. I think anytime Cat brings the ball up court and the defense is not set, he should sprint for the layup or dish. I think there are several opportunities for that each game.


    OK….are you PARANOID? Did you think that your emails and texts and phone conversations were “fair game” for the “Most Honest and OPEN Administration” in history? If you thought that, then maybe you OUGHT to be PARANOID. OFF the SOAP…

    Here is the statistics….courtesy of StatSheet. Karl Hess, has NOT officiated ANY game since Jan 8. NADA….his dance card was revoked.

    Up to and including the Jan 07 UVA game, we had an average of 17.375 FPG. I did not do any “massaging” like throwing out the high and the low or looking only at “league” play…just the PURE numbers.

    Starting with Duke (Jan 11), we have averaged 20.8 FPG. That is a 3.425 FPG INCREASE or a 19.7% INCREASE. Co-incidental? Random? Who knows. What IS interesting is that the FPG have stabilized. Did not do a SD on the data….but eyeballing it, the SD for the last 5 games would be small….compared to the previous 16…..

    You can Google NCSU Statsheet and look at the data yourself(ves) and draw your own conclusions…..We DID have Dorsey at least once since then and he was in tears and flashed his new KH4EVR Tattoo at Coach G.

    I totally agree that the ND game was inconsistently called… have been many. MAYBE we do step up our D…but if you watch the “Foul” monitor, we usually get a BUNCH, before our opponent catches, if ever, up.

    BUT, you got to play….and you have to be smart.

    I give data….you analyze…..but that little nagging sensation is inside me. Like when I write an email and mention a product to someone….dadgummed if I don’t get a “pop-up” advertising it….


    I love the dick pic of Gott 🙂


    The only thing in basketball that is consistent for us is inconsistent. We shoot a lot of perimeter shots. Maybe if we took it inside and used a pump fake here and there, we could get some of these calls we need. Hess is living vicariously through his peers.


    The hard part is, with all the touch fouls being called, is that we are not able to play aggressively on defense. That has simply killed us. Take us out of our element where we can’t pressure the ball and we are done for. Our guys can’t sag on defense in man or play zone for the most part correctly.


    Cat drove the ball several times and didn’t get a whistle. If I had the time – I would do a thorough analysis.

    Having said that, just because there’s a disparity doesn’t mmean the refs aren’t calling a good game.

    What would only improve the experience of fans and create a little more confidence in the system is if there some sort of transparency and obvious accountability. Perhaps if the league published a scorecard or gave schools a recourse or outlet.

    I love watching golf. I love the fact that fans can see something call a PGA rules official and action is taken. I love being able to watch an athletic event that is clearly and obviously determined by the skill and luck of competitors and is not subject to the whims and biases of officials.


    ^^You know, I actually don’t mind touch fouls being called at all. The key is the consistency in which those calls are applied.

    Call all the touch fouls you want – anything to get freedom of movement back into the college game. For heaven’s sake though please call consistently.

    It’s mind-numbingly painful to watch an ugly yet consistently called slug fest, but it’s a damn travesty to watch one team get the green light for aggression while the other team has to play passive (hello, typical Duke and Cheat games).


    Exactly wulfpup – consistency would be nice. Like the say in baseball – the strike zone should be the same no matter who is on the mound and who is at the plate.


    + 1 billion to choppack’s post

    Organize and structure. Hold those who stray from clearly defined rules and regs accountable. This ‘independent contractor’ crap needs to go the way of the dodo bird. What we’re left with is a bunch of individuals running around enforcing their personal interpretations of the rules. How can that possibly be resolutely consistent?

    One ref let’s a hand-check or arm-bar go while another doesn’t – in the same damn game! Maddening.

    Prowling Woofie

    Maddening development observed in the Holes game last night – though not shocking, mind you – was that Meeks has now been granted Hansbrough status by the refs. He’s allowed to push, shove, and bludgeon anyone within arms reach without any negative repercussions. But, you’d better not breath in his direction….

    Maybe they just pity someone with a muffin top starting above his eyebrows.


    My post in the ND game thread: We want the team to execute in critical moments, I think it’s fair to ask the same of the officials.

    I stand by that.


    The older I get, the less and less I like college basketball. “Inconsistent” officiating (or should I say consistently inconsistent?) is a large part of the reason.

    I also dislike baseball? One of the largest reasons is due to the inconsistent strike zone.

    When every single play of every single game largely depends on the whims of the official that day, it’s just not fun to watch.

    Give me golf (mentioned above for reasons I agree with), football (those guys typically do a decent job and rarely do bad/missed penalties change the outcome of a game), volleyball or soccer any day. They’re just less frustrating to watch.


    Just to expand on Mike’s thought on the Anya Slams comments and ncsu_kappa’s comment on this page regarding non-shooting fouls. At the start of the second half of the Notre Dame game, State was up by 12. Between the 19:00 minute mark and the 13:00 minute mark, State was whistled for four fouls, three of which were shooting fouls that put ND on the line. During that time , ND tied the game. Over the next seven and a half minutes, ND was call for six fouls, five of which were non-shooting fouls. During that same seven and a half minutes, State was whistled for two fouls, both of which were shooting fouls that again put ND on the line. At that point State was up by six. Over the next six minutes, State had three fouls called against them, all putting ND on the line and one foul was called on ND, and that one foul called on ND the final six minutes put State on the line. End of regulation, we were tied. There were fouls by ND during the final six minutes that went uncalled. The four early fouls against Malik, Cody and Anya could be considered tempo changers for the game. In the first minute of the second half, ND hit a three, and Cody hit a shot and was fouled, hit the free throw, then four fouls were called on State over the next 2 minutes and 52 seconds, an no fouls were called on ND during that same time period. We still had a lead then, but the dynamic of the game had changed.


    Meeks has now been granted Hansbrough status by the refs.

    Haha it was only a matter of time 🙂

    I’ll never forget State scoring the first 11 points of the game at the Cheat Dome when Sir Travels was a freshman going against Cedric Simmons. Shock of shocks, by the end of the first half Simmons had 4 fouls called on him while guarding Sir Travels and we were behind.

    At times, I get the feeling that the WWE scriptwriters work out of the Greensboro ACC office.


    You see rye – it has gotten to the point where I dread watching the big games we’re involved in. In my honest opinion, the officials rather than insure that neither side gains an advantage by breaking the rules, do just the opposite.

    A guide to how a referee plans to officiate a game would be helpful. Again, a fan could at least assess how an official was doing if there was a set of objective standards published and scored.

    The thing that some of love about sports is that in a society that increasingly seems to remove merit and clear victories – it gives the athlete the satisfaction of an end result. It does that because the rules are published and in theory, enforced.

    Why not publish an official scorecard. Instead they seem to say “trust us, we’ll take care of it” and all we get is the same.


    I’d like to see a scorecard as well. Too many wieners calling games at this level. If you’ve been around the officiating ranks, even at the high school level, where most of these folks broke in, you know it’s a fraternity of fanboy deuches. Of course, there are some really solid officials, folks with lots of playing experience, folks that really put time in studying and working, but by and large, they are outnumbered by the deuches. College basketball is definitely the worst.

    But let’s be real, it’s not the Cat Barbers who are picking up a ton of fouls. Sure, he had the questionable push off charge the other night, but by and large, he doesn’t get whistled. He’s an outstanding defender. If we look down the roster, there aren’t a lot of great defenders on this team, our coaches are not great defensive coaches, and we don’t play solid team defense. We reach, our bigs make dumb fouls reaching 30 feet from the basket, and some of us are a little slow of foot. We hedge on non-shooters and don’t get out on shooters. You name it, we do it badly.

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