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    round of applause Wilson59…. I know it changes nothing but at least I know I’m not crazy. I’m going to keep a better tally of the calls missed calls, call it my own boxers scorecard. Mind you while I’m not biased there were times during this game that I said we got away with one.

    It just doesn’t happen that frequently. The call I hate the most is when we do drive the lane because there isn’t help there and the ref calls a non shooting foul as we blow by the defender. Is there continuation in college? They are always so clear to point out the foul occurred on the floor.

    My guess is we see the foul discrepancy accounted for over these next “less-significant” games

    john of sparta

    whiteshoes, you win.
    thanks for that.


    Up by 5 with just over a minute and up by 2 with 18 seconds. Don’t turn the ball over and hit foul shots and game is over.

    Having said this, we consistently have key calls go against up in critical situations.

    Sunday nights last call against Abu would NEVER go against the home team in Cameron or the hole dome. The play was executed perfectly, both players were jostling equally, ND player flopped and ref gave it to them.

    Clear out called against Cat in last minute was weak and unlikely to be called against other teams (let the players decide anyone)

    The not an and-1 against TJW last year in the Syracuse game could have gone both ways, but didn’t.

    Last years UNC home game. Foul not called on TJ’s last minute floater when defender had to jump into him to get the shot. Mugging Foul on TJW turnover fullcout press not called.

    Miami shove in the back tip-in for win (2 yrs ago?)

    Don’t need to think too hard to add to the list.

    It is simply unthinkable that so many critical calls could go against 1 team if it were simply random. Don’t think so? Go find the strange questionable calls that result in us winning. Bet you have to look long and hard.

    Prowling Woofie



    Here’s another stat of the day- Virginia Tech 70, Pitt 67.

    Now THAT is a damning loss! Goodbye bubble, hello NIT for the Panthers.


    Caleb was mugged under the basket at the end of the game. Ball out of bounds to ND. Reminded me of TJ last year. So very frustrating. I have to admire these young men who play their hearts out. They deserve a fair game.


    I guess I could get more worked up about the officials if it seemed to matter. We just give up big lead after big lead.
    We are only as good as our three point shooting at that time. And when we go cold we lose. It is the very opposite of the high post.
    This team plays hard but plays dumb. Lose the next three and we are not going dancing.

    Of course, the fact we are constantly worried about making the tournament should tell us all we need to know about the status of our program. Good programs are worried about winning a championship or seating. We just hope we squeak into it ala Herb.


    ^What he said !! Ding Ding Ding Rick. Two consistent things you can count on after most Pack loses, we lost a lead from our dumb decisions and we blame the refs. Just seems to be a pattern here, we are always NCAA tournament pretenders and always pretending the refs are against us. Both are getting old. As a Pack fan I’m tired of the same ole post about refs. Good programs find a way to win not lose.


    One of the ways you maintain a lead is by rolling up fouls on the opposition as they play aggressively trying to get back into the game.


    I hate the calls by the refs as much as anybody, and I DO think we are screwed before the game starts in some cases. BUT, I’m so sick of seeing crappy coaching down the stretch, and crappy shooting when it counts. Some fouls against us are caused by being out of position, on both ends of the court! We have no game plan with 5 min left in the game…dribble down, hold the ball around the top of the key until the shot clock winds down, then spaz out and throw the ball away either from a last-sec kickout and missed shot or just losing the ball on the drive. It’s been years since I saw an actual play develop with time running down. I wish there was more accountability in officiating but I’d rather see us learn to shoot under direst (both paint and outside), manage the clock better, move the ball around and set up PLAYS. Enter the 6 minute point drought here!! Gott is an ok coach but he’s not gonna get us any further than where we’ve already been with him. Cat Barber is not a shooter, nor is he a playmaker, he’s a ballhog IMO. Just dribbling around until the shot clock winds down is no good. And the bigs MUST block out under the basket to prevent the putback that continues to be an Achilles heel in the final minutes of these types of losses. What does it say about a team that plays so inconsistently, and yet loses by only 2pts to these ranked teams? If we had showed up with just a little better than average effort, we would have won all of these games! THAT’S COACHING. There’s a reason why some of these teams continually come from behind to win…just like there is a reason why we continue to lose after having the lead.

Viewing 10 posts - 26 through 35 (of 35 total)
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