Incompetent ACC Official Ends State’s season

State’s baseball season (probably) ended today in Greensboro in typical ncstateshit fashion.


N.C. State stranded 11 runners and came out on the short end of a controversial play in which Trea Turner was called out while stealing home in the fifth. Coach Elliott Avent angrily confronted umpire Mark Chapman, while replays showed Turner appeared to beat the tag.

The “controversial play” is shown below, judge for yourself. However, make sure you note the home plate umpire Mark Chapman looking away from the play (which isn’t reviewable).

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    State’s baseball season (probably) ended today in Greensboro in typical ncstateshit fashion. UNC beats NC State 4-4.— OntheDunk (@OntheDunk) May
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    The umpire was awful bad calls all day, and of course we end up on the short end. But also can not believe the failed chances, with runners on base, and we score nothing on several occasions, and my biggest beef is in a do or die situation, why is your ace not pitching. Sometimes I am just baffled by Avent. Maybe our end of season play, and our overall record will get us in. Doubtful, but possible.


    I give no blame to Avent for not starting Rodon on short rest. Other than a crappy 3rd inning by our normally top reliever, State’s relief pitching did a great job and was not our issue. It was the multiple innings we had players in scoring position with no or 1 out and still failed to score. Where was the bunting that college baseball loves to do so much?

    Regardless of the terrible Turner call, State blew this game with poor run support. A year long trend.


    It was, in many ways, a microcosm of NC State-hood.


    Very similar to the last two times we lost to UNC in ACC tourney play: can’t score with runners at third with less than two outs. Yesterday was ridiculous; happened three times (twice with no outs) in 4th, 5th, and 7th innings. And as far as I could tell (wasn’t there, just listening), Carolina was conceding the run. We had multiple chances to just put a ball into play but could not do it, highlighted in the 4th, where Avent pinch hits for two lefties incredibly early in a game and both strike out.

    To do it once is a baseball sin, but forgivable; three times in 4 innings? Utterly ridiculous. Three times in three years? Houston, we have a (serious) problem.

    Most of the time, I don’t buy the “well you shouldn’t have been in a position for the refereeing to impact you” (year after year, regardless of sport???). However, as horrifically incompetent as this call (it will go down in the annals as an all-timer), this time I agree. We truly should not have been in that position.


    OK….first…let’s get all the whining over.

    We NOW know the name (at least I do) of an official in all THREE Sports. Does that make me a “Three Letterman”?

    James Knight of UNC FB fame…

    Karl Hess of FSU BB fame….

    Mark Chapman of UNC Baseball fame…

    Need to do some googling to find out if they receive secret payments from John Swofford….is there a common DNA link….PackPride will do all the ugly work and we can then read the summaries.

    So much for the sarcasm and also the whining….

    On a more SERIOUS note…

    It is embarrassing when you leave more runners on base than Crystal Magnum’s “clients” just 24 hours before the Dukies attacked her. Talk about a LOST opportunity to win. THAT says a lot.

    It is frustrating when the lead stories in all the media is about the MISSED….BLOWN (did you think Crystal?) call and not about the score.

    Elliott Avent has, however, been pretty vocal and MAY get into trouble. However, he has done it in such a nice way and never come out and said “Blown Call”….

    It is also ironic…and I did not go back through all the posts that someone(s) predicted that we would lose a close game to UNC due to an officiating error….

    I am MAD about the call….and FRUSTRATED about the lost opportunity….

    I am also a bit dillusional….but not betting my retirement resources….that somehow, someway, some(fill in the blank) the NCAA will cut us a little slack and invite us. Chances of that….probably better than me winning tonight’s Lottery Pick 5…




    ^Best summary yet 76.


    STILL WAITING for horrible call to go AGAINST UNC in a key situation….

    STILL WAITING for an example


    Horrible call at the plate for sure. I don’t care for attempting to steal home in any situation, much less that one, even with Turner and a few successful tries. If you’re relying on that, you’re already grasping. Vintage Avent all the way, all the day. He played hunches, not the odds, and he doesn’t know his personnel. Likely a do or die game, and you’re playing for the big inning behind? Wtf..Punch the run across when you have the chance. BUNT the baseball. Season was lost early on if they don’t squeak in.


    You know, I don’t always jump on the bash the officials bandwagons, but in this case….

    Most of the time when controversial calls are made, there’s an element of interpretation involved. Was the DB holding the receiver or vice-versa? Did the player have his feet set before the dribbler initiated contact? It’s full speed, real-time, and they don’t have the benefit of high-def, slo-mo replay.

    In this case, I got nothing. Ump was having WAY too much fun with his strike three dance choreography, so he almost missed the play. Even at full speed, there is ZERO doubt the runner is safe. ZERO. The only way he misses that call is if he didn’t see the play.

    I get the fact that we left too many runners in scoring position, that we had opportunities. But credit the coaches and the runner for taking the chance and MAKING THE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. That’s what you need to win. Should have been enough.

    Just outrageous. And yes, what a coincidence that the default decision benefits a blue.


    NCAA/ACC Umpires do not seem to have the same “get it right” attitude that MLB umpires have come to gain. During the game, several calls regarding bats across the plate were questionable, and only one request for assistance to the base umpire was issued. This includes UNC batters as well. The play at first where the fielder was off the bag when the ball was caught also was not sought for clarification to the second base umpire, who had a better look at the base. At no time during the game was there a gathering of even two umpires to discuss a call. The call against Tre may have been seen by the first base umpire, so why not ask? I don’t often get angry at umps, unless there is an obvious over-abundance of calls against a team. But when the entire gathering of fans of one team jumps up immediately upon an obvious missed call, it would seem to be beholding to the umpire to ask for assistance, you would think. What’s wrong with asking???


    Agree with most every post above. Left a stupid number of runners on base….actually 3rd base. Should have won even with double the blown calls…

    And ’87…just what I was thinking. This egotistical f-head Umpire TURNS HIS BACK on the field with one of the best base thiefs in college baseball leading off from 3’rd all so he can show the world how f-ing awesome he is with his showboating strike 3 call. Therefore he does not see the whole play and makes up what he saw…thus when lying…GO BLUE. ALL ABOUT HIM. ALL F-ing ABOUT HIM! A’hole


    Why is it that refs (or umps in this case) who are in absolutely NO POSITION to see the play… so quick to call it against State?

    The football player NOT stepping out of bounds against Clemson, called out of bounds by a ref chasing the play from behind.

    This baseball play.

    And I still recall the ref in the back of the end zone at UN*C (football) saying TA’s knee was down, when there were 4-5 players MINIMUM between his eyes and TA’s knee.

    And lots of others in between.

    All things being equal, if this was simply incompetence on the part of the officials, then OCCASIONALLY one of these horrendous calls would go OUR WAY. But they never do. So this is not incompetence, it is BIAS.



    No wonder the ump couldn’t see, the Fox logo is blocking his view.

    john of sparta

    my brother-in-law has been married
    and divorced three times.
    maybe it’s him.
    this time…it’s us
    who were left on base.


    Now we have more evidence of the sinister things going on in the secret laboratory under the Old Well in CH.

    First….they transplanted a chip in James Knight’s head when they “brought him back from the throes of the Grim Reaper” Later that chip was used by some evil person to make the TA’s KNEE touched the ground….before he crossed the Kenan goal. I was THERE….I SAW IT….and so did the video.

    Next….they kidnapped Karl Hess, but that one went slightly amuck. KH is not a rogue droid. He was programmed to inflict pain and suffering on the Wolfies….and he has also infected several of his cohorts….BUT, he is like Mr. Hyde…..Dr. Jekyl can NOT TOTALLY control or predict his behavior. There are those in light blue that defile his name and shudder when he is announced at their conflicts.

    But, there is a NEW droid about us. One Mark Chapman. He was recently recruited and is working out quite well….thanks to the new technology. He has a great demeanor…even Elliott Avent said he was a GOOD MAN….better man than a Ref (you gotta love that line.

    And in closing….it would only be fair to point out that the very earliest experiments on Ron Cherry, were at best…..comical. At worst….still comical. He is now the scourge of the ACC Officiating crews. ALL ACC members and their respective competitors rue the day when he makes his raspy voiced calls…..but NONE can compare to the TOB “Givin’ HIM the Business” PA call. Again, I was there and it is still a highlight on my “unbelievable” ACC Ref/Officials blooper list…

    Now you know…..and we have received input from a nice young man, Snowden (Code name of course) that all the implants are the latest Light Blue Tooth design and that Darth Sidious and his crew is in the “command center” in the luxurious ACC HQ in Greensboro…..

    Not even the supreme commanders in the US Congress who are calling for a COMPLETE investigation of UNC by the NCAA….as among the resides the equivalent of Palpatine…..and he has NO PRICE…if you get my drift.

    BTW….wonder how DY is doing with her back room campaigning? She is REALLY quiet and MIA….


    Why is it that in this new age of replays and reviews, we continue to have more and more wrong calls being made, with no apparent way to overturn them?

    The entire universe is witness to the wrong calls being made, but despite having replay review, we can review only some of the plays.

    I say either throw out replay reviews altogether, or use them every time we have a controversial play.


    All game changing plays should be reviewable. Still irks me how an incompetent official cost us the Clemson football game, which could have turned the season around, now a probable end to the baseball season, because again an incompetent official. Debbie needs to raise hell. No need for the cheaters to complain, all goes their way regardless.


    Go Wahoos, send the tarholes back to chapel hell!


    ^^To say nothing of the horse$hit calls/no calls at the end of our home BB game against the CHeats…


    Thanks to the Noles, and Wahoos, the holes are not in contention for the ACC tourney championship. 0-2, and the cheaters are out! GT is in the championship game, and we beat them 2 out of 3. Still hoping for that NCAA bid.


    ^There is no chance of us getting a bid. Zilch, zero, nil. Far, far, the biggest disappointment of this Wolfpack athletic season.


    GT is not yet in the championship game.


    I will buy into the coach’s theory, that look at what we did in the last half of the season. And our overall record certainly qualifies us. Maybe not, but I won’t give up hope until it is a done deal.

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