Incompetent ACC Official Ends State’s season

State’s baseball season (probably) ended today in Greensboro in typical ncstateshit fashion.


N.C. State stranded 11 runners and came out on the short end of a controversial play in which Trea Turner was called out while stealing home in the fifth. Coach Elliott Avent angrily confronted umpire Mark Chapman, while replays showed Turner appeared to beat the tag.

The “controversial play” is shown below, judge for yourself. However, make sure you note the home plate umpire Mark Chapman looking away from the play (which isn’t reviewable).

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    We just aren’t a very good baseball team. It’s as simple as that.


    ^ This

    If we get an at large bid, the selection committee should be investigated, and then taken behind the woodshed.


    I wonder if Carlos will get traded to a contending team before the playoffs begin. We could get some good prospects that could give us a nice foundation for the future.


    That ump might have ended State’s game, but State pretty much ended State’s season.


    That game made me almost as sad as when I heard Clay Aiken was running for congress.


    As for my remark about GT in the championship game. That is what the announcers said would take place if UVA beats unc, while I watched it on tv last night.


    I do believe that GT is in fact in the championship game. Guess I was right! Hoping that our taking the series from them will help us find a bid. Guess we will see.


    And GT in fact beat Maryland 9-4!


    I do believe that GT is in fact in the championship game. Guess I was right!

    Not at the time you said it, and not if you (I mean the announcers, sorry) were basing it on anything to do with UVa/UNC, seeing as they were in the opposite Pool and had nothing to do with GT’s ultimately reaching Sunday.


    Well my main concern is that we somehow get a second chance to prove ourselves. Selection is Monday @ noon.


    I KNOW that we did not have a GOOD season. I KNOW that UNC got the benefit of TWO Home Plate calls. I KNOW that the strike zone SHRANK when UNC was at bat so that they had more “hittable” balls and then Grossly Expanded when UNC was pitching. My comments…NOPE. Comments from folks who know a LOT more about Baseball than I do. Folks that are NOT NCSU fans.

    So, if you really want to know what happened….then you ONLY need to look at the Saturday games….What COLOR was the Ump’s wearing….My wife thought that the coaches were arguing and going to get into a fight…then she realized the UVA coach was arguing with an Ump wearing an ACC Light Blue Jersey.

    SO….the deal is done….and…I am STILL mad….mad at ourselves…but also mad at the LACK OF A LEVEL Playing Field when it comes to officials….I thought it stopped when the round ball quit bouncing, but NOT SO…

    UNC “makes it into” the CWS….but DUKE does not. How about them apples….


    ^ UNC RPI 34, Duke RPI 80

    That is why Duke did not make it in. College baseball relies heavily on RPI for setting the field.

    FTIW, State’s RPI 56, Even with an extremely underperforming season, if we could have won a few games in the ACC tournament we may could have snuck in the selection field. But did we deserve to…NO.


    Incompetent? More like competent cheater. No umpire should ever be allowed to call a game for the school he graduated from. If could be reprimanded, that would be great, though we are still at home watching. Go Gators, or ABC (anybody but Carolina), cheaters in the class, and cheaters on the field. Too bad replay couldn’t have been used on the call, that probably did us in, not that we didn’t have our chances. Guess we can only hope our star players return, for next season, with the memory of what conspired this season.


    an extremely underperforming season

    This time next year, we might be longing for the good ol’ days of ’14.

    Actually, that might happen as early as March.


    So, we’re officially out? No NIT, or CBI, or whatever else? It’s probably just as well with this team…huge disappointment following the run last year. And Yow gave this guy an extension. Great.


    Avemt did have some suspect coaching on key situations. Maybe the team made him look better than he is last year!


    Ok, so here is the million $ question. Do we want Avent back? Admittedly, I’m not a baseball guy; I played as a kid and kept up with MLB up until the past 5 years ago, but I don’t know all the nuances of the college game (recruiting, in game management, team building strategy, etc.). Looking over Avent’s resume there is nothing that is overly impressive. I just can’t get past the fact that this guy failed to make a regional and barely clawed his way into the ACC tourney with two guys who will likely go in the top 5 in the MLB draft (I know, I know two guys can’t affect a baseball team like they can a basketball team, yada yada). Just curious what the pulse of the fanbase is.


    Without answering the question directly, I would say read between lines of the follow quotes:

    Ahead 8-7 in the 13th inning [of game 3 at Florida State], N.C. State came within an out of salvaging the last game, instead losing on a single by Jose Brizuela. The sweep by the Seminoles started a 7-15 stretch by the Wolfpack, which included the April 13 loss at Duke in the deciding game of the series. The Pack led 10-4 in the eighth inning but let Duke score the final seven runs.

    “Our players will always point to that Florida State game,” Avent said. “That may have turned the season around the wrong way. There were so many games.”

    Before the season, the Wolfpack talked openly about getting back to the CWS in Omaha, Neb. and winning the school’s first national title in any sport since 1983. Avent even promised a “parade in July.”

    The coach said he didn’t regret those comments or the boasts by his players back in February.

    “Not at all,” Avent said. “They’re true. If we could have gotten in this tournament, I still feel like we could have gone to Omaha. Connecticut and Kentucky proved that in basketball.”


    Translation, an emphatic NO.

    But he’ll be back anyway.

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