Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles! [Updated 6:46pm]

Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles!…and, they are just my ‘favorite’ kind of articles where some douchebag who doesn’t know jack shit about NC State history sits on a throne and ordains that they are better fans than everyone else!!! (GREAT MOVE, TECHNICIAN!!! Just what you need to be doing right now — ATTACKING your fellow fans in a week where you lazy sons of bitches couldn’t even produce a single paper that is one of the only fun ‘traditions’ this dying rivalry has to claim).

I mean, does it get better than some snotty nosed douche generation that hasn’t achieved or experienced a damn thing in their life claiming the moral high ground to judge everyone else?

Since we at SFN get about about 100x the web traffic of Technician, we’ll help them out with some clicks today so that you can see what I mean — Wolfpack fans need to grow up.

State brought its best. Carolina brought its best. The Heels were simply a little bit better. That’s the long and short of it. It was a great college basketball game, and anyone who thinks otherwise should just quit watching basketball altogether.

As usual, Wolfpack students and fans took to social media blaming the officiating for the loss. They didn’t blame costly turnover deep in overtime that allowed the Tar Heels to tie the game. There was no mention of a missed free throw with 7.7 seconds left. Pack fans also conveniently forgot how State’s defense rolled out the red carpet for Paige, allowing the sophomore to waltz straight to the basket for the game-winning score. Michael Jackson could’ve done the moonwalk down that lane and scored with no trouble. By the time Warren came over to valiantly contest the shot, it was too late.

According to Wolfpack fans, it was clearly the officiating that caused N.C. State to lose to its biggest rival for the 22nd time in 24 meetings, just like it always is when State loses to a team wearing blue.

Frankly, it’s embarrassing to see our fans spew stuff like that on the Internet.

Well…at least SOMEONE is spewing SOMETHING on the internet…unlike Technician that was ‘too busy’ to actually produce a simple paper that they had 364 days to prepare. It ain’t like you don’t know that Carolina will be playing at NC State ‘next year’.

Frankly, it’s embarrassing that so many otherwise educated people can’t grasp the simple intellectual premise that when a team has to deal with MORE challenges than their opponent then that team has a lower probability of winning the game. The actual PURPOSE for having referees is to officiate the contest so that each team has an equal probability to win the game based on how the clearly defined rules of the game. Using Ockham’s Razor to carve away the impacts to a game of venue, and talent, and coaching and intangibles and all other differentiators, the simple purpose of officiating is to apply the rules of the game in a consistent and accurate manner.

How has it become such blasphemy for many to acknowledge and so impossible for some to admit that it sucks when officiating makes it HARDER for your team to win than would be the case if the rules were competently and consistently applied? The point isn’t that NC State ‘lost the game (or any other game) BECAUSE of officiating’. The point is that whenever blatantly bad officiating skews against one team it becomes relatively and comparably more difficult for that team to win the game.

OF COURSE ‘we had our chances’ to do more and to win. But why/how in the hell does it make sense that we HAVE to DO MORE than our opponent(s) to win a game? How has it become acceptable for many State fans (and all of the media) to literally support the idea that NC State SHOULD have to do more than their opponents have to do win games? That may sound strange to you, but that is EXACTLY the position you support any and every time you admit that there is bad officiating, “BUT we had our chances and we didn’t convert”. I’m not even making the argument that State got jobbed on Wednesday night or at Syracuse or at Wake or in any game this year. I am simply addressing the point that I can’t intellectually understand how so many people can proclaim that they think we got some bad calls AND simultaneously say that it shouldn’t matter and we still had chances. That is insane.

Argue the quality of officiating on Wednesday night all you want. But, you’ll be arguing with the announcers who didn’t agree with the Tyler Lewis foul call with 3 seconds to go. And, you’ll be arguing with Mark Gottfried. And, you’ll be arguing with Debbie Yow. And, you’ll be arguing with TJ Warren who committed 1 of his called four fouls and therefore was forced NC State to have to play a completely different defense for much of the game. And you’ll be arguing with what the whole world can see:

But…we know your generation and realize that you simply HAVE TO ARGUE. You just can’t help yourself. And you can only express yourself in bursts of 140 characters of snark and condescension. So, argue away!

Here’s some news for you, Wolfpack Nation: When you’ve only beaten a team twice in 10 years, it’s not the refs’ fault.

Here’s some news for you, Pre-PubertyNation, there is absolutely no relevance of NC State-UNC games in 2004 to this conversation. And, officiating in those games is also irrelevant UNLESS you want to discuss the robbing that took place on national television in the 2012 ACC semi-finals when ACC official, Brian Dorsey, actually told our head basketball coach to ‘shut your fucking ass up’. (Link to entry at the time) You know…2012…the year that the ACC officials were moronic enough to put the initials ‘KH’ on their shoes in solidarity and support for Karl Hess who was not allowed to officiate the ACC Tournament because of protest from NC State.

Here’s a fun one for you sage brainiacs at Technician who know so much about this topic that you chose to run this article. Guess what ACC game on Wednesday night that BRIAN DORSEY happened to officiate? Now, why in the world some of us ‘bad fans’ be a little skeptical about the balance of officiating in a State-Carolina game?

Wait a second…maybe you are actually on to something; maybe only 2 wins in 10 years is VERY relevant when you start looking at those games and it doesn’t become so strange how one team can dominate!? Want to argue that, too? Before you do you should head on down to Case and Dail and talk to the folks over there about how they feel about that officiating. But, what do they know? I bet Debbie and Mark are just ‘bad fans’ for having eyes and common sense. If only THEY could be as enlightened as Technician!

Since you brought up the last ten years, please do us the favor of telling us where you were and what you were doing during the State-Carolina games in 2004 (when you couldn’t have been more than 13 years old). I am 100% serious. Do tell us all where you were at those games…maybe I saw you there!! You see, most of us were AT those games. Both of those games. Just like we were at the games in 1994. And, just like many of the authors here were at the State-Carolina games in 1984. And, just like a few of the authors here were at both games in 1974.

So, please tell us more about how bad of fans we are for paying for lifetime rights and season tickets and investing time, money and effort into NC State Basketball for the better part of forty friggin years. Especially since you’ve done SO MUCH to earn your position to tell us all how bad we are.

Fuck off, Technician. And take Twitter with you.

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    Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles!…and, they are just my ‘favorite’ kind of articles where some douchebag who doesn’t know jac[See the full post at: Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles! F’ OFF!]


    …and the horse you rode in on!


    Can we still tar and feather people?


    Two points:
    1. It could be true that both the refs and State blew it Wednesday night. You don’t have to choose between one or the other. Basketball is a dynamic event. There’s a lot of variables in play. This argument is getting stale. Let’s move on and cheer for a win over Miami.
    2. Please take this post down. You’re ripping a future alumnus–very bad form. In fact, you’re proving his point with your name-calling and general curmudgeonly attitude. This post is an embarrassment to our fan base.


    Are you on crack MARinRVA?

    It is bad form for us to rip a single future alumnus while that alumnus rips tens of thousands of current alumni and even more in the NC State community?

    Any people wonder why we are so mismanaged and screwed up with logic like that?


    I’m so tired of people who are embarrassments to our fan base talking about other people being embarrassments to our fan base!! 🙂

    john of sparta

    ok guys.
    break it up.
    print media is dead.


    Leave this thread up (and the other one, too). The Technician doesn’t have the right to take a swing at Wolfpack supporters. F that! Who let that little Olberman submit this turd?


    Let’s turn a negative into a positive…
    That’s what, as “mentors” to future generations of Wolfpackers should do….

    Let’s send Ric over to the Student Center and let him show ’em how to do it right!
    (and yes… some might consider that move the proverbial ‘killing two birds with one stone’ )

    Besides how many of us …. came damn close to flunking English 110/111/112 and turned every assignment in on time for four years?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’d say if you took those 3 semesters of English and turned in every assignment for 4 years, you flunked a bunch of them…And probably after they quit giving F’s for 2 misspelled words and a D for 1.

    But you had to be persistent to do it for 4 years…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Great article. Pretty much spot on.


    Let’s turn a negative into a positive…
    That’s what, as “mentors” to future generations of Wolfpackers should do….

    Let’s send Ric over to the Student Center and let him show ‘em how to do it right!
    (and yes… some might consider that move the proverbial ‘killing two birds with one stone’ )

    Besides how many of us …. came damn close to flunking English 110/111/112 and turned every assignment in on time for four years?

    If I was a more sensitive man I would think you are trying to get rid of me.

    As for putzie the mental diarrhea monster, he should stick top his ‘homework’ i am guessing involves buds, paper and X- box

    WV Wolf

    But the writing was on the wall when North Carolina Central came into PNC and beat the Wolfpack back in November. It was on the wall when the Pack traveled to cellar-dweller Wake Forest Jan. 15 and lost on a last-second layup.

    You mean the game we lost because traveling wasn’t called on that last second layup? And the game where State was called for 31 fouls and Central shot 45 free throws? In an article saying we shouldn’t complain about the officiating? Oh, OK.


    I graduated 2002 and the Technician had already started to fall apart at that time. Yes, you can say that we (as a fan base) blame the ref’s for our losses! You can also say that we need to recruit better talent, you can also say that we need to recruit a better coach, you can also say that we need a better A.D.! I personally think we have done that and we have played at a higher level but it starts to wear on everyone when you see the same failing result year after year. Your competition gets away with athletes in non-existent classes, their coaches get away with cussing out the officials during games, and recruiting is regulated to the letter unless your team wears blue. I am anxious to see what Bohiem (I apologize for spelling) says after his first year in the ACC! He spoke out feverishly about having to come to the biased ACC and now he may be our best spokesman even after the fact that we were at the wrong end of a game deciding call against him! I may be out of line but I grew up a State fan from early on and with that I have pulled for a lot of underdogs and it made me fight harder in my life to achieve what I have and for that I am gracious but that doesn’t excuse the fact that grown men with no connection to our college students/athletes have an unfair influence over their college experience!


    FYI to mods, I’m betting that JustJim is a newly minted uNX troll. If so, well done on his part for being able to get someone to help him through the sign up process.


    Come on… Ric….

    It’s just a man of your talents needs to work where he can coach young people to follow their dreams.
    Not a lot of that around here… you know.

    Besides…. it would just be a part time gig….

    You could drop around over here anytime…. as long as the bossman wasn’t looking…..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    A Facebook friend of mine who used to write for the Technician when he was in school posted this, and somebody responded with the following:

    “More importantly, this douche wasn’t even AT THE GAME. He was too intoxicated in line before doors opened, so, security cut off his wristband and denied him entry. Because we all need THAT kind of person telling us about the game, and what kind of fans we should be.”

    It’s gossip from a friend of a friend, so take that for what it’s worth. Given that article though, I don’t doubt it.


    ^That reminds me of concert reviews I wrote for the Technician back in the day. I argued with many “editors” who, having not seen the events, felt compelled to rewrite my articles with abandon, drastically altering the original intent of my words. Granted, they were students too, but since then I’ve had the pleasure to work with a real editor who would not dare to rewrite or even suggest specific words or phrases, but instead knew how to help me refine me work and retain my vision. Night and day.


    Preach it, brother.


    I have to admit, I have never before wanted NC State to leave the ACC, but after that game, I want Debbie to walk in to Swofford’s office and tell him “one more game like that and NC State will find another home. Fix the problem or we’re gone. Period.” I’m fed up with it. I despise people whining about officiating being the reason they lost, but this is ridiculous. We’re playing 5 on 8 in these games and everybody watching the game is seeing the same thing. Hell, even the Carolina fans aren’t bragging about this game because they know they were gifted the win.

    Look at the UNC/Duke game. UNC shoots 31 free throws and Duke shoots 12. Really??? I watched that game with my Carolina grad wife and with no dog in the fight thought “damn, Duke is getting hosed.” I don’t care who wins that game, but it looked like somebody decided who SHOULD win the game before it started.

    I was AT the 2012 ACC tourney game against UNC (with my wife….) and remember the feeling watching the end of that game thinking it was rigged. Had the same thought watching that train wreck earlier this week and I’m sick of it. I don’t care at this point if we join the friggin’ MEAC at this point, but if Swofford continues to allow this “all things Carolina” crap to continue, we need to find another home somewhere.

    leroy corso

    Don’t forget that only two years ago ACC head of officials, John Clougherty said, “Historically, even looking back to when Dean Smith coached, UNC has just been a team that doesn’t foul that much,’’


    Honestly, you could’ve simply said the very last line of the article and been done with it.



    I think that article is pretty much on point and some here have gotten way off the mark. These days I rarely post and for the most part don’t even read the comments on this site.

    Delete the negative comment if you wish – no skin off my back. It is pretty likely I’ll quit coming here anyway.


    No discussion about the joke that is ACC officiating is complete without a mention of The Infamous ACC Index Card.



    I’d like to know how old the writer was when we last hung a banner in 1987?

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