Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles! [Updated 6:46pm]

Oh look, Technician suddenly has time to write articles!…and, they are just my ‘favorite’ kind of articles where some douchebag who doesn’t know jack shit about NC State history sits on a throne and ordains that they are better fans than everyone else!!! (GREAT MOVE, TECHNICIAN!!! Just what you need to be doing right now […]

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Technician falls under the evil mind control of SFN, but some still resist!!!

Flashback: March 30th, 2006 from “Kennel Delivers Annual Communique To The Masses”: Dear Chancellor Oblinger, NC State is a Great University, and you are doing an excellent job building upon the strengths of previous Chancellors and taking us even further. Sincere thanks to you. [snip] Finally, I wish to state my personal support for whatever […]

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