So, Ya Got a Visit To South Bend

” It’s a boy, Mrs. Dog! It’s  boy!” Mrs. Dog smiled and drifted off. Drifted off into dreams of the boy wearing colors of blue and gold. It was pre-ordained. The boy grew, gathered with his leprechaun family, around the radio every autumn Saturday, and listened to the exploits of Lamonica, Hanratty and Theismann. Mr. […]

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Lazarus Went On Vacation Too, Ya Know

“Lazarus, come out!” it was written. What was not, was that Laz, a landscaper by trade, cherished the smell of freshly scythed Bermuda-Rye. It reminded him of the glory that is God, and College Football. Children of SFN, behold! You prodigal sons that have returned for prophecy and proselytize, on the 2017 Wolfpack, shall not […]

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