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    Did we forget that we were all once busy (not saying at what) college kids who needed guidance not ridicule? Screw it…I agree. Everything was better when I was young and my point of view is infallible too.


    The kid is entitled to his opinion. He could go to any sports site/blog and say whatever he wants and support any side of any argument up for discussion. The problem, imo, is with the Technician staff/senior decision makers for publishing this piece. The school paper should be the voice of unity and pride, not a source of division among supporters. It’s okay for an individual to share the writer’s opinion, but it’s not okay for the Technician broadcast it. Terrible marketing and public relations. Narc.


    I’m reminded how young the Tech writers are and how low their athletic expectations are of the Pack. Also how the Tech dogged NCSU athletics even 25 years ago. It was almost like they went to another school. Thank you SFN for calling them out.


    I just saw the update to this article, and I’m blown away by the line of ‘reasoning’ it displays.

    Just in case it’s not completely obvious….

    But why/how in the hell does it make sense that we HAVE to DO MORE than our opponent(s) to win a game? How has it become acceptable for many State fans (and all of the media) to literally support the idea that NC State SHOULD have to do more than their opponents have to do win games?


    Outside of that though, I don’t particularly think the Technician should have run this piece. We have enough problems defending ourselves in the court of public opinion without one of our own testifying for the prosecution. Being irrational goes part and parcel with being a fan. Just plead the fifth man.


    …well … at least “somebody” corrected the MISSPELLED WORD in the last sentence…
    but that “AND” at the beginning of paragraph #9 is still there…

    From Winston Hall…
    Revised Grade …
    Content A+ / Grammar && Punctuation C+

    Now your next assignment Mr. Nadkarni is to write a 500 word prologue discussing
    the necessity of stating one’s credentials when writing potentially controversial news stories in addition
    to previously scheduled followup story.

    … HA!…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Alpha Wolf

    I wouldn’t let a puppy crap on Technician these days. I’m afraid he’d come away with more on him than he left.

    That’s not a “get off my lawn” moment. Its writing has dropped below a lot of high school newspapers and as you can tell from the op-ed piece linked above, the subject matter stinks.

    And thanks, Technician, for getting my email and Facebook pages blown up by Carolina fans posting your article.


    So, I don’t agree with mouthing off, it usually creates a whole lot more problems than it solves. But I have to say, thank you for writing this piece. It’s the piece I wanted to write as soon as I read the full article on their website.

    Pakfanistan, I understand your comment (I was actually expecting it as soon as I read it), but you’re missing the point. Don’t attack the letter but understand the meaning. It’s obvious you have to score more points than your opponent to win, but the point obviously being made is that neither team should have to do more to have an equal opportunity at winning. If this weren’t true, it is the very definition of a disadvantage and is the very thing the referee’s are there to avoid.


    I think the Technician misses the point. I’m an ’87 graduate. It’s frustrating for us that after 25 yrs we can’t field a team that is consistently solid. Secondly, we should expect to get these calls in our house. It’s a matter of respect and we don’t get it.


    “Revised Grade … Content A+ / Grammar & Punctuation C+”

    Sorry, the last sentence still has an improperly executed em dash and an extra space before the last period.

    Don’t get me started on the examples of passive voice, as in “to be throwing”.


    The world needs = less prepubescent douches

    Luke Nadkarni = prepubescent douche

    – Drew Hughes


    He’ll fit in nicely at MSNBC.


    I love this post. Well done.


    Great post. Probably one of my all time favorites.


    Long time lurker of SFN, first time poster. I made an account to say that I think the technician’s article is better written, far more mature, and also more accurate. Yes, continue to complain about ACC officiating– it can be awful. But do so without hanging the blame for every close loss on the refs. You sound like a baby. Besides, there are few areas where the team doesn’t have a lot of room for improvement… it’d be classier, and probably more productive, to address those.

    Also, never call Anya by the so-called nickname King Hippo. There is nothing friendly about that at all. More generally, you are not a wolfpack fan if you trash the kids on the team. Either critique them positively, or attack the coaching staff.


    I think it is great how the blind can now post on SFN. Without vision, it would be impossible to see macadoo’s left arm come up under TJW and make contact with his right arm. It would be impossible to see the official who is less than ten feet away not make the foul call. Good thing that some of the posters to SFN are not deaf, that way the would not have heard the reaction of the announcers who covered this game talk about the contact. Taken as an individual game no big deal, but as a part of a 30 plus year history you a should have a different perspective.


    SFN, come on. Me. Wuf is right. I can’t believe you guys would run an article about how bad the reffs jobbed us yesterday. I can’t believe you ran articles of similar nature to the losses to Virginia and Clemson. It comes off as petty and immature when you eon columns after every loss.

    Wait what? That doesn’t happen? You mean SFN goes on tirades when the pack is legitimately robbed of a win?

    How dare they… A travesty I tell you.


    What the author of this article fails to realize is that if anybody is tired of NC State fans complaining about referee involvement in the outcome of games its the fans making the complaints. We don’t enjoy watching the Wolfpack lose in the closing seconds due to a call/non-call which is inconsistent with how the game was officiated up to the closing minutes.

    Furthermore, the author correlates fans venting on the officiating of the game through social media with those who throw debris on the court following the loss. While originating from the same fan base, these are two distinctly different issues. No one can defend the actions of those “fans” who disrespect the institution they root for by hurling trash at officials; however, for the author to say “such a scene would never happen at Cameron Indoor Stadium. It would never happen at the Dean Smith Center. It would never happen at probably 99 percent of sports venues,” is uniformed and lazy. fans have been caught telling opposing fans to return to the ghetto, fans deface property on UNC’s campus. There are countless cases of “fans” engaging in actions that embarrass their fan bases.

    But that is not the issue here. The issue is the consistency of “bad calls” toward the end, at key points or against key NC State players in games of significant conference importance. I submit the following examples:


    1) NC State vs. UNC 2012 ACC Tournament Semi-Final

    With 12 seconds left, Kendall Marshall makes a tough basket against NC State guard Alex Johnson. The play itself is not so alarming. Some can argue that it was a tough basketball play in which Marshall used his body to create space for a shot. What is alarming is that NC State was plagued by charge calls where much less body was used (if any at all). Specifically, a charge call against C.J. Leslie with 8:30 left in the game. The aftermath, the Wolfpack’s best player is forced to sit on the bench to avoid a fifth foul in a tightly contested game. The argument here is clear, the calls should be consistent. But, they were not. The calls benefited Carolina. State lost.

    2) NC State at Syracuse February 15, 2014

    With 15 seconds left, NC State is up by 1 against the number one team in the nation. On a Syracuse offensive possession, NC State creates a turnover in which TJ Warren has an uncontested lane to the basket. In a last ditch effort to prevent Warren from putting the game out of reach and hand SU their first loss of the season, Cuse’ guard Tyler Ennis fouls Warren from behind as Warren gathers his feet go up for the lay up. TJ Warren makes the contested basket and puts State up by 3 with a chance at four. The following can only be described as an officiating blunder. The refs deny the and one by saying Warren was not in the act of shooting when the foul occurred and then go on to deny the flagrant foul which is the only acceptable call if the and one was not given. The aftermath, State turns over on the ensuing inbounds play and loses.

    3) UNC at NC State February 26, 2014

    The argument of those who don’t see the inconsistency of officiating is that at the end of the game NC State was called for 21 fouls compared to the 23 against UNC. What they fail to see is how the calls at key moments of the game against NC State or NOT against UNC create an uneven contest in which the Wolfpack must overcome almost insurmountable odds to have a chance. Early in the second half with NC State up 9, TJ Warren is called for a phantom charge. His third. This forces him to sit. Kills the momentum and creates matchup advantages for UNC. With 7 seconds left and the game tied, TJ Warren is clearly fouled by McAdoo, no call. On the ensuing 50/50 ball, Tyler Lewis and Marcus Paige, who are equidistant from the ball, jump and stretch to secure the loose ball. It’s a loose ball. No one has possession. They’re both jumping to it. Both tangling arms to get at the rock. Foul on State. We haven’t even gotten to the infamous James Michael McAdoo trap. You know, the one where you can hug an opposing player with the ball, snuggle up real close, tell him how he’s your favorite player and not be called for a foul because the sweet nothings you whispered in his ear negate any physical interaction which may have been misconstrued for a foul. The aftermath, its still painful.


    Long time lurker of SFN, first time poster. I made an account to say that I think the technician’s article is better written, far more mature, and also more accurate. Yes, continue to complain about ACC officiating– it can be awful. But do so without hanging the blame for every close loss on the refs. You sound like a baby.

    Did you read the SFN article? Because based on your post it does not sound like it. Below is the heart of the argument.

    The point isn’t that NC State ‘lost the game (or any other game) BECAUSE of officiating’. The point is that whenever blatantly bad officiating skews against one team it becomes relatively and comparably more difficult for that team to win the game.


    What’s more infuriating than listening to NC State fans communicate their woes over twitter, Facebook, and message boards is the fact that the instances that cause NC State fans to vent in the manner in which they do continue to happen and go unpunished. Could you imagine the out lash if UNC lost to Syracuse in the manner in which State did. What would Roy be saying if the roles had been switched Wednesday night. What would tarheelfan.com have written.

    Every headline, every article by major publications following the game heralded the effort of Marcus Paige. There was little to no mention of the foul controversy. The story is how great UNC is. The story is not the blown calls. This is the same for the loss to Syracuse, the loss to Carolina in the 2012 semifinal. No one cares if State lost because of a bad call. Its always the same.

    Bad fans who say nasty things, throw objects, spray paint rivals campuses exist. Its our job to educate them and get them to change their thought process. But their outbursts don’t excuse the poor officiating. Some will argue that these are mute points. We’re just angry, fringe fans unable to grasp the fact that NC State is a below average athletic institution with a rich history and an average present. But when fans from teams outside the ACC notice, maybe our own conference officials should. See .


    Navy, I asked the Duke and UNX fans when the field/court would be level? I ask if they were proud of this game? Most put their heads down and the conversation came to an end. Did get sympathy from some Duke fans.

    Don’t want to be put in the situation to complain, but those who concerned about our anger at calls please look at the video on this sight. If you can not see problem after viewing video’s, then there is no hope for you as a State fan. Side note, did anyone else notice that the same official called charge from behind play and did not call charge against UNX when he had the best angle to make call. Does anyone know this officials name?


    I’d like to know how hold the writer was when I was living in Riddick Stadium!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    History and context.

    Not insignificant in all this is the current ACC commissioner and his history of vindictive actions against fellow ACC schools while AD at u*nc.

    Then there’s his selective advocacy for ACC schools who experience NCAA investigations. He travels to indianapolis to support his beloved heels, yet nothing for Ga Tech, Miami, and FSU for much less agregious violations.

    I’m curious if the author is even aware of this history,or that Swofford played football at u*nc.

    At let us not forget the whole Valvano fiasco, William Friday’s and the BOG’s “spirit of the rules” bulls**t. Valvano was getting too much attention and putting too big a spotlight on NC State. u*nc supporters couldn’t have that, so they used their collective power to bring him down. What was the quote of the N&O publisher, ” we are going to get him” or something along those lines?


    No, there’s no reason at all for NC State fans to question the equity in which rules are applied and enforced. No, none at all.

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