One of these is not like the other (& Cat Barber cleared to play)

Cat Barber got cleared to play yesterday. Before we talk more about that, we thought you’d enjoy something else that happened yesterday that was kind of related to the Barber injury.

Take a look at the pick that that drew the 5th foul on Notre Dame’s Zach Auguste in the second half of last night’s game followed by the pick that dropped Barber in the open court and was not ruled a foul.

I see few things different here…but, the one consistent thing I see the team in white & blue getting the benefit of both calls. I know that is a shocker to you. FWIW — Jefferson’s pick on Barber was NOT a foul. ABSOLUTELY NOT A FOUL. The point is that even with all of that contact it was not a foul; but, somehow, they called the Notre Dame’s pick a foul when there wasn’t even any contact — and it was for an important 5th foul. Frustrating for all involved, I’m sure.

Link to the good news.

N.C. State guard Cat Barber got knocked out of the Wolfpack’s ACC tournament loss Thursday with a minor neck injury but will be ready for the NCAA tournament.

After a series of tests Friday, Barber was cleared to return for the Wolfpack’s next game, according to a statement by the school.

Barber, a sophomore point guard who averages 12.1 points and 3.8 assists, has been instrumental in N.C. State’s recent flourish but didn’t score against Duke and was 0-for-7 from the floor in 25 minutes.

Barber collided with Duke forward Amile Jefferson at the 13-minute, 26-second mark of the second half of N.C. State’s 77-53 loss.

Barber suffered a spasm in his neck muscles, according to the school.

With the game out of hand – N.C. State trailed 60-34 at the time – the Wolfpack didn’t bring Barber back in.

Barber was defending Duke guard Tyus Jones when he ran into a screen by Jefferson at the 3-point line near N.C. State’s basket.

“He just didn’t see it,” Jefferson said. “I knew it was going to be a tough hit for him. That’s why after that timeout, I went to check on him, make sure he was all right.”

Barber’s jaw bore the brunt of the contact. He remained on the floor for an extended period before coach Mark Gottfried and N.C. State’s training staff helped him off the floor.

He briefly sat on the Wolfpack bench before going back to the locker room for the rest of the game.

Barber had a CAT scan of his head and neck Friday and the tests came back normal.

Barber had a career-high 34 points in N.C. State’s second-round win against Pittsburgh on Wednesday. He has helped the Wolfpack (20-13) win six of its past eight games to solidify the team’s NCAA tournament resume.

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    Cat Barber averages 12.1 points and 3.81 assists per game. He is averaging 16.0 points over the last 11 games.— Pack
    [See the full post at: One of these is not like the other (& Cat Barber cleared to play)]


    followed by the pick that dropped Barber in the open court and was not ruled a foul.

    It wasn’t a foul. That thing was set a mile away. That one was on us. Gotta help each other out.



    The point wasn’t that it was a foul. The point was that neither was the other one that was called (and for an important 5th foul).

    I guess I should’ve made that point more clear in the original post. I will go back and do it.


    Yes, the point is that both defenders did EXACTLY the same thing. Neither was perfectly set, both braced their arms for impact. One was called a foul, the other wasn’t. In both cases, to the benefit of the ACC blue team.


    There was also, obviously, more of a legitimate basketball purpose to the screen that ND set. Wasn’t a foul, but a total DICK MOVE, from a program one expects such DICK MOVES from. Coach K Klass, everyone.


    Gotcha. Agreed on the inconsistencies.

    Coach Abatemarco

    Ok. My prayer for cat barber was answered so here it goes. Lets pray for a draw on sunday that leads to a deep nc state run. It does not need to be what draw we want just the draw that will lead us on a magical run. Oh yeah and is it too much to ask to give the irish some luck tonight. I have a feeling they are going to need it. So glad cat is healthy and not just from basketball perspective.

    Die hard state fan from the crystal coast!


    And the reason it was such a dick move is
    because his legs were spread further than his
    shoulders – could have been called a foul

    Alpha Wolf

    Abu missed the callout, but setting a screen that far up at that point of the game was completely unnecessary.

    I am also looking forward to the day Krzyzewski retires, because the new coach won’t have the same intimidation factor with the refs. Duke will suffer a couple of extra losses a year based on that alone.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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