Gottfried unhappy about the way FSU game was officiated

H/T to the Tallahassee Democrat.

After Florida State held on to beat NC State 77-73 last night, Mark Gottfried was unhappy with how the game was officiated. Despite the 31 points and continued fantastic play by Cat Barber, he was double teamed, pushed, held, and too physical with the point guard. Gottfried said:

“My personal opinion, I thought it was way too physical,” Gottfried said. “They allowed Florida State to bump him and put their hands on him too much.”

“That game tonight was nowhere near called the same way it was in November,” Gottfried said. “If the national supervisor of officials wants to have a discussion, he can call me.

“We can watch that game and go watch every game in November. You won’t convince me that it was called the same way.”

He continued on later in the post-game press conference:

Gottfried said the only way FSU could slow Barber was by holding him.

“With Cat, he’s so quick and fast, you have a hard time containing him without bumping him or putting a hand on him,” Gottfried said. “Despite all that, the guy still gets 30 and has a great night.”

It will be very interesting to see how this translates to the way the game is officiated on Saturday, when the Wolfpack takes the short ride over to Durham to play Duke at Cameron. As a reminder, in the first meeting between Duke and State, Cat Barber attempted 0 free throws. The only other game he attempted 0 free throws this year has been the game at Chapel Hill. Hmmm…interesting.

Highlights below —

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    H/T to the Tallahassee Democrat. After Florida State held on to beat NC State 77-73 last night, Mark Gottfried was unhappy with how the game was offic
    [See the full post at: Gottfried unhappy about the way FSU game was officiated]


    Foul so much the refs cant call them all. To bad that never seems to work for the Wolfpack. It would not be the first season where the refs emphasize something early only to revert to form later on.


    He’s not wrong. But when you’re NC State and not one of the blues you just gotta suck it up buttercup.


    I am thrilled gott did this. They manhandled us last night. Hopefully he is considering taking his team off the floor if the same officiating ensues Saturday.

    Officials = scumbags


    We’re soft.


    Wow, really Gott??? Maybe Cat was banged bumped and held, it clearly did not affect him too terribly. With all the cluster f*cking that was going on down low I thought there were very few whistles as compared to when we play the blues, so few that I text friends saying how the officials now felt sorry for us and decided to pocket their whistles. Anyway, all this does is piss off Swofford and the rest of the Nazi regime officials just in time for them to make an example of us Saturday. awesome


    We don’t want to hear it Gott. Blaming the refs? Really? Maybe you are thinking that with 2-3 more fouls Cat could have made the difference.
    The problem is much, much deeper than that. What about the poor decision making and shot selection in the first half? Freeman and Anya not even getting 10 boards between them? Mav Rowan apparently stayed in Raleigh – his body was there, but not much else.

    That was the point at which you could definitely have gotten a win, bolstered the team confidence, gotten the fans fired up – but opportunity lost.


    Bad officiating or not, letting any Leonard Hamilton coached team shoot over 50% from the field is just bad. The better play of late has been because we’ve scored it more consistently. Bad first half last night on O + bad defense = loss to bad team.


    In all fairness, Rowan did have one rebound and one steal to go with his one turnover and 3 points (no fouls).

    No a good day for Mav, but he is a young freshmen, I think he’s going to be a treat to watch in upcoming years.


    So complaining about the refs is only for the Blues? I don’t care if the officiating was bad or not, Gott is planting a seed. About time, I think. What’s he got to lose? Staying quiet hasn’t done much good, does anyone really think that it can get any worse than usual playing at Cameron?

    The saying “the beatings will continue until morale improves” comes to mind.


    I agree he’s planting a seed. It’s no secret K tells his players the refs can’t call everything, so hopefully they are mindful of this Saturday. Of course it can backfire and every one of our players are gone before the first media timeout. Then we’ll get to watch Corch, Kirk, Brickhouse, and Cannon.


    He’s right…and good for him to bring it up. Every coach (that doesn’t teach clutching and grabbing as defense) should bring it up until it gets better.


    ^ and since it’s well documented that Gott doesn’t teach anything as defense, we can’t be talking about him 🙂


    It’s quite possible that certain…ahem…ELDERS will be meeting to drink and watch this one. We’uns undefeated. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…


    Yes, Beej…and if elders can question the way a game may be called…

    “Then you’re Gottdamn right the Skipper of the club can!”

    Same mouths of the South. Did anyone hear the Skip blame the Zeebs? Did ya?


    Officiating was not good in this game,but that didn’t cost us the game. The first half did us in. We again went back to our Lost in Space, episode. Changed in the second half, but just a little too late. Guess the guys will continue to practice in their ts and shorts. Still haven’t earned the right sport a NC State warm up outfit. This is getting old. These guys have played enough games, that not showing up is inexcusable. Who will show up Saturday, Jekyll or Hyde? I know Barber will do his part. And please leave Anya on the bus, he has really become a big joke. Unmet pontential!


    Missed the game. It is disappointing the refs are reverting to the old ways. The only way to make college basketball with watching again us to clean it up. If they stop calling it tight again it shows they don’t really care about fixing it.

    I wish Gott had thrown a big fit early on to show he was not going to take it. Glad he is doing it now.


    It is disappointing the refs are reverting to the old ways.

    Again, I don’t think that was necessarily the case in the FSU game. IMO Gott had more reason to complain about Miami’s Rodriguez harassing Cat all night long. The kid ended up with 4 fouls, could have had 8.

    Gott’s running it up the flag pole to see who salutes. Make no mistake, K will be working the refs all game long.


    The thing that’s killing State this season is that they haven’t been able to adjust to the shorter shot clock. I have watched this all season from my PNC seat and on tv when they play away games. Last night they had several shot clock violations in the first few minutes. The real problem all season hasn’t been as much about not getting off a shot within 30 seconds as it’s been about having to take so many BAD shots at the shot clock is expiring.

    When Barber has the ball, our players tend to stand around and move about as frequently as constipated bowels. Maybe they need to drink more prune juice.

    K is out of the Tech game tonight. Looks like we’re getting set up good for Saturday.


    I guess I’m sorry I missed this one, although it wasn’t on regular TV when I surfed through the ESPN’s early in the evening. I ended up watching a Jamie Luckie officiated game with Pete Gillen doing the color commentary (he would be tested for cause everyday if he worked for me) as UH stuck it to Larry Brown and SMU.

    The danger in what Gott did is Duke stepping in front every time Cat drives and we know they will get the calls.


    Every year we hear about “the point of emphasis” but by mid season that seems to fly out of the window. Not just this year or even this decade …
    Maybe Gott has a point, maybe he is working the refs. Either way the issue is the officiating does change from early season to late.


    IDK, didn’t really think the refs were that much one sided, well, enuff for Gott to call them out. It could be a good thing or as some say, a bad omen for the Dook game ahead. If we see some initials or scribbled messages on the refs shoes Saturday then we are screwed !
    I had to listen to the game Saturday on the radio. Gary Hahn made an interesting comment late into the second half. Said there was only 11 fouls 1st half but already twice as many at 21 called in 2nd, all by Jamie Lucky. He made the comment guess the other two refs were content to let Lucky do his thing while they go on vacation. The other guy, guessing it was Johnny said typical pattern.


    Not sure if the officiating quality has followed the decline in quality of the overall college basketball product, or the product is mimicking the officiating, but either way, both are bad. Maybe unrelated, maybe not.

    I had a baseball scout tell me in the early 1990s that pitchers like Maddox or Glavine would’nt get much of a sniff at the draft then because they didn’t have power arms. I think the same has occurred in basketball. Skills out the window. If you can dunk and have some size and athleticism, those are premiums that have replaced skill. And it shows.


    We will get an extreme over correction in our next game, and all 3 of our bigs will foul out. Take it to the bank.

    I agree with Gottfried 100%, but can’t say it. We have no power/weight in how this league is run. Shut the F up and sit down Gottfried. Isn’t that what the refs tell him at games?


    Maybe I missed something, but all I saw was Gott saying that the game was called differently than earlier in the season. I didn’t hear him blame the loss on the refs, and I didn’t hear him say it was one-sided. Coaches look for consistency so they know how to instruct the players; if the defensive strategy is based on published points of emphasis, marginally talented teams will suffer to a greater extent when the officials throw the emphasis out the window.

    In all honesty, coaches at all levels will say that the holy grail of officiating is consistency. Consistency on both sides of the ball, consistency from first half to second half, from game to game, etc. When coaches get consistency, the best ones can work with it – regardless of what it is.

    I have a general observation, and I’m curious if any others agree. I’ve never been a fan of officials, but in college basketball in particular, I seem to remember greater consistency in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s than we have today. I recognize that there has always been some element of “give the elite teams the benefit of the doubt”, but I see way more seemingly random calls these days. Is it just me?

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