Maryland had the right idea

It certainly hasn’t taken Syracuse long to become darlings of the ACC and John Clougherty’s officials. The strangest thing is that they haven’t even been forced to change their colors to blue.

NC State was a few seconds from exploding into an NCAA Tournament bid and a chance to just hold serve to maintain a projected bid to 2014’s big dance.

If you need some solace that you weren’t alone in your pain then you should click here.

Oh yea…USA. USA. USA.

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    Lol at anyone who criticizes Maryland for leaving the ACC. They saw the light.— NCSUMach (@NCSUMach) February 16, 2014 It certainly hasn’t taken
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    Let’s not let the frustration cloud our judgment to the point of publicly stating that Maryland was/is/could be right about anything. It’s unbecoming.


    Hey, if you guys want to go play at Nebraska, and Iowa, and Northwestern, and Minnesota, by all means go. But I’ll stay here. It’s going to be a lot of fun.


    Hey, if you guys want to go play at Nebraska, and Iowa, and Northwestern, and Minnesota, by all means go. But I’ll stay here. It’s going to be a lot of fun.



    Let’s not let the frustration cloud our judgment to the point of publicly stating that Maryland was/is/could be right about anything. It’s unbecoming.



    So SEC for football and Big 10 for basketball?


    Whoever started this thread… needs to go to bed.

    Perhaps upon the light of day… some sanity might be restored….

    We are North Carolina State….
    We are Tobacco Road….
    We are IN the ACC and the ACC is IN all of us.

    Facing what most credible accounts consider to be near bankruptcy in their athletic department and with no willing benefactor, Maryland sold out for the money because they had no other financial choice. Otherwise, they would have been well pleased to stick around for another 60 years if for no other reason than to torment their rivals on Tobacco Road and in Charlottesville.

    Either you GOTT it or you don’t.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    billonthebeach- I agree with you.

    After Maryland Athletics achieves financial stability, half of its excess revenues will be used to repay its debts and the other half will be set aside to build its financial reserves. This is to ensure that Maryland Athletics, which is a self-supporting enterprise, will never again be in a position where it has to cut teams. They have cut seven or eight sports already. Maryland’s uncertain ACC exit fee and its own budgetary issues have to be a big worry. In football it will be a long time before they are a bleep on the radar.

    WE BUILT THE ACC Bill!!!


    I would leave this corrupt crap hole of a conference in a minute.

    Remember boheim helps k coach the Olympic team. You think that had nothing to do with their instant acc darling status?


    Jesus, people. The title of the entry was just a ‘throw away’. The ‘topic’ of entry clearly was about the game.


    OK… forget the title… and let’s look at this…

    “Syracuse … the DARLING of the ACC…”

    Darling… hardly….

    The ACC was built on coaching rivalries, not player rivalries…

    Case, McGuire, McKinney.
    Sloan, Smith, Bubas, Drisell
    Valvano, Cremins, Williams
    Coach Rat, Uncle Roy

    etc, etc, etc…

    Maryland… arguably the most ‘hated’ team in league history.. leaves the conference
    and yes…Syracuse ‘takes their place’…. but it ain’t as league “darling”…

    leaque A$$hats might be more accurate.

    And with Patino and Da’Ville coming in next year…
    ‘the Big Orange will have a legitimate challenger for the biggest ‘A$$hat’ in the ACC.

    For years… we’ve had two coaches that had a legitimate rivalry between themselves…. and a predictable decline.. because it take THREE A$$hats to keep the party going.

    Now.. schools like NC State, Virgina to mention two… ain’t going to sit back and watch… we are going to do whatever it takes to compete and win some ball games…. just like everybody on Tobacco Road did back in 1948 when NC State was the ‘Darling’ or ‘Biggest A$$hat’ in the ACC, depending on your perspective.

    Last year’s game at the RBC with the Big Orange and with, if you recall, too many of their fans in our best seats and last night’s game are evidence enough of that.

    Good guys v. Bad guys => Instant rivalry…

    And yes…. everybody at Grandover is all smiles, because the ‘old ACC’ is back.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Oh, I hope MD wins their lawsuit against the league, or at least the $50M is found unenforceable. There’s no way that 63-0 losses in Tuscaloosa could hurt worse than what happened last night. Or two years ago in Cameron, etc.

    The ACC is a corrupt Cabal led by a corrupt Blue. We have no place in it anymore, and I am very disappointed we didn’t even try/threaten to leave. We go along to get along, as always. And as always, it ends with our pants at ankle level.


    ^ I could not agree more BJD95……as much as i dislike UM I hope they win the case.


    This post is a … Whatever.

    If NC State played in the SEC or B1G, would officiating be better? Maybe.

    More importantly would State magically shoot FTs better? Because that would impact our success much more than officiating.

    Very proud of our team last night. They had it won. I believe if they had a TO remaining for that last inbounds play we would be sitting on a win this morning. No fault implied there, just the way it played out.


    I have to agree with BJD. The ACC is totally dead to me, and no longer exists as far as I am concerned. It is total corruption under the head cheater, swofford. As much as I dislike Maryland, they at least had the guts to give swoff and this conference the finger and leave.

    Owen Good

    I can only hope that Debbie and the university administration is waiting to see how the litigation with Maryland plays out before making a move.

    Plainly, exit fees and penalties are meaningless. They could be a dollar and there still would be a lawsuit and a negotiated result. Whatever it costs to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference, I am in favor of paying it. I am certain the Wolfpack Club would help to defray it.


    Amen and why are we even IN the ACC at this point? We BELONG in the SEC. I do not get excited about Pitt, BC, Notre Dame, and SYRACUSE. For godsake, I have no desire to visit their campuses and for all but one, their entire state. We have VERY LITTLE in common with these universities. How many Pitt fans do you know well?

    THe SEC is local and a better fit on every level.

    The league has destroyed the history and the rivals with Swofford’s and UNC-CHeat’s corruption. Duke, I believe, has leveraged itself into a spot of favoritism through the success of Coach K. What’s the last game of the season EVERY FREAKING YEAR for UNC-CHeat and Duke?

    Md has it right. The traditions are gone. I hope Yow does and gets us out of this sleazy tar pit.

    In short, what BJD said but with pants.


    ^Let’s not forget about the Grant of Rights (Media) that apparently locks us in to this crapfest of a conference…


    Boeheim will be retiring soon. Roy will be retiring soon. K will be retiring soon. Pitino will be retiring soon.

    So where will we be? Will we take advantage of this window of opportunity, or continue to play the “pity me” Wolfpack song? Think about it.


    Fear the Turtle! I’m “all about telling Swofford” to kiss my pitootie(or however you spell it).

    But to the SEC, not to the frozen wasteland of the north!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Out of respect to Statefans….it’s been hard for me to watch this year with Pitt, Syracuse and other interlopers. I just don’t care. I didn’t watch the game Sat because it was Syracuse. Who cares?

    I don’t know anybody who claims to be from Syracurse. If I was from there, I wouldn’t claim it either.

    I did attend a number of early games. Then the Pitt game rolled around and ..didn’t care about that one. Off my basketball groove now. Yes, even with free tickets and I do like the atmosphere. The ACC sucks. It’s designed around UNC-CHeat and Duke. It’s not even fun anymore because of all the cheating.

    I do like this team and coach. It is a rebuilding year and they have really done well. I’m proud. Yesterday’s news was just confirmation that 1) we deserve to be jerked around for staying in this ridiculous league, and 2) that our team has a lot of heart. Think of the Lowe and Sendeck years when we would have not been in that position to win or would have given up.

    Finally, my uninvited thoughts on SFN bball coverage and side topics:
    *Love ya’ll….have enjoyed reading the blogs.
    *VAWolf is a statistical genius and thanks to all who organize this
    website. Ya’ll are just terrific.
    *BJD’s halftime entertainment sucks. (Sorry friend, truth hurts.)
    *REFS DO MATTER. IN EVERY GAME. THEY TOTALLY AFFECT 100% OF EVERY GAME. Only if a team makes 0 mistakes (not going to happen) can they overcome referee bias. Not every shot is going to fall but guess what, is the other team perfect? NO. “Deserving to win” is a completely subjective and passive statement. That’s why home court and fans are critical. If the casual basketball watchers/families at home have to listen to dirty word and/or clever, referee chants, there might be some changes in the league’s attitude as commentators will usually address fan concerns- one way or the other. It also gives the AD more leverage in her meetings. I really don’t understand how this is even debatable. Bless your heart, Rick. Be the beacon!


    Pack78, legal implications can’t be worse than the exit fee. The contract (?) was coerced. (That’s my story and sticking with it.) If we want out, we will GET out. It would be very wise of us to do so.


    Leave the ACC, you guys are nuts!
    I’m going to say it now and get attacked but, NC State S#!+ is all in your heads and ACC conspiracies are too.
    What you guys have witnessed is breaks tend to go to the teams with the best players and best coaches. With a great coach and great players and a lot of momentum we won it all in 83.

    As Wulfpack pointed out, a changing of the guard in coaching is coming but we know Duke, UNX and Cuse will continue to be high profile teams when it comes to recruiting. But the pack belongs up there and now that we have a coach I think we will build back that reputation. Gott is certainly building our recruiting profile. And as these young players gain experience, they will make close games go our way more and more. And they are learning strong defense without fouling. We’ll get there.


    Wulfpack- it’s the organization of the league which is the problem. It’s systemic. Not just people. Swofford and UNC-CHeat have had their way. If Swofford and Roy goes, the power remains. How is ND, Syracurse, Pitt, and BC at all meaningful to us? It’s a terrible match. You ready for the ACC tourney in NY? How are they going to vote on league matters? Who do they have the most in common with? Frustrating to see this happening. We have been pissed on and away.


    Pack85ee, respectfully disagree on most everything you wrote.

    Where have you been since 1985?

    Breaks tend to go with the best coaches and teams? NO. That’s why we are in this mess. Look at UNC-CHeat’s athletic program. Swoffy let FSU and Miami sink in front of the NCAA committee but when it came to his alma matter, he flew to IN to defend the school personally. That’s complete BS. Cheating begets more cheating. Look at the referee crews….look at the picture above. Look at the freaking league members. We are in a huge freaking bind. A little bit of planned turnover is not going to affect the cluster-f that the “league” has become.

    The “we’ll get there” talk is complete BS. It’s not in our POWER to get there. The way we take control of our situation is by finding a better situation. The SEC. The ACC league is not our father’s league. The ACC that I grew up with is dead.

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