Most Glorious May Day, Fellow Comrades!

Reds of the world unite, and put behind the petty squabbles planted by counterrevolutionaries to undermine the spirit of the proletariat. Embrace the rain, and the last cool day of 2015. Do as if Glorious and Most Wise Lenin Cat is watching you at all times.

I mean, shit fellas, we still have 4 months of desert to get through before football season. We can either be whimsical and hope the time passes by quickly, or we can go full-on Baltimore on one another. The latter doesn’t end with any winners, from my vantage point.

Glorious Warning – be an ass in this thread, Stalin send to Gulag, maybe not even the one for re-education. Da?

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2014-15 Basketball – A Note of Thanks

Before I sink back into my natural state of deep wolven depression, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to the players and coaches who made the wild ride of this past season possible. It came with its bumps and bruises, fits and starts, but perhaps most importantly for a program that had staggered blindly in the wilderness for so very long – we learned how to love again. That’s the first prong of why last night hurt so much, we really loved this bunch of wolves.

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Operation Destroy the Narrative

Comrades! As part of Glorious Revolution, it has come to our attention that the filthy dogs of the Western media have been spreading slanderous lies to discredit Commandant Gottfried and our Red brethren from the Oklahoma Oblast. Seems as if they have already written their Sunday columns about Michigan State and Louisville, as if Friday’s games need not be played. This is wrong, da?

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Yes, Tomorrow Is Very Important

No doubt, you’ve heard the concept of “house money” applied to the 2014-15 Wolfpack. Although the players aren’t just “happy to be here (in the Sweet Sixteen)” there is a consistent undercurrent in the media that State made its bones by knocking off Villanova and can now run along while the big boys finish their apéritifs.

I humbly suggest we yank away the tablecloth instead.

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