Big Four Rivals

Your “Show of Hands…Who’s Still Here?” U*NC Game Thread

In spite of a boatload of distractions over the past several days (none of which I plan to talk about in this entry, because there are plenty of other places where those things are being discussed), the reeling Pack (14-12, 3-10 ACC) welcomes their non-rivals to the PNC tonight.  Carolina (21-5, 9-3 ACC) is coming […]

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Your “It’s Not Danny Manning’s Fault But I Still Don’t Like Him” WF Open Thread

Hey, we won one.  And even looked mostly good down the stretch at crunch time while salting it away after coming from behind.  Still some defensive breakdowns, too many for my liking if I’m being honest.  But that’s to be expected by now. Bottom line….good guys win one, 79-74. Now, let’s make it two in […]

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Media starting to recognize Cat Barber’s exploits

h/t and Ethan Hyman After NC State’s 99-88 victory over Big 4 Rival Wake Forest on Saturday, Wolfpack fans all over were talking about the continued incredible play of Cat Barber. Barber had 38 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists against the Deacons in leading the team to its third conference victory of the […]

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