2016 ACC Baseball Championship

Wolfpack Baseball, as well as most of the rest of the ACC…not to mention 3/4’s of the Big four…will be in Durham this week for the 2016 ACC Baseball Championship.
1/4 of the Big Four will be at home 8 miles away. See I KNOW it’s 8 miles because Dick Vitale tells me so, incessantly, at least twice every year.

But I digress…

Congrats to Wake and Duke for sliding in under the wire.Ā  And to BC as well.Ā  Well done, Eagles.

And Heels…..Memorial Day weekend is always a big time at the beach. So maybe consider a last minute get away. I mean it’s not like you’ll be going to class or studying, so what I’m saying is….treat yourselves and enjoy the time off.












Final ACC Standings

Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Louisville 22-8-0 .733 46-10-0 .821
Florida State 16-10-0 .615 34-19-0 .642
NC State 15-13-0 .536 34-18-0 .654
Clemson 16-14-0 .533 38-18-0 .679
Boston College 13-15-0 .464 31-19-0 .620
Wake Forest 13-17-0 .433 32-23-0 .582
Notre Dame 11-17-0 .393 27-27-0 .500
Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Miami 21-7-0 .750 43-10-0 .811
Virginia 19-11-0 .633 36-18-0 .667
Duke 14-15-0 .483 33-21-0 .611
Georgia Tech 13-16-0 .448 35-20-0 .636
North Carolina 13-17-0 .433 34-21-0 .618
Pitt 10-18-0 .357 25-26-0 .490
Virginia Tech 6-24-0 .200 19-36-0 .345

2016 ACC Baseball Championship

The Seeds

  • (1) Miami
  • (2) Louisville
  • (3) UVa
  • (4) FSU
  • (5) NC State
  • (6) Clemson
  • (7) Duke
  • (8) BC
  • (9) GT
  • (10) Wake

The Pools

Pool A – (1)Miami, (4)FSU, (5) NC State, winner of (8)BC/(9)GT
Pool B – (2)Louisville, (3)UVa, (6)Clemson, winner of (7)Duke/(10)Wake

The Games

Tuesday, May 24 – RSN/ESPN3

  • 11am – (10)Wake at (7)Duke – Wake 4-3, Wake advances to pool play
  • 3pm – (9)GT at (8)BC – GT 6-0, GT advances to pool play

Wednesday, May 25 – RSN/ESPN3

  • 11am – (5)NC State at (4)FSU
  • 3pm – (9)GT at (1)Miami
  • 7pm – (10)Wake at (2)Louisville

Thursday, May 26 – RSN/ESPN3

  • 11am – (6)Clemson at (3)UVa
  • 3pm – (9)GT at (4)FSU
  • 7pm – (5)NC State at (1)Miami

Friday, May 27 – RSN/ESPN3

  • 11am – (6)Clemson at (2)Louisville
  • 3pm – (10)Wake at (3)UVa
  • 7pm – (9)GT at (5) NC State

Saturday, May 28 – RSN/ESPN3

  • 11am – (10)Wake at (6)Clemson
  • 3pm – (4)FSU at (1)Miami
  • 7pm – (3)Uva at (2)Louisville

Sunday, May 29 – ESPN2

  • 12noon – Championship

Full RSN affiliates listing


A Quick Recap of How it Works…

Tuesday’s games are single elimination. Loser goes home, winner enters pool play in their respective pool.

Wednesday thru Saturday is pool play. Every team plays the other teams in their pool once. If you go 3-0 you are assured of a berth into Sunday’s championship game. If you go 2-1 and tied with only one other team, whoever won the head to head game moves on. If you’re tied with two other teams at 2-1, the highest seeded team moves on…regardless of the head to head results.

For this reason, it is in our best interests to take care of business early and take both FSU and Miami down early. One of them will beat the other, preventing a 3 way tie with two higher seeded teams…Pack moves on.

Of course that is theoretical at best. Because if we lose to the lower seeded team and are tied with only them, they’d move on.

So just beat everybody and remove all doubt…is what I’m saying.

Sunday’s Championship Game is of course a single winner takes all. Not a best 2 out of 3 like in Omaha.

A (Very Brief) Hosting/National Seed Mention

We’ll probably host an NCAAT regional at home as long as we don’t go 0-fer in our pool in the ACCT.

We will not be a national seed unless we get to Sunday. And probably not even unless we take the whole enchilada. And maybe not even then. But we will be playing at least two teams with top level RPI (Miami and FSU) and potentially a 3rd if we make it to Sunday. Which will certainly help our resume. But right now the biggest thing we need to do is win some games.

FWIW, Pack’s RPI currently is #7. Unfortunately, poll voters were less enthused by our series win over Carolina than we all were.

Some Highlights from Last Weekend

And something that has nothing to do with anything, but it was recently shared with me and I found it darkly hilarious….

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Wolfpack Baseball, as well as most of the rest of the ACC…not to mention 3/4’s of the Big four…will be in Durham this week for the 2016 ACC Baseba
    [See the full post at: 2016 ACC Baseball Championship]


    Looking back on the weekend series, perhaps the friday game was all a set up to make the heels feel overconfindent, and not have any concerns about playing at the DPAP. Then just like that we snatch the rug of confidence right out from under them, and eliminate them from the acc tourney field. Way to go Pack!


    Knocking the Cheats out of the tourney makes this a winning season for me, regardless of what happens next. Although I do want us to win the ACC and NCAA tourneys. Not that I’m greedy or anything.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    9th inning rally falls short for the Devils.
    Final in Durham, 4-3 Wake over Duke. Duke goes home (it’s a short trip), Wake advances to pool play.
    GT/BC coming up at 3.


    GT leading BC 3-0 after 7.


    On the way back from Garner, thought I’d swing by Doak to catch those boys. Wound up holding court with a few hitters going over the nuances. Talked about things like…” Hey! Do you boys have a GD clue when it is prudent to take a GD strike!?

    Well, the part where I caught a workout is factual, the rest…not so much. I wanted to, though šŸ˜‰


    Good luck, wolven Nine!

    I would rather have the ACC championship than the regional host thingy. As the el beisbol saying goes “flags fly forever.”


    Who is on the mound today for both teams?


    welp, gonna need at least 2


    Noles CF knocks himself out against the wall, but hangs onto the ball. Stays 1-1 instead of 3-1, going to bottom 2.


    apparently, concussion awareness hasn’t arrived in college el beisbol yet. Jeebus.


    FSU=dumb ass base running.


    I’m late to the party, but just saw the replay of the CF face plant.
    Gotta give him props for hanging on tho.


    Just got home and tuned in…is the plate Ump having trouble seeing the strike zone when FSU is batting?


    Hope somebody’s warming.


    Wilder laboring, but hanging tough. Nice pitch there to pop him up. Was almost a swinging K, kinda surprised he got a piece of it.


    Wilder’s FIP and xFIP can’t be very good. Watching him is terrifying.




    but surely it’s to the bullpen now, and with 2-run lead!


    Hope they don’t wait too long here.


    I’m glad the FS CF is ok, but how many times do we have to watch him run into that wall?


    WOW. Palmeiro just saved our rear ends.


    /temporarily. SIGH




    Iā€™m glad the FS CF is ok, but how many times do we have to watch him run into that wall?

    Every time they show it I keep hoping he’ll drop the ball.

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