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Financing College Athletics – Part 5

CONTINUING WITH A LOOK AT NC STATE FINANCES Part 4 focused on a number of good things concerning financing athletics at NC State: – $180M of facility improvements since 1999 – Outstanding attendance for both football and basketball, even though the product on the field/court leaves a lot to be desired. But one area where […]

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Financing College Athletics – Part 4

RECAP OF PREVIOUS ENTRIES – The US Dept of Education collects information on financing college athletics from colleges/universities and makes this information publically available at Equity in Athletics (EIA). Most articles you see on this subject take their information straight from this website with an unstated assumption that this information is uniformly prepared and provides […]

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Offering A Helping Hand

I don’t know how, but I missed this little nugget from the NCAA this past January: The Division I Legislative Council voted Wednesday to limit the practice of “over-signing” prospective football student-athletes to National Letters of Intent, a strategy employed by some coaches that had the potential of leaving some recruits without a scholarship. Proposal […]

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