On the Record

SFN Impact Update

Some of the nice comments from our readers in this entry from Tuesday prompted today’s quick reflective note. Bank in July we gave you an update of how our blog had exploded during the year and shared some of our statistics with you. You can see our comments by clicking here. Today we thought that […]

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SFN: What A Year (thusfar)!!!

Excerpt: “In the first seven months of the year, SFN has attracted almost 150,000 different visitors from around the world, generating just under 8 million hits and 2.5 million different page views of unique SFN material. We couldn’t be more proud of the breadth and depth of our growing reach considering that we are just […]

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On the Record: ACC Tournament

I guess with the NEW ACC and Tournament format, today’s full slate of games represents a “first round” and Friday’s sessions will now be referred to as “Quarterfinals” &/or “2nd round”. (I think “Quarterfinals” will be most appropriate to avoid confusion with rounds from historical tournament results). So…with the Tournament underway…I thought that we could […]

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