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    Not trying to diminish what happened at PSU. However, the NCAA in a fit of PC went off the deep end. Therefore, when all the dust settled and such, the NCAA backed off and reduced the sanctions.

    If I recall correctly, there are also criminal charges against the Ex President and some of his staff. That has been a highly litigated scenario.

    The NCAA reversed course after going off the deep end. My point is that if the NCAA is in a holier than thou mode for Louisville, then they are toast. However, it will also be interesting to see how years of academic fraud to ensure eligibility for “competitive advantage is viewed compared to providing, from NON Louisville “Sources”, certain benefits to improve recruiting. LOIC is what, I THINK, that Louisville and Ricky are charged with…and LOIC seems to be far from what the NCAA is indicating with the AFAM and Grades scandal….which, to a certain degree, covers two national BB championships.

    Sorry if my example was a bit harsh….

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    History Lesson
    The $18 Million banner is actually the result of a “Capitalist” manipulation. Remember that UNC is the university of the Liberal and Down Trodden.
    The UNC Foundation or the Chapel Hill Fund is a multibillion $$ fund of endowments and such to UNC….NOT the UNC-Consolidated.
    The fund managers are paid WELL and they deserve to be. They make money by “Building THAT”. They invest in securities, real estate, venture capital….maybe even Porn and Prostitution. BUT, they make money.
    There is a “stipulation”. It is called “Excess Earnings”. The fund is self sustaining and has to “reinvest” in itself for purpetuity….SO that it can “cover all the philantrophic” liability or causes.
    HOWEVER….there is a “Bogey” on the earning. SO, if the fund exceeds the really LOW (or think High Handicap if you are a golfer), then any EXCESS earnings is considered as “petty cash for the discretion of the Chancellor and the UNC-BOT Chairman. SO, the $18 Million does NOT come from Public or University Funds….it comes from the excess profits or earnings of the UNC Foundation Chapel Hill fund. BURIED in the minutes or a UNC-BOT meeting was a “revision” on the protocols (think the rules for an expense account). Ms. Folt and the UNC BOT Chair simply fill out a “Withdrawl Slip” and the funds are withdrawn or transferred to a special “account”. Could call it the Khancelors Kitty or KK. THEN she pays the PR firm, the outside counsel, etc.

    The Average for a In-State UNC Total cost is probably around $35K (you can look it up). SO that would be $140K for 4 years. Round up to $150K.

    They have spent enough for 120 FULL TIME FOUR YEAR Schollys…..trying to keep a couple of friggn’ banners in the DES Nose Dome and also to maintain their Aristocratic Image.

    DES started AFAM about the time Jimmy V died.

    Forget about an ESPN 30 for 30 The head of ESPN is a UNC grad and more liberal than Roy (Ray?) Cooper. He is sidelining OTA talent for “conservative” outburst….like saying “Gee, we should ALL stand up for the National Banner”.

    It will really be interesting to see how Louisville and their LOIC allegations fare in all this. PSU got “Sanduskyed” without the benefit of a lubricant….Bend OVER Lousiville…..borrow some KY Jelly from the Hookers….you’re gonna need it.


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    My “adopted” teams ain’t doing well. 2 gone…1 in trouble.

    TV Teddie Valentine giving Oregon the business.

    So folks that rarely attend games and don’t want to support the AD or the WPC are upset that we would dare raise ticket prices for an Archie or Gregg. And are miffed that Yow did not court same, even though they made it clear they weren’t buying what we were selling. To beat it all, same wanted Mr. Murphy to foot all or major portion if we did hire one of the high maintenance, trophy coaches.

    Did I miss something?

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    You obviously need to pay your sources MORE or perhaps get better face ID software. I DO know WHOM has a very luxurious and well equipped “Packmobile” as I do frequent, as a guest….not a wandering, uninvited, grazer his CF FB functions. He IS more conservative and outspoken on matters such as Invocations PRIOR to each major WP Game, Respect for the National Anthem (NO RED or WP ad libs) and DEFINITELY was vocal about the alleged escapades of oru former BB Coach (hint…not LOW or Herb or Sendek).

    I have gone clandestine….passed on a BLACK SUV and look more like a soccer mom, save the WP tag and Hitch cover.

    I assume that you are referring to the dog and pony or the “Merlin” show that is dominating the biased and unnerved MSM. HB2 REPEALED….WORSE YET…or HB142 is SALVATION….let the Games Begin…. Is that your reference?

    All parties have reasons to Applaud and Jeer will really KNOW if it is a fair deal when Rev BB starts a Hunger Strike against HB142. Some of the “really oppressed….look at me in my colorful outfits and halloween garb” (and their BOTS) are flooding the ‘NET.

    Personally it is OH WELL….what will ORW say about it? Since he did not even have a 10 YO’s understanding of HB2, then he should definitely speak out.

    WILL there be a Banner erected (bad choice in this arena) with ORW picture and HB2 (with the Red Circle and Diagonal Bar)? UNC Fans vote YES….LGBTQX will protest and hold votive candle vigils and perhaps burn ORW in effigy.

    Don’t know….back to packing. Going to Vegas for a little R&R with BDW. Have a date at a Vette Driving School on Monday. Hope I am in one piece after it on Tuesday PM when we have our “Top Gun” driver graduation and that my CC is NOT littered with “Front End Alignment” or “Deductible” charges.

    Will ask the folks there and later on in Death Valley if they support HB142 or HB2. Sounds more like a vitamin supplement to me.

    BTW, my personal attorneys ARE looking into using my “handle”, which is copyrighted, without authorization. May bring legal action (if I get hit with big Uh Oh Charges at the school) against the perp that opened the forum and also any negative posters and also the site owners. Do We Sue M & How, LLP has a FINE track record… Doing a financial assessment of each potential defendants’ financial resources and the likelyhood of a favorable ruling. Will have to find a Chub Sewell type (or JH) activist Judge and let him enhance my retirement.

    Keep Plowing and Planting….

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    GOOD POINT. Wonder if Rick Pitino gets suspended if Keatts will hire HIM as a consultant. In fairness, Gottfried DID have a covey of Managers in suits. BUT, in all fairness, he DID have the Trainers and key support personnel at every game. I HOPE we keep Mr. Clean….he is GOOD….but is a Gottfried LA transplant.

    It did look like a 12 car pileup when all the “Suits” surrounded the front (court side) of the team and the Managers and players were on the back. If our players were claustrophobic, then THAT could explain their inability to comprehend critiquing and why we failed to defend or make shots and passed the ball to the opposite color jerseys so often.

    That may be added to Coach Gottfried’s Top Ten Reason that NCSU failed….

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    Interesting that Brian Gregory – a Tom Izo pupil – was hired as the “Salvation” for GT. They FIRED Paul Hewitt (after a Yow like BIG $$ Extension). I THINK that the 16/17 season is the LAST one they paid to Hewitt… they had 3 coaches “getting paid” this year.

    I assume, based on the BB IQ level here, that folks also know that Brian Gregory was FIRED from GT for “Lack of Competitive Wins”. SO, when Postner took over from Memphis, it was really BIG BUCK CITY for GT.

    Postner looks like a real winner. He is also somewhat modest. He equated his early age HC job at Memphis as to “Being the last man standing in the right position”. He obviously has done a good job at GT.

    Miller will have MORE pressure (and BRIGHT LIGHTS) on him at IU and he will have to break the Gregory Jinx….NCSU would have a MUCH safer gig…but not as big of a Brass Ring, assuming he plucks it.

    Gregory has gone BACK to an HC Job at South Florida. You could hear the CHEERS from GT all the way to Raleigh (from my Palatial Screened Porch as BotB describes it).

    Last night at Choir, our director was VERY disappointed as she had polled the “staff” and developed a “search committee” and selected 17 members of the congregation to join us and increase our ranks (and esteem). NOT ONE SHOWED UP or RSVP’ed or SAID “Thanks, but NO thanks…” They just IGNORED her personal letter.

    I punched a fellow NCSU Grad and slipped him a note…to the effect…”Debbie Yow could relate to this as Archie ignored all the flowers and candy and failed to SHOW UP at the Presser”. Real life scenario of what I think went down.

    Happy with Keatts. He will have to prove his worth. We will be hanging him in effigy at least ONCE….maybe multiple times.

    Signed up for the Wake Coaches Caravan on 4/27 at Reynolds. If you have NOT seen Reynolds and can make the trip….DO IT. It is always a good event. $20 for WPC with a 2 DRINK Adult coupon or $25 for Non WPC members. Children are $10. The coaches are ALWAYS approachable and will chat with you. Some players from most of the teams will be there. There is usually some kid’s activities….

    You can meet him, take Selfie, Tell him HOW to Coach, publicly ridicule him or wear a “We REALLY wanted Archie” T shirt….dress code is very lax….

    He WILL be the star but we have some OTHER Non-Revenue coaches that will also speak. DD does get some pointed questions….so come prepared to skewer him also.

    GO PACK…

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    Interesting googling and researching this AM…

    Only ONE current Gottfried hire is still on the GoPack official site. 2017/18 season >>>> Orlando Early. Pierre and Schroyer and Moxley are GONE….like the fuzz of a spring dandelion…ACHOO….

    Jeff Dunlap and Mark Gottfried were BOTH removed from the 2016/17 site. Wonder if Dunlap resigned or what. Was really a nice guy as I had talked to him in person at his son’s FB games and emailed. BUT, he was a 100% MG person.

    It was his position that was posted to the NCSU employment site when I first opened this forum.

    Based on what I PERCEIVE to know, then we have the potential for TWO slot changes. Early and Dunlap’s DoBO. These FOUR were the “Huddle” coaches with MG this past season…..unless one of them was doing a “You gotta do this” lecture while the others huddled…

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    At this point, and I posted this last night around 6:00, I am an OFFICIAL “Spring 2017” GA Tech Fan. This is a limited gig….like a coach’s salary. I got a BOGO and added USC to my official outfit.

    GA Tech has demonstrated that they (the coaching staff) know now to do it. It took the ADMIN a while. Give Paul Hewitt a Lifetime Contract, then declare him dead….BUT THEY PAID HIM (contrary to a certain West Raleigh institution). Then they hired Mr. Gregory and then summarily dismissed them. The Fox Sports special “Bring Back the Buzz” was a very good piece on Josh Pastner. SO, he is on my list of folks to support in the NIT.

    USC…OK, from a benevolent viewpoint, I feel an obligation to support USC just for Corch’s kid. BUT, if you were old enough to watch and remember ACC BB, then you probably DO remember when Norm took down Frank in the 1970 NCAAT. There were two guys (more) on the squad that I remember. Roche and Cremmins. It was one of the best games that I can recall…..OK, if you were a State Fan. NOW…factoid from it. Cremmins took off and “disappeared”.

    SO, to honor Cremmins, also of GA Tech Fame, I am adopting USC and hope that they bring some glory to USC so that Frank McGuire’s ghost can be passivated and stop spinning in his grave.

    Speaking of STRANGE things, like Cremmins, how many remember Hacksaw Reynolds of the Rams and 49’ers? If you do, then you remember that he was a UT (TN) player who got so mad after a loss that he cut a 1953 Chevrolet into TWO PARTS with a hacksaw. Not documentation of the amount of alcohol involved for how many blades he used. Having driven and worked on my dad’s 1954 Chevrolet….it WAS made of a LOT of Steel when STEEL was really S>T>E>E>L….

    Probably should make s separate forum….but I THINK that UK is now trying to OUTDO NCSU as to looney and vengeful fans. Remember the outrage when PP (and it was easy to do….anyone here could have done it as I had already found the info) OUTED the “tutor” in the UNC mess and published personal info and such…. Read the following….(PS, our OWN Primo @$$holer referee is an insurance agent….if memory serves me correctly)…


    USC is NOW my OFFICIAL NCAA “Team”. We caused Frank McGuire and USC so much grief in 1970, that it only seems fair to support them now. For those of you old enough, I STILL remember watching the ACCT Tourney when we took out Cremmins and Roche and McGuire. Frank took it so hard, he got MAD and LEFT.

    I am also a GT fan and cheering for them and Josh in the NIT.

    NOW, I have someone to follow and yell at the refs when the abuse them.

    GO USC and GA Tech…

    ANYBODY BUY UCONN and Gino in the Womens’

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    Disappointed in Takayo. I assumed he was Asian ethnicity and that we would get some brownie points from the NCAA. However, he is a local NC lad and only AFAM. We will NOT get Terry Henderson’s waiver approved by not implementing a more robust diversity program. Word on the street is that Coach Kevin has been advised by ORW to select an LBGTQX persuasion coach for the third Assistant. THAT will improve Henderson’s appeal process.

    There are SOME times that I do think that my paranoia index is peaking….and without using my new 750 Lumen Tact Light as a aid to type by, I do believe that the NCAA will underscore the North Carolina State words on Henderson’s Appeal application and pencil in HB2? in the margin….

    Henderson is such a positive player…I sure HOPE he gets a favorable ruling.

    Any “Tweets” or expressions of “position” from Maverick? He seems to be quiet and non-committal….

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    James Johnson formerly HC at VT has joined the staff. Pretty good credentials, except his W/L record. Laranaga, to me, is a coach that I would want to work for and mentor. He has the ability to figure out HOW to win or at least compete without a lot of blue chippers. Valvano had that knack.

    UPDATE…Archie has SPOKEN.

    If you were asleep and MISSED the SVP ESPN SC LIVE 12:00 Segment 3/28/17 (Archie looked like he was up WAY PAST his bedtime) Interview, then you missed a couple of salient points.

    Archie said that the phone had “RUNG” many times and he did not even bother to answer as he was NOT INTERESTED. BUT, when IU called (he did not add….after Alford said “I don’t give a Feces about Indiana”, paraphrasing ORW), he HAD to answer.

    He then went on to say that he was actually a “soulmate” with the typical IN “small basketball town”. He did not say that Hooiers was written about his family, but talked on and on about growing up with a BB in hand and how his PA town or neighborhood could have been transplanted into IN and would have blended right in.

    He seemed sincere, but he was 100% that this was the ONLY and BEST match and it was, to him, the ideal setting….even though the expectations were high and that IU showed confidence in him and….Blah Blah Yada Yada.

    SVP did throw many softballs and Archie fluffed them up and got max benefit or impact.

    CONCLUSION (to me). We NEVER, EVER (based on the Agent’s answer to our “Is Archie interested?” had a shot. That door, for whatever reason, was closed and no amount of cajoling or seduction (which he did NOT WANT) was going to change that.

    I don’t know whether to believe all the “Archie is WAITING for NCSU to CALL” comments that we were bombarded with here or NOT. If I DID, then I would be MIFFED and MAD.

    If I take Archie at his word and also realize that WE, the Loonie WPN, cut all ties with the Millers when we were LESS than enthusiastic over Herbie….THEN I can move on and NOT scheme revengeful plots to he and his family.

    BOTTOM LINE….If Coach Keatts DOES do a good job and improve our program, we are going to HAVE to figure out HOW to keep him. If he is seduced and leaves, then our W/L record should be greatly improved and we will be on the ROAD again. We DID turn the corner with Gottfried….but the PRESS, as usual, was NOT supportive….it took 27 years to destroy us….Moses spent 40 years in the desert. I HOPE (like ORW) that I do live long enough for us to be a FF team again. If I have to have a charter Jet Ambulance and full medical team (think Dick Cheney’s support staff), I will spend the money and BE THERE…

    GO PACK. Welcome Coach Keatts. Good JOB, AD Yow.

    Flame at will…..the range is clear….

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    If you can query the “Dark State” again and get some additional intel, I would like to know the following.

    Did Wendell Murphy and a group of OTHER well heeled DONOR$ organize their “club” and commit to helping out with Gottfried’s Buyout. THAT was the scenario laid out for me by a well and high placed “Club” official for removing Coach DD.

    You are aware that such only happens infrequently and that Bobby Purcell has to be at arms length as any WPC participation in a Coach’s “Benefits or remuneration” violate the NCSU BOT revisions to the WPC Charter….

    SO, the comments that I picked up and were verified by others was that a “One Time” Entity or committee was going to “Buy Out” Coach Doeren which would allow AD Yow to pull the pin. Coach DD pulled out a few rabbits of his own (must have been coached by Gottfried) and Debbie made the call NOT to remove him from command. THUS, the folks with names on buildings and such did not have to spend their “committment”

    NOW, the BB season took a turn so bad for the worse that FB looked really GREAT. My question for your sources is…Did the same donors pony up for Gottfried’s removal.

    The donation directly to the AD Budget was to be “channeled” into a BO account and NOT the general revenue or budget.

    SO, if that happened….then it would be logical to me that these donors WOULD have a hand in the selection process.

    We DO know (UNC TGU History 101), that BOT Bob Winston and two other high ranking Rams Club members did the preliminary interviews with Butch Davis and negotiated what the Rams Club would do to entice the Butcher. After he agreed, then BOT Bob called Dickie (Tassel Loafers) Baddour and said….Call this number. Hire this guy. Pay him this amount. We will kick in the rest…..and the deal was done.

    I would think that Mr. Murphy was NOT as dictatorial as that….as Debbie Yow is a “9” AD compared to Baddour (who was often compared to Fowler) as a “2”.

    BUT, when you pony up the big bucks, folks OFTEN ask….”got any ideas?”. Sort of like how a Political PAC or Lobbyist works…

    As several have pointed out….when you fund things, you usually DO get to participate in the decision making progress.

    Just curious as to what the insiders say about the “future donations”…

    OTOH, it might be time to cremate the remains of the deceased equine and quite flogging the lifeless corpse….


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    We gave Freddie Combs a SO in 1967 after the Houston game. I sat beside him and he was about as embarrassed as any person I have ever seen. Industrial Safety – Professor Sam Cope – Riddick Auditorium…..T & T


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    WOW….go out and burn some powder this afternoon and this place lights up hotter than my barrel.

    Laddies, what did you give up for Lent….tolerance? Still 20 odd days to go….it might get wicked.

    If I read the landscape here, and this might sound critical, as Yogi points out….we do NOT move the needle….(VU was the measure of DB’s). Too much time at WKNC and not enough studying.

    I posted a “business model” about how much it would cost to 1) Fire Gott; 2) kick up the pay to $3 – $4 Million; 3) Increase concessions (as Ticket prices were already going UP and UP) to cover the increases for Assistants…

    It got flamed to the point that the sprinklers were almost activated….and I have high temperature heads in them.

    I GOTT the most distinct feeling that a lot of folks did NOT purchae LTR’s and were not getting “thank you” emails from Bobby Purcell and the WPC and that few went to BB games as I was asked for “trip reports” from PNC.

    Mr. Retired Swine Magnate is a very congenial and well respected business man that “Built it on his ON….if you get my drift”. He has been generous to NCSU. Yet, he is treated like a “Lottery Winner” and some seem like the distant cousin of the Ex Gardener’s old GF. THEY want NOT a piece of the pie, but the RIGHT to Tell Mr. Magnate HOW to spend his money and what he SHOULD do. Trust me….he has his own ideas and also gets input from folks that he considers as “trustworthy and wise”. THEN he weighs the facts and makes a sound decision. NOW, with regard to AD Yow, she has the same traits….with a bit quicker wit and perhaps a bit more confidence. BOTH would be interesting to work FOR….and a young up and comer could learn a lot and pick a lot worse “mentor”.

    CD has in insight into the intersanctum of WP Athletics. I tend to think that he is correct. When Herbie decided to go WEST, Mr. Fowler told him to close the door behind him and did NOT encourage him to stay. Other than being boring and also no “game savy”, Herbie did a good job. Was consistent….but never creative. We paid $150K for the Princeton Offense. We also hired consultants to come in and “coach” the coaches. Our coaches barely understood it. Herbie, the brain, DID. Our players were stymied as they were “traditional” and also “had their own moves”. DES was dictatorial and actually suppressed MJ’s skill set.

    When the natives got restless and the drums of “We HATE HERBIE” got louder, Herbie got out and there was NO attempt to counter or keep him. THAT is how I read John Miller’s comment.

    Ad Yow supports her coaches as LONG as they are winning. In some cases, she give them more latitude that they should have had….but she will tolerate mediocrity. Most of her hiring, after the Shaka SNAFU, has been pretty good.

    She got blindsided by Shaka’s 6 months PG wife and I THINK (based on her emails to ME….not the “Oh Woe Is Us” email, that she was totally floored and really did not have Plan C. But, in the wee hours of the AM, she said that she was working on a solution and it would be announced early in the AM and that we would improve.

    In reality….we did….but we leveled out….then dropped…..make the “One Last Chance” change and got worse.

    BINGO….out your GO, Mr. GOTT (Sort of the SAME speech that Elizabeth delivered).

    The theme here seems to be….No ONE but Marshall or Archie is acceptable….even though we KNOW that Archie was NOT INTERESTED. SO, like our government (under BOTH parties), the solution….THROW $$ at it.

    NOW, who here wrote AD Yow and volunteered to make a LARGE donation. I actually did the reverse. I did NOT purchase my Reynolds tile and told her and Bobby exactly WHY….I have supported a LOT of programs….but will hold off a bit to see how K2T2 works out. BUT, I am refining the “Tile Text”. Maybe I will use my handle rather than name.

    On Friday, I THOUGHT that folks would remember their family and friends and step BACK from the ledge and accept reality. Seems like Snowflakes are NOW getting triggered by things that most folks dismiss as “internet rumors”.

    WRAL is running a special on K2T2. I like him. I like Debbie. I SHOULD have taken a 12 X 12 photo of ORW out this afternoon and used THAT for my target. Might have improved my “shooting eye”….

    Being an NCSU fan reminds me of the Eagles Lyric.

    Good NIGHT said the NIGHT MAN…you can check out anytime you want, but your can NEVER leave this place…

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    I really do NOT know WHERE this comment belongs….some would suggest in the TRASH….but that has not stopped others….

    After reading the “Archie” monologue, I wrote this offline and started to post it there. Read the Archie for background….

    Reynolds project was “MANAGED” by Debbie underling Michael Lipitz. The inspiration and “dream” for it was Debbie’s. If you have not been there or not involved or not familiar, it was an astonishing success given the time frame. I have done a lot of projects, but mine were less $$, but equally challenging as folks had to be able to work during the demo and reconstruction.

    Fund Raising and “Marketing” of that and other Capital projects is the result of Bobby Purcell’s skills. He has the “Salesmanhip” abilities of Valvano. Debbie was involved and was a “motivational” speaker, but WPC carried the load to get it funded.

    CHEAP is what Willis Casey was. That, in the end, chased off Norm Sloan. Silver lining was Valvano. BUT, not paying Valvano what he was worth lead to him getting diluted and also spread too thin. His downfall. Jimmy V was a family man first and wanted to provide for his family. Had his value been rewarded, we might NOT have had the Witch Hunt that has plagued us for 27 years. And all the discussion of why NCSU is NOT the powerhouse that it once was … would not be happening.

    Willis Casey is revered by most NCSU followers and fans. His “Cheapness” gets glossed over and there is no blame laid to him for how he “held the line” on $$ for Sloan (Valvano WORKED OUT) or how the Admin had to “reward” Jimmy V to keep him at NCSU.

    No OTHER AD, in NCSU History has brought the same amount of prestige and esteem to NCSU. Title IX changed the world. SO, if you have to (thanks to NCAA and Courts “legislating from the BENCH”) provide funds and compete in NON-Revenue sports, you SHOULD do it to WIN. We did NOT. We have NOT. We are doing it NOW.

    Debbie tries to be practical and not CHEAP. Do you really think that if Archie or whomever wanted to come here that MONEY would be an issue. Gregg Marshall probably jacked up the price to keep from saying NO. If you think that Debbie was cheap….write her and tell her and ask who she sought.

    Debbie probably regrets the contract extension. All folks, sometimes, make mistakes. If you learn and improve, then you go on. I think that she SHOULD have fired GOTT when he had off court issues. A LOT of donor$ of $igniciant magnitude thought so. SO, if she fired him after going to the NCAA, would YOU be happy?. I think that he conned her and she realized it and hoped for the best, but planned for the worst. Lutz was his Mulligan and this year told the tale.

    There is a dichotomy that is developing here. THIS IS NOT, I HOPE, MISCONSTRUED AS A POLITICAL RANT OR CONDEMNATION….just a viewpoint. I am NOT taking sides…

    What SHOULD NCSU’s goals be?

    Should we be ONLY a P5 Football School with LOW Director’s cup rankings?

    Should we be ONLY a P5 Basketball School with LOW DC’s rankings?

    Should we be ONLY a P5 “Title IX” School with HIGH DC’s rankings?

    Take a survey….chose the demographics….I know what I would want….but I am only one voice. Now, since I support my Alma Mater with LTR’s and also donations….that are ONLY SPORTS related, do I get a bigger vote or does my vote count more?

    It seems to me that NCSU is transitioning from a rather conservative institution (probably more Trump support from grads of 15 or so years ago) to a more diverse university. Some don’t like it. Some applaud it. It WOULD appear from the CURRENT guidance of the UNC BOG and the NCSU BOT that we will continue in this vein, but perhaps with a little more swing back to the roots. The recent downsizing of the UNC BOG could be interpreted many ways.

    The NCGA is trying to “recenter” the UNC BOG to get it mainstream….as in eliminate the UNC Domination (which followed the NCGA’s previous party affiliation). That is why it is being reduced in size and the selection process is being “revised”.

    NCSU, as a campus, is now “coming out” with some snowflake reactions and folks have been vocal about the radical changes. Change is necessary, but SOME feel that NCSU (as well as other institutions) are actually banning free speech as the speakers or students that disagree with the “Faculty” political opinions are being punished. I remember the NC Speaker Ban Law when the NCGA wanted to keep a “Commie” from talking on campus at UNC. Now it is somewhat the reverse…

    It appears there is no middle ground.

    BOTTOM LINE…I think that Debbie is trying to satisfy BOTH worlds or viewpoints.

    AS to “We WUZ TOO CHEAP” and did not lure Archie or go after Greggy….? Where has that been verified or written? Did either one of their agent’s TELL US THAT? The logical (GOD Forbid) conclusion is that, regardless of our own pompous and biased looking in the mirror, we are NOT as attractive as we ONCE WERE. We are NOT the NCSU of the 70’s and 80’s and the N&O and the UNC Crowd (abetted by our own Dr. Monteith) successfully tarred us and destroyed part of our legacy. It only takes ONE incident to destroy a legacy built over a lifetime.

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    Interesting observation. Since IU ADMIN did unto him with the WPN did unto Herbie….

    Are you of the opinion that IU will never have a shot at Alford due to the Knight departure? IF SO, then I don’t understand why Dakich, with obviously IU connections, THOUGHT that IU had already (via his agent and the AD) “locked up” Stevie “wonder boy” Alford? So, was Alford just toying with IU and threw out some outrageous (Coach K – MIKEY – $$)? I STILL am having difficulty in piecing together the HE IS IN versus reality….after he quit dancing.

    Help me out here….otherwise, I will think that gerontophobia is approaching…

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    Yes, with social media and http://WWW.Whatever, we are more a connected society. But, as many have pointed out and the articles written expound on, when a coach has “camps”, he gets leads on players to watch. He also establishes a repartee or understanding with many of the HS coaches…some of which “work at the camps”. That network is “usually” local and somewhat “clanish”. I THOUGHT that Coach Keatts talked about this and his success at getting talent because of his connections at Hargrove.

    Shaka Smart has had issues in establishing himself as a recruiter in the Southwest. Coach Doren has commented (and was also “critiqued” in that his base was the midwest and he had to establish a pipeline in NC, SC, VA, GA, FL, TN and PA. In some cases, he also had to “adapt” as the midwestern schools were not as AFAM dominated. Jimmy V talked extensively about “learning how” to recruit in Brooklyn and Harlem and having to use his resources and staff to aid that. That was, in his audio version of Lifetime Contract, a MAJOR topic.

    Y7 was international. BUT, if you follow Carl Tacy’s story (backed up by Tim Duncan, that “pipeline” was very small.

    I do think that Coach Keatts has the “network” that we need and also the “BB IQ” to understand WHAT type as well as specialty” players that we need. GOTT was a “Rabbit from HAT” recruiter and used his charm to cajole a recruit and bedazzle him where less flamboyant coaches did not have his gift of gab. That “personality skill” also was used, extensively, to recruit young (and perhaps a little older) females for his off campus pleasures…

    in reply to: Archie gets 7 year deal to coach at Indiana #121845

    Post Script as can not edit a “closed” post.

    SB Nation is reporting $4 M for the younger Mr. Miller. Overall, the percentage increase that AD Yow gave Coach Keatts is in line with what Archie is getting….maybe a smidge more….but for all practical purposes the same. JUST MORE BUCKS…..

    In addition, IU has raised the bar significantly on Initial Contract Length. We were aghast at 6 years as 5 was the norm. Archie has 7. Let that sink in. if IU does NOT work out, then GT’s reputation as the most idiotic school for coach’s contracts will pale in comparison to Indiana.

    in reply to: Miller Family can suck it #121844

    Way too many threads with similar subjects or comments. Being rejected is not as bad as being jilted. SO, if we had really pursued (and I do NOT think we did) Miller and then he grabbed the IU gig when Alford pulled the ORW 2 UNC trick, then we WOULD have had some just cause to plot violence against the Miller clan.

    However, as the puzzle get more pieces, it seems to easy to follow the moves. IU told Miller that he was in the hunt…but NOT the prime target….with a high degree of confidence that Alford WOULD come home.

    Alford appears NOT to want to come home….or at least NOW. Maybe he has some solid recruits and wants to make his mark as a UCLA coach. THAT would be a real feather. He should be, IMHO, under less pressure at UCLA than to immediately become Bobby Knight, II at IU. Maybe someone will snitch…but we might never (and probably should not) know.

    Archie will have more latitude. He will still be recruiting in HIS backyard. This is a really PLUMB gig….so, even though he was NOT Number ONE….he still gets to reach for the stars.

    I don’t KNOW how to react or whatever to the “Sean said I could NOT come to the ACC” stories. IF the Miller clan really wanted to “clear the air”, then Daddy John should have some “in camera” discussions and let the REAL facts leak out. That would soothe some very ruffled feathers at NCSU. BUT, if they are NOT really interested in making amends with State, then so be it.

    We DID treat Herbie a bit harshly….and expected the BRAIN (and Valvano was SMART also) to be our “Prof Harold Hill”. Herbie was a methodical engineer. WE produce Engineers….but we don’t want them coaching. We want to win and be entertained and have the media hype and glory that Jimmy V brought to NCSU.

    It HAS to stick in the craw of the UNC folks when they see Jimmy V running and NOT DES. When ESPN runs Whit’s tribute to V (Survive and Advance). It has been on at least 5 – 8 times as of late on the various “E” channels. Tears still flow….

    SO, Miller Clan….if you want to set the record straight….throw out a few hints….but if NOT, then we can assume that we are NO LONGER on your Christmas Card List and we will not leave a place for you at any future table.

    AND, SEAN, if you DID make the idiotic remark….then God save you if you EVER DO end up in the ACC…

    in reply to: Archie gets 7 year deal to coach at Indiana #121843

    Observations (not necessarily correct or agreed upon, but how I see and interpret)

    Archie was always slated (per here and other sources) to be a $3.5 – $4 Million Man. That is the bogey that we would have, presumbably, to meet. NOW, the Indiana Job (lets be realistic…the Mirror on the wall would not lie to us) is a better and more prestigious gig. Fans DO have their expectations, so it will be more of a “cooker” as to turn around.

    Archie will be able to recruit in his own “patch” rather than start anew in the NC area.

    Archie HAD to know that he was NOT the Golden Boy. BUT, he appears to have bided his time and waited for the all the cards to be dealt….then he played the hand.

    Whether the “Sean said I could NOT coach in the ACC” rumor is fact or fiction….unless someone bugged the phones, we (or I) will never know.

    He made the call…I do NOT think that anything that AD Yow could have done (short of kidnap family or threaten to poison John) would have made any difference. THAT is why Keatts was acted on…. Debbie LEARNED….you do NOT wait until all the dancing is over to pick-up a jilted partner. You MIGHT not get who you want.

    Whatever motivated Alford to “stay in the race”….and I believe that Dakich had MUCH better insight into this than me (or we)….we might never know. Sort of like ORW NOT coming to UNC and then, LATER ON, coming home. Alford’s son, I think, is a Senior (remembered the ceremony)….so this WOULD have been a perfect time to move on….He will be under less pressure at UCLA than at Indiana….Obviously, the expectations for Alford WOULD be higher than for Miller.

    Miller has a PLUMB job. He will have to show that he is => than Sean to be successful. Indiana will be expecting miracles MUCH FASTER than we would have. BUT, I’m willing to bet that he had a LOT of time to muddle this over….

    Marshall….WHO KNOWS? He MAY end up leaving, but his wife’s little outburst has GOT to have dampened some enthusiasm. All we need is for her and Googs and Corch to team up and belittle TV Teddie and Jamie Luckie and all the KH Disciples…. It would have been a NIGHTMARE. She needs a year of anger management.

    Gonna be interesting. Personally am HAPPY as to how this played out. Archie’s “Heart” was NOT at his alma mater….so we just need to get over it….remain friends and get on with our life.

    in reply to: Archie gets 7 year deal to coach at Indiana #121823

    OK, Miller was “available” for a week PRIOR to the announcement. Dan Dakich posted “Done Deal” earlier for Alford to go home to Indiana. THEN Alford issude the “I don’t give a (FIB) about Indiana speech”. He agent confirmed it.

    Old Danny BOY probably DID have it right. Something happened to remove Wonder Boy Stevie from “the list”.

    We will never know. NOR SHOULD WE. BUT, at least I don’t owe a Fifth of Crown Royal because GreGGory is NOT going to IU. Really thought that DD was credible in his info. Sounds like there was SERIOUS talk and something blew up. Will be interesting to see how much of a raise that Stevie gets and what Archie will be paid.

    I assume that this will play OK with all the “potential jumpers”, who fortunately have seemed to come back from said ledge and are in therapy right now.

    Archie was hold out for the HOT Date who could do things that would make a 5X porn star envious. SO, he is NOW going to IU.

    I certainly HOPE that ORW can now retire (and make the Bruce to Caitlin journey) and THAT will encourage the NCGA to repeal HB2. When he retires, then Sean can step right in since he is already primed and ready for the job. The UNC BOT have probably already met and have a salary that will equal Mikey’s….

    SEVEN (7 count ’em) years is a stretch. We croaked at a 6 YEAR contract. Lifttime will be just around the corner.

    Salary will be leaked…AD Yow looking better and better every day….

    in reply to: Watching the Carousel Develop #121779

    Stevie “Wonder Boy” Alford publicly pulls a “Miller” and removes himself from the Indiana job.

    Looks like I lost my bet. So much for trusting the DD’s & JG’s and their insider information. DD said Done Deal. JG now says no. Alford’s agent says no. All that was missing was the….

    I don’t give $hit about Indiana right now….line

    All the usual suspects are now back on the list. Guess Mrs. Stevie likes the LA scene.

    in reply to: Miller Family can suck it #121773

    I watched quite a few (Nice insomnia relief) UoA late night games. I did pull for them. BUT, even the HINT that the Elder Miller advised his kid brother NOT TO GO TO NCSU as HE was the Progdical that UNX was going to hire when ORW retired or was “replaced” ( I would say….CAME OUT…but that would be political).

    That is even MORE arrogant that Maverick (Lt. Pete Mitchell) was in Top Gun. That had to be a major subject of “Inside Carolina”.

    Wonder if Bubba Cunningham has read Sean’s Resume or looked at the videos?

    If Archie was NOT an NCSU Grad and IF Sean had NOT been an NCSU Assistant….I doubt that we would have given them any serious consideration. They certainly have thumbed their noses (or given us the universal Peace Sign). SO…

    Neither one is dancing. Will be interesting to see WHO pursues them. Archie has NOT been mentioned (to my knowledge) for any open jobs…

    in reply to: The recruiting trail… #121772

    Interesting….There IS a certain Similarity in what GOTT and Keatts said. Gottfried got criticized for NOT have a long and strong bench. Then he beat the bushes and also pulled bunnies out of orifices. There was NOT any plan….but he said he would NOT JUST FILL with a body.

    Keatts said basically the SAME thing. That IF he gives a 2017 Scholly, it WILL fit “our mold”. Hopefully, the D in molD stands for Defense. Don’t know MUCH about Allen. BUT if he is just a “Keep Shooting….eventually you will hit your Shot” type of guy, then we do NOT need him. We need some D men and really BAD.

    Sure hope that WE do NOT have Henderson’s Scholly to give out. Hopefully, all the paperwork is already at the NCAA to request ONE MORE YEAR.

    in reply to: Kevin Keatts Hired #121708


    Thanks for that post. I think you OUGHT to make a Forum all its on for it. I have read (OK, more than a little) about what went on at Louisville, PRIOR to K2 being a factor in your future.

    If you substitute Coach Roy Williams for Pitino and then change the SHOULD HAVE entities to “Academics”, then UNC would be facing the SAME LOIC issues that Pitino is apparently “IN FOR”.

    NOW…the reason I think this should be a separate (Keymaster??? your call) thread is the recent “spoutings” of Coach Williams.

    OK…this is POLITICAL…to a certain extent.

    The NCAA is flexing its “Political Muscles” and has warned NC and TX that they will NOT get any future venues due to the HB2 issues. Some are saying that the NCAA is actually “Blackmailing” the states (and others) to further a political agenda….

    Matters NOT that more than 70% of NC citizens SUPPORT HB2 and a similar majority in TX want the same passed….but the NCAA, IMHO, is totally overstepping it’s jurisdiction. Might point out that Indiana has a Religious Freedom bill that NC has been trying to pass….wonder WHY Religious Freedom in Indiana is OK and separate sex bathrooms in NC is NOT.

    Bottom line….the Paranoid person that I am would NOT, EVER, EVER, E>V>E>R connect the dots and assume that ORW has been told to “FLOUT his DISLIKE for HB2” and that will “Enhance UNC’s position” with regard to The Great Unpleasantness….


    The LOIC overtones in the USA article sure would, if I were Bubba Cunningham, make me try to play ANY card that I had. ORW is easy to wind up and go out and spout off.

    Remember “Running Man”, the movie. ORW reminds me of Dustin Hoffman’s character….Counts Cards like a whiz…just can’t buy a coke at a convenience mart….


    PS…I do not have ANY concerns about Coach Keatts….

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