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    Way too many threads with similar subjects or comments. Being rejected is not as bad as being jilted. SO, if we had really pursued (and I do NOT think we did) Miller and then he grabbed the IU gig when Alford pulled the ORW 2 UNC trick, then we WOULD have had some just cause to plot violence against the Miller clan.

    However, as the puzzle get more pieces, it seems to easy to follow the moves. IU told Miller that he was in the hunt…but NOT the prime target….with a high degree of confidence that Alford WOULD come home.

    Alford appears NOT to want to come home….or at least NOW. Maybe he has some solid recruits and wants to make his mark as a UCLA coach. THAT would be a real feather. He should be, IMHO, under less pressure at UCLA than to immediately become Bobby Knight, II at IU. Maybe someone will snitch…but we might never (and probably should not) know.

    Archie will have more latitude. He will still be recruiting in HIS backyard. This is a really PLUMB gig….so, even though he was NOT Number ONE….he still gets to reach for the stars.

    I don’t KNOW how to react or whatever to the “Sean said I could NOT come to the ACC” stories. IF the Miller clan really wanted to “clear the air”, then Daddy John should have some “in camera” discussions and let the REAL facts leak out. That would soothe some very ruffled feathers at NCSU. BUT, if they are NOT really interested in making amends with State, then so be it.

    We DID treat Herbie a bit harshly….and expected the BRAIN (and Valvano was SMART also) to be our “Prof Harold Hill”. Herbie was a methodical engineer. WE produce Engineers….but we don’t want them coaching. We want to win and be entertained and have the media hype and glory that Jimmy V brought to NCSU.

    It HAS to stick in the craw of the UNC folks when they see Jimmy V running and NOT DES. When ESPN runs Whit’s tribute to V (Survive and Advance). It has been on at least 5 – 8 times as of late on the various “E” channels. Tears still flow….

    SO, Miller Clan….if you want to set the record straight….throw out a few hints….but if NOT, then we can assume that we are NO LONGER on your Christmas Card List and we will not leave a place for you at any future table.

    AND, SEAN, if you DID make the idiotic remark….then God save you if you EVER DO end up in the ACC…


    No one in the Miller clan dissed NCSU to the media. That I can respect. As a career path maybe Archies’s in in the mid west. They were not on my Christmas card list regardless.

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)
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