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    Taking a closer look at UNCW’s defensive statistics. Note there are 10 teams in the Colonial Athletic Association.

    Scoring Defense – 7th (74.9)
    FG Pct Defense – 10th (.477)
    3PT FG Pct Defense – 3rd (.336)
    Rebounding Defense – 3rd (33.9)
    Steals – 2nd (6.8)
    Defensive Rebounds – 10th (23.9)


    Jay Williams tweeted today: “North Carolina State needs to hire Levelle Moton from North Carolina Central. One of the best young minds in the sport.”

    Wonder if he would give any other ACC school the same advice.


    Interesting….to me….perhaps others….article. A lot of insight….maybe? Last night I stayed up a little after midnight and was channel surfing for a “Put me to SLEEP Ballgame”. Unfortunately, ESPN was running Whitt’s “Survive and advance”. Could NOT resist it….may fade tonight during the WFU game.

    Pretty good expansion of my post about 5-6 pages back by the N&O


    No saying we need to hire him BUT Levelle is a good coach. You just never know who will be the next star coach.


    Jay needs to learn how to ride a motorcycle.


    Clemson bows out of the NIT early, losing to Oakland.


    My main knock on Archie is his recruiting. 4 of his 5 starters are seniors this season so you would think that would mean a big recruiting class but 247 has their 2017 class ranked 109. For comparison, State’s class ranking with ONE recruit is ranked 101. Wade’s class at VCU is ranked 34th.

    Rest of his classes:
    2016: 71
    2015: 91
    2014: 114
    2013: 60
    2012: 108

    I know his recruiting would drastically improve just by being at State but do you think he can recruit on the level needed to win an NCAA title? Without looking at the rankings, I would have to guess that Villanova is the only champion in the last decade to win without top 15 classes every year.


    I am of the belief that if he can take Dayton to the Elite 8, he can certainly do that plus a whole lot more at NC State. The man can coach. It is in his blood.


    I tend to agree. As it has been documented on this site, State essentially recruits itself regardless of coach. Maybe he’ll hire Keatts to be his recruiter.


    I’m not surprised Pack Pride is fluffing Keatts, and I remain 100% opposed.

    And yes, Arch would recruit well here. Hell, HWSNBN could recruit at a high level here, and even I have a better personality than that guy.


    With BJD95, 100% opposed to Keats.


    BJD95, anyway to direct message on this site. Sorry not much of a wordpress guru.


    Don’t underestimate herb’s recruiting. He recruited well at Arizona state too. I think his personality was much better in a “closed” setting.

    So I am watching this game and I didn’t know it – but evidently Bruce Weber was also in Mad men.

    Regarding Archie, that’s a fair concern – as is the pace. I actually see a lot of Sendek ball in him and Sean. And I am talking first 5 year sendek ball, not the considerably more successful Princeton offense last 5.


    that’s a pretty interesting take, I suppose you’d take Mouton or Keatts over Arch? you know, since none of this occurs in a vacuum.

    good coaching breeds success, in games, in recruiting. I’d rather have a solid X-and-Os-coaching-in-the-blood guy with so-so recruiting, than an awesome recruiter coach that relies heavily on his assistants to stand up a program that falls like a house of cards when that staff is disrupted.

    I think also that a team takes on the personality of their head coach. (I guess why I like Wade, too.) Arch was fearless and hard-nosed as a player, taking big three point shots. HWSNBN was a solid tactician, but he didn’t quite have that edge.


    Clemson bows out of the NIT early, losing to Oakland.

    So Brownell, perhaps with his job on the line, manages to blow a 19-point lead at halftime and at home. Very interesting.

    I’d expect Brownell to be out soon. And, no, he’s not the coach for us.

    If Brownell has already been fired, my apologies. Don’t seem to keep up with things like I used to.


    I’m 95% percent opposed to Keatts. I try not to go in absolutes.

    But, just, no.


    everybody knows Keats is likely at least 3rd, maybe lower. If it ends up as him, don’t poison the well


    If Brownell has already been fired, my apologies. Don’t seem to keep up with things like I used to.

    As far as I know, we’re the only school that fires coaches and then lets them coach out the season. If Brownell is fired, it won’t be because he lost a meaningless NIT game against Oakland. It will be because he failed to make the NCAA Tourney for the sixth straight year.


    Georgia Tech beats Indiana in the first round of the NIT.


    As far as I know, we’re the only school that fires coaches and then lets them coach out the season.

    Kim Anderson at Missouri found out late in February that he would not be back, he coached 3 remaining games (as far as I can tell) in the regular season and two games in the tourney. Missouri loves company.


    Any chance Crean leaves Indiana for NC State? His seat is hot.


    Please, please, please not Crean. That guy is a first class jerk.

    If Fowler were hiring, you’d better believe this scenario would be a possibility. In true NC State/Fowler fashion we would pay the buyout to hire Crean (well, unless Fowler didn’t check on it and then later choked on it), and then Archie ended up at IU. We’d hear through back channels over the next 5 years how Archie really wanted this job but Fowler hired Crean. Shudders…

    I just don’t see it happening this time, particularly not with several younger coaches seemingly in play that all fit Yow’s hiring profile better. I’m convinced she is always looking for her next James Franklin. If/when we avoid Crean, and one of the coaches with more upside is hired, I hope we as a fan base can thank ourselves that we didn’t overpay for another retread.

    To be balanced, what does it say about expectations at IU if they’re running him out of town? Where are the national articles blasting them given he has won two conference titles in the past 5 seasons and had IU in the top 10 for a good number of weeks? Archie (and others) are supposed to prefer IU and think our fans are unreasonable and unrealistic yet we have Lowe and Sendek 5 years of no tournaments and no ACC titles of any sort, but IU is running off Crean? Where are the UNC and Duke media guys weighing in with their opinion on that?

    As for Keatts, I put him on the same line as Wade. They’re both high risk hires. Keatts actually has more experience as a head man, but I’m not sure how relevant his is. Wade looks an awful lot like DD or Sendek did when we hired them. Both could work, and we’ve clearly hired worse than them the last two times (Lowe and Gott).

    If we do hire either, I’ll know we’ve pushed hard with Archie and he’s just not coming, which I would be sad about but would be fine with. That’s what I wanted for State — to get out of purgatory with Gott and make a real run at Archie before he took a Power 5 job, and we’ll have done that. If it is Wade or Keatts, then I will clearly be in their corner and pulling for them and honestly believe we are better off than we have been with Gott.


    Keatts actually has more experience as a head man, but I’m not sure how relevant his is.

    Actually, Wade has more experience. Wade is finishing up his second season as the head guy at VCU. Prior to that, he coached two years at Chattanooga.

    Keatts, on the other hand, is finishing up his third year at UNCW. Note he’s some 10 years older than Wade.

    Crean isn’t going anywhere. He’d be an idiot to leave on his own.


    UNCW VS UVA will be interesting and could tell alot about Keats.


    Crean might leave to get another contract at a P5 while he can. IU isnt upping his current one and he will probably be out next year regardelss. So why not go get a 5 or 6 year deal somewhere else, ala Herb Sendek.

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