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    I agree with Rye, the market is clearly dictating cost, and lesser programs are paying more than we are. I wouldn’t pay Underwood or Martin that amount money based on their results. I think market dictated cost. I am also tired of hearing how DY went cheap. When you see who was on the search committee, it is very evident it wasnt her making the full decision.


    Rick: I’m not sure we went cheap. I think we went with the best candidate that really wanted to be here and then paid him the current market price for a high major. I tend to think Illinois throwing $5m around gave candidates a lot of leverage.

    UNCW is not a high major. But I guess he is a hot commodity so that could have driven the contract up.


    at the company I work for, they pay a guy what he is worth (value), independent of where he came from or how much money they were making before.
    value is dependent of the scope of work they are assigned in this job, (not his last position) with additional bonuses per year that the employee met objectives or exceeded objectives.


    i was in agreement that the salary was a bit steep, until I saw what happened to OSU.
    Think of the length of the contract as a recruiting tool. If he was given 4yrs, then immediately new recruits next year may wonder if they’ll see him their senior year. It seems to have become a standard starting duration. I think she did the best given the constraints; the result may have been different if *her* contract wasn’t so short : ) And we need to work on getting Goodnight involved as a donor : )


    Rick, if we hadn’t have paid him 2.2M then somebody else would have. Laws of the market.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Georgetown just fired John Thompson III. Keatts almost certainly would have been a major candidate there.


    Another take on the underpaying/overpaying thing. As I remember (I’m old so many not exactly) V was offered $79K when UCLA made a run at him (that is contracted salary not the other things like money from sports shows, etc no things like the value of vehicles he had use of). I don’t remember if that was Casey or the BOG with the limit. That in turn caused the offer to be both AD and head basketball coach to up the ante. At the time that contract figure was a real concern about overpaying. Seems the market set the terms – much as it has with Keatts. If he wins a good selection, if not back to the spin cycle.


    Georgetown just fired John Thompson III. Keatts almost certainly would have been a major candidate there.

    Great, maybe Dan Bonner can now focus his ire on Georgetown.


    The problem with value/price is the timing factor. It doesn’t matter how much a comparable guy is making somewhere else. If I’m on the short list and you HAVE to hire, I can demand a lot more than even a better coach did last year. The cost of getting the deal done is a part of it.


    per Jeff Goodman – “Winthrop coach Pat Kelsey has change of heart and backs out of UMass job. “He just didn’t feel like it was the right place for him,” a source close to Kelsey told ESPN.”

    LOL – glad this isn’t happening to us this time around.


    We have a new name to enter into the race. Former North Carolina State Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried has reportedly showcased interest in being the next head coach for the California Golden Bears.


    We ALL need to start a “letter writing campaign”. Extolling the virtues (er, bad choice) of MG. How we singlehandedly forced our AD to fire him elsewise, we would take over the campus and demand that the AD resign and that all athletic endeavors cease to exist and that the AD be dissolved and all funds being dispersed to Homeless (Convicted Felons get 2X share) and undocumented immigrants. CA would DEFINITELY understand and they might just HIRE that guy.

    Lavin….OMG, give me a fornicating break….and pass the Crown Black. Lavin is the only coach/OAT that is sleazier than our former coach.

    Would be a GREAT deal for NCSU….in that we would NOT have to pay his BO. It WOULD appear that ESPN ain’t putting him on the Jet with his agent to negotiate a big contract. I really think that he needs the $$ to support his lifestyle and keep the Ex Mrs. G from garnishing his NCSU earnings….

    GO Golden Bears… NEED Coach MG. He would also bring along Jim Harrick….so Jimmy as a consultant would be unstoppable…


    Stevie “Wonder Boy” Alford publicly pulls a “Miller” and removes himself from the Indiana job.

    Looks like I lost my bet. So much for trusting the DD’s & JG’s and their insider information. DD said Done Deal. JG now says no. Alford’s agent says no. All that was missing was the….

    I don’t give $hit about Indiana right now….line

    All the usual suspects are now back on the list. Guess Mrs. Stevie likes the LA scene.


    Cal hired internally.

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