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    Ingram is inanely talented but as skinny as any payer I have ever seem


    He makes daJules look like KH.


    TW… but it’s only three miles to Cary from the PNC…
    Weather not a factor.

    Rick … can Ingram be roommates with BJ ?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Good win by State today. I couldn’t see it, had hoped to see it on replay and then realized it was a CBS game. Oh well… I’ll get to bed earlier tonight which is good given the Spring forward.

    This team has really come on strong at the end of the year. The talent has always been there, but whatever was holding it back is seemingly sorted. I think the more consistent rotation, the emergence of Cat, Turner getting healthy, Abu’s more aggressive play and Anya staying out of foul trouble and better FT shooting have been the magical combination. That’s a lot of things that have come together, so the staff has to get a lot of credit.

    If we win on Wednesday, I think we get a 7 seed. There are 7 teams going from the ACC this year, and Miami will be the lowest seed. Granted, we could get 8, but that’d take a miracle run from a lower team that I don’t see happening. I can’t point to any of them that might be able to string that many wins together, much less against the top teams in the league.

    As for Boeheim and Syracuse, I find it interesting that fans in the ACC are just waking up to what a classless bunch that is. People thought that about Maryland and Gary/Fridge, but I have been to many Maryland games, and several games involving Syracuse. Syracuse, its fans and JB have always been worse. I also lived in the northeast growing up as a kid and Syracuse and the Big East was king, and JB was the jerk on the throne. He’s getting what he has always deserved.

    I also love that we’ve won 2 out of the last 3 against Syracuse. I know a lot of big time Syracuse fans, and they really gave me a ration of @()* when Herb and Sid choked away home wins against the Orange.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Syracuse over the next 5 years. I’m guessing they’ll sign the full allotment this year, which means the next four years, they’ll be limited. Granted, most teams really only have 10 scholarship players anyways, so it’s not that much punishment. The question I have is whether JB flies the finger to the NCAA and retires now, whether he decides to stick out the whole set of sanctions to turn over a better situation to the next coach, or whether he coaches one more year and hangs it up. If he does the first or the latter, I suspect Syracuse will struggle a bit to find a successor.


    I do hope the ‘Cuse fans start calling loudly for fair punishment of the Smurfs now that the hammer is being dropped on them.


    Looks like it’s going to be Pitt. Could be a tough game. Let’s put the NCAA aside and focus on the Acc. Loved the way Cat played today and I love our chances of making a good run in G’BORO. Looks like a win gives us another game with Duke! Love the opportunity here!


    Looks like it’s going to be Pitt.

    It has already been announced. Winner gets Duke on Thursday night.



    Interesting. We are supposedly #7 (tied with Miami…but they have the Tie Breaker) and will play on Wednesday night’s 7:00 game. The rankings on ESPN are based, we think, on the overall W/L percentage. If you go to the site, they have the three teams ranked differently.

    Wednesday’s Bracket is as follows….

    Game 3 – #8 (Clemson) vs #9 (Pitt) – Noon (see the standings for the ranking).
    Game 4 – # 5 (UNC) vs Game 1 Winner (Tuesday) – 2:00 or so

    Game 5 – #7 (NCSU) vs #10 (FSU) – 7:00
    Game 6 – #6 (Miami) vs Game 2 Winner (Tuesday) – 9:00 or so.

    The ACC Order is as follows….and it appears to be based on the “Tie Breakers” or whatever rules….and NOT the Overall W/L %

    #1 – UVA
    #2 – Duke
    #3 – ND
    #4 – Louisville (courtesy of todays win over UVA
    #5 – UNC (pity….)
    #6 – Miami (tied with NCSU….but Miami has the Tie Breaker)
    #7 – NCSU
    #8 – Clemson (tied with FSU & Pitt)….but this is the order listed….not W/L %
    #9 – Pitt
    #10 – FSU

    That is how we did it. How did you do yours?


    Participant is showing we play Pitt Wednesday at 7, with the winner getting Duke. ESPN reporting the same.

    Participant also showing us drawing Pitt.


    No argument now….Had not gone to those sites. Was doing it from the seedings bracket and “standings” page. If you go to TheACC.Com and click on Standings….they have it…


    And if you look to the W/L on the right….they are no in order.

    But….the Tournament Area….has it like you say… does a bunch of other sources….and Wiki has the records.

    So much for Consistency….typical of We have seen the records wrong before….and the N&O prints the “Official” (or news feed) standings….now,

    So, we play Pitt and we’ll be there…..


    Maybe we’re in regardless at this point, but if we enter Selection Sunday at 19-13 and Miami is 22-12 or especially 23-12, I’ll be worried.

    In that situation, I don’t see a lock.


    We are a lock. Chill.


    We are a lock. Chill.

    Agreed. And far enough in that even if ‘Canes do pull a horseshoe in ass scenario, it won’t be us they bump out.

    Conference affiliations, just like conference records (at least as a standalone) have no impact on selection. ie there is no ‘last’ ACC bid for them to take from us.

    That honor would go to the Indianas, Purdues or Tejas’s KStates of the world this year.


    Our resume is far superior to Miami’s. But it’s not coming down to that. I don’t know where OT gets his info. Everybody has us firmly in the field, and the only question is seeding. Could be as high as a 7.


    Was so sick of the Cuse fans yelling lets go or ange, and I always thought it was one word. Must spell it differently in NY.


    Agree with you totally, Wulfpack.

    OT isn’t alone though. There are misconceptions about selections that are no longer true, as well as some that never were.

    X number of bids from a conference is one that seems to persist for some reason.


    Heels lost at home, but their worst home loss this year was at the hands of the Wolfpack. Go State!


    First of all, we ain’t competing with MIAMI for the league’s 6th bid. This isn’t like European soccer qualification.

    Second, overall records isn’t anywhere close to the driving force. We have huge resume bonuses, most notably the two late-season road Top 25 wins. And the simplified “who did you play, who did you beat?” is answered really, really well for us.

    Pitt would in no way be a bad loss. Our floor is now a non-play-in 10 seed, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. If you want to be nervous, worry that a Wednesday win and Thursday loss leaves us on the 8 line opposite Kentucky.

    I can see that argument either way: Scenario A: Wednesday win = 7 seed, loss = 8/9. Scenario B: Wednesday win = 8 seed, loss = 10.


    Based on the strength of our full resume, I’m feeling a win on Wed=7 seed. Loss=8/9. The selection committee really likes sos, what have you done recently, and big wins. In all categories we are looking really nice.

    If the bb gods are in our favor and we beat Pitt and Duke, we could be looking at a 6 seed.


    I don’t think a win or loss to Pitt will mean much at all seeding wise. Now if we go on to beat Duke a second time, yea, that could easily catapult us up the charts.


    If the current Lunardi ( bracket where the final bracket, it would be a Dream/Nightmare scenario for the Pack.

    According to Joe, we would get the #9 seed and could potentially…
    – Face Archie Miller’s Flyers (the #8 seed)
    – Face Kentucky (#1 seed) (assuming they beat a play-in winner)
    – Face Carolina (#5 seed) if they make it to the Sweet 16
    – Face Notre Dame (#3 seed) if they make it to the final 8
    – Face Sean Miller’s ‘Zona team in the final four
    – Play either Duke or UVA for the national championship.

    Hell of a bracket, it won’t happen, but hell of a bracket.


    I don’t want any part of Kentucky until a bit farther down the road.

    Dance card has us @ 30. That’s definitely 8-9 territory…2 of the other popular models have us in the top 40. Depending on how we do in the tourney we can be anywhere from a 6 to an 11. Losing to Pitt won’t submarine our RPI like losing to BC did. Still – I think we need to beat Pitt to avoid the perfect Storm. (I will be watching today as Illinois state takes on northern Iowa.)


    I have succumbed to my inner fatalist and decided we are fucked regardless of whatever happens Wednesday. The powers-that-be are out to get Calipari, or at least make him sweat for good TV ratings. So we will be an 8/9 facing the Shadow Pack ™.

    So mellow out with some true beauty for all senses this fine Spring Sunday (skip ahead to 1:05):


    The question I have is whether JB flies the finger to the NCAA and retires now, whether he decides to stick out the whole set of sanctions to turn over a better situation to the next coach, or whether he coaches one more year and hangs it up. If he does the first or the latter, I suspect Syracuse will struggle a bit to find a successor.

    My understanding is that they have already identified Boeheim’s successor. His assistant who handled the press conference, Mike Hopkins, is the head coach in waiting.

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