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    That’ll be the pick unless we hear from Rick before kickoff! 😀


    Rules are getting better!


    I just ask myself “What would Hunter S. Thompson do?” then run with it.


    And is supposed to be nd good Notre Dame but spell check changed it


    Gotcha. All good.


    CD, I just posted something on a site about Lou being “unintelligible”…I said I know one of his players that must have “learned from Lou”…

    Please save me this weekend…I have to go to a wedding with a bunch of Holes…I will not be there long!!!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    A week without a Wolven game, nor a required Wolven pick. So, I can pick all the underdogs I want. Brave workers standing up to the capitalist pig parasites.

    BYU (+6.5) at Boise State

    I continue to hold to my belief that Boise is terrible this season. BYU will show some fight (starch in their magic underwear?) and at least keep things close.

    U*NC (+6.5) at Virginia

    Dear heavenly God, how I hope I’m wrong. But God mostly hates me when it comes to the Holes, so I am not optimistic. Virginia is weak offensively, and not readily built for blowout wins (even if they win, which I think is a coin flip).

    Vanderbilt (+20.5) at Missouri

    Market is overcorrecting for Mizzou (the home loss to Indiana still happened), instead of coming to a full realization of how bad the Gators are. 4 defensive/special teams TDs is not repeatable, and the Commodores keep it quite close.

    South Carolina (+18) at Auburn

    Ninja, please. This is still the Head Ball Coach, and he’s pissed off to boot. Aubie likely takes their foot off the gas a little, then realizes they have a dogfight on their hands.

    Tennessee (+17) vs. Alabama

    Tennessee has at least one more good game in it, and Bama already got their “statement blowout” out of the way last week. The Tide are also a completely different team on the road. Vols’ decent enough defense keeps it relatively close.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Going all home favorites this week.

    Michigan @ Michigan State (-17)
    UConn @ ECU (-27.5)
    Syracuse @ Clemson (-14.5)
    Maryland @ Wisconsin (-11.5)
    Rutgers @ Nebraska (-17.5)


    Updated Results:

    BJD95: 24-16 (3-2)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 20-20 (3-2)
    LRM: 20-20 (3-2)
    Wufpacker: 19-21 (4-1)
    Ruffles31: 18-21-1 (3-2)
    Rick: 18-22 (3-2)
    JackWolf: 15-20 (3-2)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    All glory to the proletariat, with each member of the Politburo above .500 (only Wuf differentiating himself at 4-1).


    Carolina(+6.5) at Virgina – Just a feeling here. I still don’t think UVa is very good, and sadly I think the Heels are improving, even on D.

    Georgia Southern(-16.5) at Georgia State – The Panthers fall hard at home to the Pack’s better than advertised week one victim. Take that, Ryan Harrow.

    Michigan State(-17) vs Michigan – Normally, the big line here would scare me away. But the Spartans are clicking, the Wolverines not so much.

    Mississippi State(-13.5) at Kentucky – Wildcats spent last week getting roughed up in Baton Rouge. Bulldogs spent last week getting healthy and even better than they already were. Even at home, I think the Wildcats go down big.

    Clemson(-14.5) vs Syracuse – Tigers roll in Death Valley and hopefully tenderize ‘Cuse a little bit before next week.


    Updated Results:
    All glory to the proletariat, with each member of the Politburo above .500 (only Wuf differentiating himself at 4-1).

    Should have been 5-0…BAYLOR!!!!


    Mizzou -20.5 vs vandy
    Bama -17 vs Tenn
    Wisc -11 vs Maryland
    ECU -27.5 vs UCONN
    BC -12.5 at Wake Forest


    I am going with a bold new strategy.

    I am picking the opposite of eveything Jack picked.


    Oregon (-17.5) at Cal

    Texas at Kansas State (-9.5)

    Georgia Tech at Pitt (-3)

    Syracuse at Clemson (-14.5)

    Alabama (-17.5) at Tennessee

    Bye vs State (pick em)


    I tried my picks last week in Vegas on a 4 game parlay (don’t ever pick a State game in Vegas). Went 3-1. Thanks a lot Washington. Can’t only lose by 20 at Oregon. Ugh.

    Let’s try some new games this week:

    UNC-“Shadow Curriculum” (+6.5) at Virginia – Just a feeling that Virginia will win but the Holes will keep it close.

    Arizona (-2.5) at Washington State – Arizona is coming off a bye. They are not happy after their last game. The freshman QB Solomon will out play the Cougars QB Holliday, even though Mike Leach may call 95 passes.

    Ohio State (-13.5) at Penn State – Is JT Barnett better than Braxton Miller? I think so. He definitely is a better thrower. Penn State and James Franklin will probably have a white out but it won’t stop Barnett from throwing touchdowns.

    Georgia Southern (-16) at Georgia State – Georgia Southern fans traveled well to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech game. They probably will have more fans than Georgia State will when this is played in the Georgia Dome. The Eagles will run like crazy and pound out an easy win.

    TCU (-23) vs. Texas Tech – TCU is for real (outside of a horrible last 11 minutes at Baylor). Texas Tech can’t stop any body. This one gets ugly fast, just like last week vs. Oklahoma State.


    My Stormin’ Mormons pick was…less than stellar.


    Obviously, they were HEEPMOTIZED by the blue turf.


    The games this week are hard to pick, at least for my dim-witted brain. But here goes:

    Notre Dame (-14) vs. Navy

    Only at #10 in the playoff committee’s rankings, the Irish get the message that style points are needed and take it out on the Midshipmen.

    Mississippi State (-11) vs. Arkansas

    The Cowbells biggest weakness is their pass defense. Pig Sooey likes to run first, second, and last. Fresh off surviving their trap game in Lexington, the nation’s best team rolls on Saturday night.

    Illinois (+28) at Ohio State

    The Illini are pretty awful, but they usually hang around within 2 or 3 scores. Plus I just hate tOSU so very much.

    Tennessee (+7) at South Carolina

    The Chickens shot their wad last weekend, and the Vols found a QB. This game is a coinflip.

    Syracuse (-3.5) vs. NC State

    This line suggests that State is a half-point better on a neutral field, and I just don’t buy it. State could win this game, but going with a more likely final of Syracuse 21, NC State 16.


    Georgia Southern(-25.5) vs Troy – Breaking my own Thursday game self-ban. But Troy is really, really bad, and GSOU has a killer instinct I envy. I’m still not totally sure how we managed to beat them.

    Carolina(+17) at Miami – I feel dirty picking the Heels two weeks in a row, but 17 is just too big for this one.

    ECU(-7) at Temple – And now I feel even dirtier. I need a shower.

    Ole Miss(-2.5) vs Auburn – Rebels hold serve at home in a de facto elimination game.

    NC State(+3.5) at Syracuse – When a team is as “marginal” as we are, the week off matters. Pack breaks the 0-fer ACC streak and wins outright on the road (admittedly, this is mostly wishful thinking).


    NC State (+3.5) at Syracuse – The bye week was SO needed by anyone associated with the team…and the fanbase. I really think the team comes out, has a couple of trick plays, and beats up a 3rd string QB…now starter. Pack 27-23.

    Georgia Southern (-25.5) vs. Troy – Georgia Southern has been my go to team this year. Not jumping off the bandwagon now.

    Tennessee (+7) at South Carolina – Spurrier and his underachieving Gamecocks really blew their last chance for a big victory last week in Auburn. The hangover will continue against the Vols, who beat the Chickens last year. #BrickbyBrick.

    Baylor (-36) vs. Kansas – A week off and still smarting from a beatdown in the rain at Mountaineer Field, Baylor returns home and plays the Jayhawks, whose only chance at cover is to play defense as well as ex-coach Roy’s Sergeant Schultz defense.

    Florida State (-3.5) at Louisville – I don’t think that Louisville, while ready for this game on Thursday night ESPN audience, has enough offense to slow down Winston. If Louisville can stop the run, they have a chance to keep it close for a while. FSU pulls away late and wins by 10.


    State at Cuse (-3.5)

    Maryland at Penn State (-3.5)

    Duke at Pitt (-3.5)

    Stanford at Oregon (-8)

    Florida vs Georgia (-10.5)


    Updated Results:

    BJD95: 28-17 (4-1)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 23-22 (3-2)
    Wufpacker: 23-22 (4-1)
    Ruffles31: 22-22-1 (4-1)
    LRM: 22-23 (2-3)
    Rick: 22-23 (4-1)
    JackWolf: 16-24 (1-4)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    4 of us go 4-1. That’s RED hot, Comrades!


    My excuse for my poor record is picking the tough games. The rest of you go for the easy ones!

    Oregon -9 vs Stanford – The Cardinal monkey finally gets off the Duck’s back.

    Vandy -7 vs ODU – I said it after our ODU game, they are gonna beat Vandy.

    ECU -7 @ Temple – my ECU friends are worried about this game for some reason. I’d like to see the Pirates finally get that L they’ve been asking for the last few days.

    Auburn + 2 @ Ole Miss – Could Ole Miss be in for a hangover-game? I think so

    Cuse -3.5 vs NC State – I pick NC State pretty much every week. I’m sorry Wolfpack Nation. Switching it up this week.





    Ga south

    Ol miss


    BTW jack
    I picked all the hard ones last week too 😉

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