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    Jack – your text indicates you are picking ODU, but as listed it looks like picking Vandy. I will assume the pick is ODU unless you clarify otherwise.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    NC State @ Syracuse (-3.5)

    Tennessee @ South Carolina (-7)

    Florida vs Georgia (-13)

    North Carolina @ Miami (-17)

    Boston College @ Virginia Tech (-3)


    Updated Results:
    BJD95: 29-21 (1-4)
    Ruffles31: 27-22-1 (5-0)
    Wufpacker: 25-25 (2-3)
    LRM: 25-25 (3-2)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 24-26 (1-4)
    Rick: 24-26 (2-3)
    JackWolf: 18-27 (2-3)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    Ruffles putting on the All Saints Day charge, and UT saves me from 0-5.


    This week:

    Kentucky (+10) vs. Georgia

    That’s an awfully big line for a non-doormat hosting a non-powerhouse. Even if UGA is mad, Big Blue covers.

    Vanderbilt (+14.5) vs. Florida

    Market over-corrected following Gator win in The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. They’re still awful, Vandy is a coinflip to win outright. Yeah, I said it.

    Boston College (+3) vs. Louisville

    Fightin’ Petrinos have a hangover after blowing 21 point lead to FSU. Boston College has been surprisingly competent.

    Notre Dame (+2) at Arizona State

    I have absolutely no faith in the Football Fighten Sendeks, so I am doubling down on the Domers (who win by more than a TD).

    NC State (+5) vs. Georgia Tech

    State beat Georgia Southern in a coinflip game, and the Bees are only marginally better than the Eagles. As such, give me the home dog and the points. Georgia Tech 38, NC State 34.


    Kentucky(+10) vs UGa – Cats not only cover, but win outright at home. WTNY Dawgs, as usual.

    Wisconsin(-17) at Purdue – Classic potential trap game for Wiscy with Nebraska looming on the horizon. But Purdue won’t be up to covering, even at home, and Wiscy will punish them.

    Georgia Southern(-11.5) at Texas State – Oddsmakers are starting to catch on to the Eagles, making them a double digit road fave this week. However, it’s still not enough vs a TXST defense ranked #106 (#103 vs the run). GASO continues their Sun Belt dominance with an easy road win.

    Michigan State(-3.5)
    vs tOSU – Sparty holds serve at home. WTNY Buckeyes, as usual.

    NC State(+5) vs GaTech – GT’s one dimensional rushing attack, which admittedly ain’t too bad, will be contained by superior defensive coaching….I hope. Defense will come up big with some 4-2-5 tweaking, and Wolfpack Nation will be able to start discussing possible bowl destinations starting around 3:30pm. Woo Hoo!


    GaTech – 5 at NC State – I just can’t pick NC State to cover anymore, I’m bad luck.

    Mich St -3.5 vs Ohio St

    Utah +9 vs Oregon – Historically Oregon loses a late one but they made it past their usually speedbump, Stanford, Utah presents an interesting challenge. They should win but Utah might keep it close at home and at night.

    UGA -10 vs Kentucky

    TCU -6 vs K-State – Kansas State is pretty good but TCU might be the real deal and they are at home. Huge Game.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    GT @ NC State (+5)
    Duke @ Syracuse (+3.5)
    WVU @ Texas (+3.5)
    Louisville @ BC (+3)
    Alabama @ LSU (+6.5)


    GT (-3.5) at State

    Duke (-3.5) at Cuse

    TAMU at Auburn (-23.5)

    Notre Dame at Arizona State (-2.5)

    Louisiana-Monroe at App State (-4.5)


    NC State (+5) vs. Georgia Tech – The monkey is off the team’s back now after beating Syracuse last week. They can relax and just play football now. Georgia Tech and their run offense is hard to simulate in just 7 days of practice. Good thing they have practiced it by scheduling Georgia Southern this year (and that win is even more impressive now).

    Duke (-3.5) at Syracuse – AJ Long, the Orange’s 3rd string QB who passed for over 300 yards against State last week, is doubtful for the game tomorrow. That puts another freshman, 4th stringer, in as the starting QB. Duke certainly has had their share of breaks over the past two years, especially from a schedule perspective, but they are a vastly improved program that has also made some of their own breaks. Cutcliffe should get Coach of the Year again if he gets back to Charlotte. He gets one step closer tomorrow.

    Oregon State (-8) vs. Washington State – The Cougars lost their all everything QB last week against USC. Now they go on the road to face a struggling Beavers team that is better than their record. Mike Riley’s team will jump on Mike Leach’s team early and coast to an easy win.

    Auburn (-21) vs, Texas A&M – The Aggies, who are struggling, are going to the Plains to take on Auburn with their 2nd string true freshman QB, Kyle allen. Allen struggled against Pete Thomas’s Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks last week at home. Now, even with Auburn coming off of a tough, physical win at Ole Miss, will be able to cover against the Aggies.

    Georgia Southern (-11.5) at Texas State – The Eagles continue to make mincemeat of the Sun Belt in their first year in FBS. Their two losses are by 1 in Raleigh and 4 in Atlanta. They have dominated everyone else. That continues this weekend.


    Oof, at least it’s mathematically impossible for me to suck worse this week:

    Florida State (-1.5) at Miami

    For some reason, everyone seems to think Miami is good. They’re not. I would love to be wrong, as I want Jameis and Palz out of the playoffs. But if the Petrinos couldn’t do it, then the Canes certainly won’t.

    South Carolina (+6.5) at Florida

    The Head Ball Coach will want this one, and want it badly. His troops will be ready, and likely win outright in the Swamp. Florida has shown signs of life recently, but they still mostly suck.

    Mississippi State (+7.5) at Alabama

    Probably the game of the year, and given that these two are equal teams at worst (I think the Cowbells are slightly better) – more than a TD is way too much. Take the points.

    Marshall (-21) vs. Rice

    Time for some Doc Holliday style points.

    Wake Forest (+14.5) at NC State

    I expected double digits, but more than 2 TDs? That’s just crazy. Wake’s defense is pretty good, and they usually keep the score respectable. They do it again on Saturday. NC State 20, Wake Forest 14.


    Was listening to Dan LeBatard’s podcast from yesterday and the FSU-Miami line looks suspicious. From what LeBatard said, the gambling public is betting on FSU, but the big money professional gamblers are betting on Miami which is making the line creep down. Looks kinda fishy.
    To me that line is screaming for you to take FSU. By the Costanza rule of opposites, I am going to put my kid’s college tuition on Miami.


    If not for Wiscy, which beat the spread by only a point, I’d have been 0-fer right along with BJD. GASO (won but did not beat the spread) and Sparty really let me down. I let me down on the other two stupid ass picks.

    Minnesota(+12) vs tOSU – Letdown city for the Buckeyes on the road vs a good Gophers crew.

    Michigan State(-12.5) at Maryland – Twerps might be the worst bowl eligible team going, and that will still be true even if the Pack wins Saturday.

    FSU(-1.5) at Miami – Even on the road, ‘Noles should be a TD fav in this one. And contrary to popular opinion, this sellout crowd will not be favorable to the home team. No Shaving Jameis!!!

    Arizona State(-9.5) at Oregon State – I know better than to pick ASU on the road the week after a big win, but I’m doing it anyway. The Beavers’ huge level of suck should hopefully equalize any FFS derp.

    Wake(+14.5) at NC State – Pack will win, Wake will cover. Somewhere in the range of 24-20. (Alternate prediction…if Wake wins outright, there will be a tad bit of grumbling ’round these parts)


    Wake Forest (+14.5) at NC State – State will win and become bowl eligible, however I don’t see them cover. However, with my State game picks being 1-8 I think this year (no Presbyterian game) you should never use me as your guide.

    Florida State (-1.5) at Miami – If I only understood why so many big money professional gamblers are picking Miami, then I wouldn’t be here. But this game is simple to me. QB play. Miami has a true freshman who has been decent and has a great running back. FSU has Winston, and no matter what you think of him personally or what he does off the field, when on the field, he is only 22-0. He just wins. He has “it.”

    Alabama (-7.5) vs. Mississippi State – The Bulldogs have only scored 34 points against the Tide in their last 5 meetings. They are poor against the pass. Those two facts make me believe that unfortunately (I can’t stand Bama and their 85% of fans — envision crazier UNC-Wal Mart fans) that Bama will roll.

    TCU (-27) at Kansas – TCU will want to show that their #4 playoff ranking is not a fluke. They know they have win and win big. No better place to do that than in Lawrence, Kansas.

    Notre Dame (-17.5) vs. Northwestern – Granted, the Irish looked REALLY bad last week. However, it is a new week and Northwestern played Michigan last week in a game that sent modern football back to the 1950s. The Wildcats won’t be able to handle good Golson.


    Cincy -2.5 vs ECU – Tough matchup for the Pirates. O/U should be set around 130pts.

    Wake +14.5 vs NC State – We should win but knowing us we will keep it close.

    VaTech +5.5 @ Duke – I pick Duke to lose every week b/c they use a piss poor schedule and then claim they are great, one of these weeks the ball will stop bouncing their way.

    FSU -1.5 @ Miami – this game has moved to Miami +2.5 at Bovada, got to take the Noles here but could easily see them losing.

    Az St -9.5 @ oregon st – Sun Devils are good and score more than their hoops team regularly. Hi Herb!


    Wake Forest at State (-17)

    VT at Duke (-5)

    Michigan State (-11) at Maryland

    LSU at Arkansas (-1)

    Auburn at Georgia (-2.5)


    Wake Forest



    Ms st



    Pig Sooey/Mad Hatters seemed so obvious I figured it has to be a trap. Plus possible Bama hangover.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Wake Forest @ NC State (-14.5)
    VT @ Duke (-5.5)
    FSU (-1.5) @ Miami
    Michigan State (-12.5) @ Maryland
    Miss State @ Alabama (-7.5)


    Da, comrades. I know I am way behind on the overall standings update process.

    Holes (+6) at Duke

    I have a bad feeling that Duke is getting ready to fall apart at the worst possible time (for anyone who enjoys Hole Schadenfruede, which should be pretty much everyone who is not a Hole themselves).

    Wake Forest (+15) vs. Virginia Tech

    Yes, Wake burned us all (in terms of picking against the spread) last week, but this should be a very low-scoring game between two bad teams.

    Vanderbilt (+29.5) at Mississippi State

    Vandy deserves very little respect, but they deserve a bit more than this. Cowbells will get some style points, but not by more than 4 TDs.

    Notre Dame (-4) vs. Louisville

    Domers had their “hangover” game last week, and now they will just play angry and take it out on the Fightin’ (and QB-less) Petrinos.

    Marshall (-20) at UAB

    Because I have to pick a fifth game.


    Wake(+15) vs VaTech

    Northwestern(-2) at Purdue

    Notre Dame(-4) vs Louisville

    Wisconsin(-9.5) at Iowa

    USC(+3.5) at UCLA


    The matchups this week are terribly uninteresting.

    VaTech -15 vs Wake – Wake is one of the worst offenses I’ve ever seen even a terrible VaTech team should beat them by more than two TDs

    UNC +6 at Duke – Duke being favored by 6 tonight is ridiculous. UNC’s offense will give them fits and unfortunately they will win. For the record I want both teams to lose.

    Mizzou +3.5 at Tenn.

    ECU -18 vs Tulane

    UCLA -3.5 vs USC


    Standings (last 2 weeks in parentheses):

    BJD95: 33-27 (4-6)
    Ruffles31: 29-30-1 (2-8)
    Wufpacker: 29-31 (4-6)
    LRM: 29-31 (4-6)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 28-32 (4-6)
    Rick: 25-30 (1-4)
    JackWolf: 24-31 (6-4)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    We fought the Vegas, and the Vegas won. So far!


    Tennessee (-3.5) vs. Missouri – AstroDobbs (QB Josh Dobbs – sophomore aerospace engineering major) has injected the Tennessee offense with a running game that opens up everything. Even with Missouri leading the division, I sense the Vols have turned the corner. A win here and they are bowl eligible. Next season, they are preseason SEC East favorites (that is like choosing a favorite in the ACC Coastal).

    Wisconsin (-9.5) at Iowa – Iowa may be the worst 7-3 team in America. They do not have any victories over FBS teams that have a .500 or better record. Melvin Gordon rushed for a NCAA record 408 yards last week…and didn’t play the last quarter. Badgers will roll.

    Washington (-6.5) vs. Oregon State – The Huskies are 6-0 against unranked teams and 0-5 against ranked teams. Oregon State, coming off a huge upset victory over Arizona State, is unranked. Take the Huskies by a touchdown.

    Miami (-6) at Virginia – Miami, who had a great opportunity to beat FSU – can’t have turnovers or missed opportunities against the king of the ACC, tries to rebound against the struggling Cavaliers. 2 teams going in different directions. The U takes Charlottesville as easy as they took Blacksburg. Al Golden shows off his “Best Program in the Commonwealth of Virginia” t-shirt after the game.

    UCLA (-3.5) vs. USC – The battle for Hollywood. QB Brett Hundley will be the difference in this game as the Bruins continue to own the city…at least for another year.


    Minnesota at Nebraska (-10)

    Hotty Toddy (-3.5) at Woo Pig Sooie

    Arizona at Utah (-4)

    Missouri at Tennessee (-4)

    Kansas at Oklahoma (-25)




    Va tech



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