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    1.21 Jigawatts

    Maryland @ Michigan (-5)

    Mississippi @ Arkansas (+3)

    Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa

    Arizona (+4) @ Utah

    USC @ UCLA (-3.5)


    Giving thanks to the People’s Revolution and Glorious Five Year Plan! Solidarity!

    Texas A&M (+3) vs. LSU

    The Bayou Bengals are young, and a markedly different team on the road. These are essentially the same teams, so I don’t get the home underdog component. Like at all.

    UCLA (-4.5) vs. Stanford

    I suppose Vegas sees a letdown game after an emotional pantsing of the Men of Troy. Wait, that came out a little homoerotic. Regardless, I see the Bruins in a rout.

    Mississippi State (-2) at Ole Miss

    I am doubling down on my faith in the Cowbells. Still think they are the nation’s best team.

    Oregon State (+20) vs. Oregon

    This is a heated rivalry, and the Beavers will at least make the Ducks work for it.

    Unmentionables (-8) vs. NC State

    Because the world is a very, very evil place sometimes. OK, most of the time. And definitely from 12:30-4 EST this Saturday. Already sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I won’t even list the final score I see in my head.


    UNC -8 vs NC State – I just think this is a terrible matchup for us. It might be painful to watch.

    Oregon St +20 vs Oregon – the Civil War is almost always closer than the line and with Oregon St being at home, give me the 20.

    Auburn +9.5 vs Bama- Iron Bowl is another one that usually comes down to something ridiculous and usually closer than 9.5. I think Auburn will win outright.

    Ole Miss +2 vs Miss St- I’m not sold on Miss St. and I want all the SEC teams to have at least 2 losses to mess with the committee.

    Kentucky +13.5 vs LVille – Lville will win but giving up 13 in a rivalry game? Cards win, Cats will keep it close-ish.


    State at Dirty Rotten Bastard Cheaters (-6.5)
    *Refusing to pick this game, it’s a matter of principle

    TCU (-6.5) at Texas

    LSU (-3) at TAMU

    Arkansas (-3) at Missouri

    Mississippi State (-2.5) at Ole Miss


    NC State (+8) at UNC-CHeat – Screw the cheaters. Go PACK!

    Tennessee (-17) at Vanderbilt – Vols need a win to get bowl eligible for the first time in 4 years. They get it against a really crappy Vandy team who is coming off an impressive 51-0 loss to Mississippi State. AstroDobbs leads the Vols to a bowl game…and maybe against the Pack.

    Georgia Southern (-14) vs. Louisiana-Monroe – The Eagles are coming off a bye week to face Pete Thomas and the Warhawks. The Eagles have been my go to team all year. That continues on Saturday.

    Marshall (-21) vs. Western Kentucky – Raheem Cato’s last home game. He goes out in style and the Herd make a push to be the non-Power 5 team in a big boy bowl. Herd wins big.

    UCLA (-4.5) vs. Stanford – UCLA needs another impressive victory to move up in the playoff rankings. This line scares me as I wonder what am I missing? UCLA is rolling and the Cardinal have been up and down all year. The line makes me think people are thinking of Stanford over the last couple of years, not this year’s 6-5 version. Bruins big.


    GT(+13) at UGa – I don’t think GT will win, but I don’t think they’ll lose by 2 TDs either.

    Utah(-9.5) at Colorado – Hard to guess which Utah team will show up. Not so hard to guess which Buffaloes team will be there.

    Georgia Southern(-14) vs UL-M – GASO has had two weeks to stew over the hurting Navy put on them when they scored a season low (useless trivia, the NCSU game had been their previous season low). UL-M just happens to be in the way.

    Bama(-9.5) vs Auburn – Say what you will, but Saban knows how to peak at the right time.

    Carolina(-8) vs NC State – Obviously, I hope to be wrong here. A little reverse-jinx mojo effort as well.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    NC State @ UNC (-8)
    Georgia Tech @ Georgia (-13)
    Florida @ FSU (-7.5)
    Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5)
    Wake Forest @ Duke (-18)


    So, what is deal for glorious Conference Championship Game Weekend? Pick all games, or are we all just happy to be limping to finish line? Either way, is good to look back at fun special moments from season. (/russian accent)


    Conference championship weekend, my ninjas!

    Northern Illinois (-6.5) vs. Bowling Green

    I honestly have no idea why, so naturally I feel best about this pick.

    Missouri (+14.5) vs. Alabama

    Alabama usually doesn’t blow decent teams out. The x factor is whether Mizzou is actually decent or not.

    Marshall (-11) vs. Louisiana Tech

    Randy Moss U plays angry this weekend, having lost their prime bowl slot last weekend to WKU.

    Florida State (-4.5) vs. Georgia Tech

    Everyone (myself included) wants Team F-ck Her Right in the P-ssy out of the playoffs for Baylor. So naturally, no chance that it happens.

    Kansas State (+7.5) at Baylor

    Undead Bill Snyder is the last coach you want to face needing a “style points” win.

    I refuse to pick the B1G game because I don’t want to jinx Bucky Badger (as you know, I really, really, really hate tOSU and it’s wimpy scheduling). And I have no clue what will happen in the AZ/OR rematch.


    Wisc -4 vs Ohio St – Wisconsin wins big
    GTech +4.5 vs FSU – FSU makes too many mistakes, that doesn’t fly vs GaTech
    Bama -14.5 vs Mizzou – I really wanted to pick Mizzou but if NC State wants the Belk Bowl, we are all Bama fans this weekend
    TCU -34 vs Iowa St – TCU is good. Iowa St is not.
    Kstate +7.5 vs Baylor – K-State ends all the Baylor #4 discussion

    Playoff should be.
    Oregon, FSU, Bama, TCU.


    Oregon(-14.5) vs Arizona – Mariota and the Ducks avenge their only ’14 blemish.
    Boise State(-22) vs Fresno State – The Bulldogs kept it close with Boise the first time around. They won’t this time.
    KState(+7.5) vs Baylor – Stats tell me to pick Baylor, but I’m not.
    Wisconsin(-4) vs tOSU – Wiscy’s D is a bad one for Cardale Jones to get his feet wet against.
    GT(+4.5) vs FSU – It feels odd to say this, but If FSU doesn’t come out and play a full 60 minutes, they just might get embarrassed here.


    I have stunk it up for the past month. Let’s continue the trend.

    Boise State (-22) vs. Fresno State – Boise State wants to be in a big boy bowl. To make that happen, they need to keep winning big.

    Florida State (-4.5) vs. Georgia Tech – A lot of experts, and I think the committee want this game to be the one that Winston loses. Then they don’t have to take into consideration what the honor board or whatever his disciplinary meeting is called could do to him between now and January. Sorry, isn’t going to happen. FSU by 9.

    Oklahoma (-21) vs. Oklahoma State – The Bedlam Series used to be must watch football a couple of years ago. Now, I wonder what Boone Pickens is thinking. OSU isn’t bad, but I didn’t think they may not go to a bowl game. The Sooners need a big win to keep a faint flicker of hope to get in one of the Big 6 bowl games.

    Alabama (-14.5) vs. Missouri – Bama beat Auburn by 11. Auburn has a much better offense and much worse defense than this set of Tigers. Therefore, as much as I hate to say it, Bama by 17. My only goal for college football now that State whooped up on UNC-CHeat is that Bama doesn’t win the title.

    Cincinnati (-7) vs. Houston – I like Tuberville, who is a good coach. Go Bearcats.


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