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    My bad, revised the summary table.


    My bad, revised the summary table.


    My 3 week string of consistency (3-2 all three weeks, the ONLY one of us to be above .500 each individual week btw…just saying) is about to come to a fiery, mangled halt I suspect.

    Auburn (-9) at K-State – I might regret this one, but I don’t think Gus Malzahn will let me down on Thursday primetime. War Damn Eagle in a big way here I think.

    Duke (-17.5) vs Tulane – Duke is good. Maybe really good. Tulane, not so much. Blue Devils will roll in front of approximately 10K rabid fans.

    ECU (-2.5) vs UNC – The only week of the year I pull for ECU, but this is not an ABC pick. Sadly, ECU is good. And just like when they play us, they’re always motivated to prove something vs the Heels.

    LSU (-10) vs Mississippi State – Like Comrade BJD, I’m unconvinced of LSU’s worth. Unlike BJD, I don’t think it will matter when the Cowbells roll into town.

    Clemson (+20) at Florida State – The ‘Noles get caught looking ahead to their showdown with the Pack. Just kidding. They’re gonna win, but not quite cover.

    NC State 37
    Blue Ho’s 22


    Breaking news is that Famous Jameis is suspended for the first half. For yelling “F-ck her in the p-ssy” on the quad. Weird…but weird suspension fodder. they must really want to send a message to him.

    We might have to see if that radically impacts the line.


    Too late dammit….I got mine in while it was still 20.
    I had a feeling he might get dinged for a half, but hadn’t heard the full game. If it was anyone but him, he’d warrant no more than a “dumb college kid” talking to from Jimbo. But given his infamy, I figured Jimbo would feel the need to do something tangible for the public to be appeased.


    Yes, because of the history of “underpunishment” in sports, you will now see a cavalcade of overpunishment. Human nature being what it is.

    Would be much better use of energy to try to get to the root causes.


    Damn dude, I just re-read your original post about Jameis. I completely misread it the first time, thinking you had said he was suspended for the full game vs Clemson. Hence my response “I had a feeling he might get dinged for a half, but hadn’t heard the full game”.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Iowa (+6) @Pitt (12:00 ESPNU)

    The Hawkeyes are struggling against lower level competition at home and Pitt is steamrolling with their rushing attack.

    Georgia Tech (+7.5) @Virginia Tech (12:00 ESPN)

    I’d like to say Beamer will respond with Authoritaaayyyyy but I just don’t trust their offense. I don’t like either team but I think PJ keeps it close.

    UNC (+2.5) @ECU (3:30 ESPNU)

    Carolina has no rushing game and their defense is suspect. There won’t be a hangover in Greenville, at least not until Sunday. Pie-rats win in a shootout.

    Virginia (+16.5) @BYU (3:30 ESPN)

    The Hoos travel to the Mormon Tabernacle with plans of playing ugly enough to cover. Sorry to say but the Stormin’ Mormons are serious about spreading the gospel and the football this year.

    Georgia Southern (+2.5) @South Alabama (7:30)

    I’m going off the beaten path here and picking GSU to roll over USA, if ISIS can stand up then GSU sure can.


    I was doing OK until this week. Dang you fightin’ mormons. I feel a hot streak a comin’

    UNC (+2.5) @ ECU
    Since “Giant hole opens up and swallows both teams” is not an option.

    Georgia Southern (+2.5) @South Alabama
    Them fellers can play.

    Clemson (+whatever it is since Famours Jameis decided he has a potty mouth) at Florida State
    I think Clemson rides it rough against FSU.

    Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida
    Saban will want to make a statement. That statement will be “Florida is for retired people”.

    Eastern Michigan (+45.5) at Michigan State
    I really don’t know anything about either team but 45.5? Comeon maaaaaaaan.


    Florida at Alabama (-14.5)

    Virginia at BYU (-14)

    Indiana at Missouri (-13)

    Oklahoma (-7) at WV

    Miami at Nebraska (-7)


    Wake Forest (PK) vs. Army – I subscribe to the physical football rule. If you play game the previous week against an extremely physical opponent, you will struggle the next weekend. Example A: USC. They beat Stanford, a physical team, then went on the road and surprisingly lost to Boston COllege. Last weekend Stanford played Army. This weekend, Army loses at Wake Forest.

    South Carolina (-21.5) at Vanderbilt – For those of you who wanted James Franklin as our coach, see what he and his staff did at Vandy the past 2 years (9 win seasons) and now look at how far and how quickly the team has fallen without him. They are one of the four worst Power 5 schools, along with Wake Forest, Purdue, and Colorado. Even coming back to earth after beating Georgia, the Gamecocks should have no problem beating Vanderbilt easily.

    Boise State (-16.5) vs. Louisiana Lafayette – The Broncos are in a new era after Chris Peterson left to Washington last year, but they still have plenty of offense to beat any team from the Bayou not named LSU.

    Duke (-17.5) vs. Tulane – The Green Wave have Nico Marley, Bob’s grandson, but they don’t have David Cutcliffe. The Blue Devils haven’t really been tested yet so we don’t know how good they are. But one thing is for sure, “The Sun is Shining” in Durham as Duke will deliver a beatdown of Tulane.

    Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida – This is as much as an anti-Florida pick than anything else. An improved Kentucky team should have beaten the Gators, but incompetent officiating helped the home team. No such luck this weekend for Florida. This game should have more luster than it does, but Bama (pushed by the 85% of their fan base known as Wal-Mart fans— sound familiar?) will dispatch Florida with ease.

    NC State will continue their good play this weekend against the Blue Hose, winning 52-13.

    One extra note. South Florida is a 2 point favorite on Friday hosting Connecticut. How bad is UConn?


    The line on Clemson/FSU only dropped to 17, FWIW. So not a big deal for picks that got their $$ in while still at 20. It’s an advantage, but still plenty fair.

    You could also note that maybe Franklin got outta Nashville while the gettin’ was good.


    The line for you boys is:

    State -37 (thats where it should be)

    O/U 49.5

    That’s a good guide. You on board?


    I’d have to take the points and cruise with the Blue Ho’s with that spread.

    I’d bite on the over, but I might be overly enamored with our O (or underlying enamored with our D).

    I find it interesting that so many SFN swamis took Bama and gave the points. Ultimately, I didn’t feel good either way about that game, but almost took the points and the Gators.

    Aubie/KState on a 12-0 pace. Works for me, but I’ll be snoozing soon if they don’t pick up the pace.


    That distressed me about Franklin at Vandy…I thought he was better than that, but evidently not…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Backdoored by Bill Snyder. Week is off to a great start.

    Could be worse. I could be a Buccaneers fan.


    The first official line on State is….guess.

    COVERS has it at 37
    They didn’t steal my o/u,though. 55.5


    ^ You kinda nailed that line. Color me impressed.
    Their o/u would give me some pause.


    That’s what sextagenarians bring to the table, dude.

    Soon enough come your way.

    I’m currently 7-0 in real dimes. I’m taking the under in this game.


    Soon enough come your way.

    You have more confidence in my longevity that I do.


    Ruffles31: 13-7 (4-1)
    BJD95: 12-8 (2-3)
    Wufpacker: 12-8 (3-2)
    LRM: 12-8 (4-1)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 11-9 (3-2)
    Rick: 11-9 (4-1)
    JackWolf: 6-9 (2-3)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    So much reversion to the mean, Comrades!


    Another week, another fog of confusion…

    Penn State (-10.5) vs. Northwestern

    Remember Ohio State last year? The team that everyone knew wasn’t any good, but kept on beating the Sisters of the Poor (usually by a lot), while the idiots on tv kept braying “They can only beat who’s on their schedule?” Well, thanks to the gutless NCAA, Team Bad Touch is out of jail and is now this year’s Ohio State. Eventually, they will have to play Michigan State, and we will be spared their entry in the playoffs and how “healing” it is. Northwestern…ain’t Michigan State.

    Notre Dame (-12) vs. Syracuse

    As much as I hate to admit it, the Irish are actually pretty good this year. Syracuse is pretty lousy, even by ACC standards.

    Texas A&M (-8.5) vs. Arkansas

    Arkansas is vastly improved, but not so much that they can go into College Station and keep it a one-score game. Aggies to pull away in the 4th quarter.

    Duke (+7) at Miami

    Not only will Duke cover, I expect they will win outright. Miami is a name brand, and nothing more. Duke is legitimately good, and hopefully will soon upgrade their OOC schedule.

    Florida State (-19.5) at NC State

    This line has been plummeting all week, and I suspect it’s the market over-correcting. Florida State is an angry, cornered bear. Even if they aren’t anywhere near last season’s juggernaut, they have enough speed to overwhelm our wolven sort, at least in the second half. Predicted Final Score – FSU 52, NC State 27.


    3-2 again last week. So much for all of my teachers who told me I could never consistently do D level work.

    Arizona State(+5) vs UCLA – You’d think I’d learn to stop picking Thursday games. Last week I made the mistake of going against the home dog (Sorry KState). This week I’m making the mistake of trusting the Fighten’ Football Sendeks.

    Old Dominion(-3) vs Middle Tennessee – I think Heinicke should have a banner day against this D. Hopefully the Monarchs’ D is good enough to stop the Blue Raiders at least one more time than they get stopped.

    Mizzou(+5) at South Carolina – Tigers shake off the Indiana embarrassment and emerge as the latest ‘team to beat’ in the SEC East.

    Duke(+7) at Miami – I expected more from Miami (and less from Duke) when this season started. So far though, bizarro world CFB continues as long as it is Cutcliffe vs Golden. Might as well roll with it.

    NC State(+19.5) vs Florida State – All week (all year really) I’ve been saying give the points on this one and roll ‘Noley. Today, when it’s time to put it up, I’m flip-flopping. All things considered, this has become one of those games I don’t want to pick.

    My NCSU homerism and that blasted home dog status wins out. Don’t let me down Pack.


    I suck at this game but this is my week!

    Clemson -14 vs the holes – Carolina sucks and now they get a pissed off Deshaun Watson and a Clemson Def. that is down right good. Tigers roll.

    Wisconsin – 31 vs USF – South Florida is horrible. Melvin Gordon may score 31 more points than USF by himself.

    BC – 6.5 vs Col St – Unfortunately BC has looked better than any expected thanks to Tyler Murphy’s legs.

    Louisville – 21 vs Wake – I don’t think Lville is that good but I do think Wake is THAT bad.

    NC State +19.5 vs FSU – Considering the Noles beat us in 1 quarter last year I have no reason to make this pick except I think this is the year of the hangover game. Everyone who has had a big win this year has lost the next game. VT, UGA, USC, etc.


    Markert correction or not, somebody with big money has more confidence in State’s D than the SFN concensus. O/U at 58.

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