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    NC State (-16) vs. ODU – The Pack continues the second half surge against a team that is nowhere near the level of Georgia Southern.

    BYU (+3.5) at Texas – With Texas QB Ash out (and with so many concussions I hope for his sake he retires), BYU returns with a potent offense and will straight up beat the Longhorns.

    ECU (+16.5) at South Carolina – While South Carolina will play better (they can’t play worse), I can still see ECU and that offense pulling out a W. But I definitely envision Hardy running roughshod over the Gamecocks D and will keep this game within one score.

    Kentucky (-11) vs Ohio – The Wildcats may not make a bowl game but they are improving. They looked good last week and their revamped offense will take care of Ohio.

    Auburn (-31) vs San Jose St – Nick Marshall is back. In the 2nd half, they outscored Arkansas 24-0. It may be the same score at the end of the first quarter on Saturday.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Missouri (-5) at Toledo [12:00 ESPN]
    The Rockets get the rare return visit by a Power 5 school, without the game getting bought out, and take advantage of it. The Rockets return all but 1 on their OL and played great against the Tigers last year. Add in the Alabama QB transfer and I think Toledo may have enough at home to win it outright.

    Michigan State (+12.5) at Oregon [6:30 FOX]
    Both teams played scrimmages last week, so who the heck knows what either team has to offer. I’m gonna guess the Ducks go all techmo bowl on the Sparty’s and easily cover.

    Duke (-19) at Troy [7:00 ESPN3.com]
    The Trojans defense is thin and weak. They barely put up any barrier against UAB last week and couldn’t stop them from scoring. Cutcliffe will easily penetrate their defense and unload on Troy.

    BYU (+3.5) at Texas [7:30 Fox Sports 1]
    Putting the T back in Texas takes more than words and an offseason. While I think Strong is the man Texas needs right now I have a feeling the Mormons will storm into Texas and ride off on their bikes with a Win.

    ODU (+16) at NC State [6:00 ESPN3.com]
    A veteran QB who threw for 281 yards (against Hampton) will find the same ease of passing against the Pack’s porous secondary. What’s worse is their RB who averaged 6.2 ypc while gaining 137 yds will find the Pack’s run stop even worse than the secondary. I believe the Pack will win but cover?? Just don’t see it happening if they wait 30 minutes again before deciding to play football.


    Arizona (-7) at UTSA

    This simply has to be some kind of sucker bet, as I don’t see how Rich Rodriguez fails to cover a touchdown spread against a team I have never heard of.

    Arizona vs UTSA. No way the tennis association has a good football team

    The Fightin’ Larry Cokers hereby offer you their collective middle finger. How great would it be if Arizona’s mascot was the Coyotes?
    (EDIT – Becaaauuuse….UTSA’s is the Roadrunners….? Anyone? The ACME rocket powered tackler would be a huge seller this week, don’t you think? *sigh* )


    Ouch 0-5 last week

    Ole Miss – 20 vs Vandy – Vandy looked horrible in a 31-7 loss to Temple. I usually don’t pick home dogs but they were that bad

    NC State – 16 vs ODU – Coaches got caught trying to be a little vanilla against a veteran coach who was able to expose youth in the safeties/LBs but I’m hoping they don’t hold back against a poor ODU defense.

    Troy + 19 vs Duke – I’m not on the Duke bandwagon and Troy is usually a solid team.

    ND – 5 vs Mich – Michigan stole Roseboro from us, I’m bitter still

    Va Tech +11.5 @ Ohio St – This one should be closer than most think and Va Tech might even sneak it out although not many non-conferences teams go to OSU and win.


    BJD95: 7-3 (2-3)
    Ruffles31: 7-3 (4-1)
    Wufpacker: 6-4 (3-2)
    Rick: 6-4 (3-2)
    LRM: 5-5 (1-4)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 5-5 (3-2)
    JackWolf: 4-6 (4-1)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    Overall, we are now 43 for 75, or 57.3%. Not great, but still ahead of the game. TobaccoRdShow is sent to the Siberian Gulag for glorious re-education.


    Regression to the mean. Just the way Vegas drew it up.


    Kentucky (+17.5) at Florida

    You might take from this pick that I don’t buy the “Florida is much better” hype. Which is true. I also respect the moves toward respectability that are under way in Lexington. Expect a low scoring, moderately close game.

    BYU (-18.5) vs. Houston

    Ordinarily, one would smartly fade a team coming off a huge, ego-boosting win. But these are the Stormin’ Mormons, really…what is there to distract them from football in Provo? Can the womenfolk even wear shorts on campus? Plus, Houston is really, really bad.

    South Cakalaky (+5.5) vs. Georgia

    You have to love the Ol’ Head Ball Coach as a home dog, with his back firmly against the wall. Also, a win here pretty much sets the Dawgs on a clear path to undefeatedness, which is something Mark Richt teams just don’t do. Expect the Chickens to win outright.

    Iowa State (+11) at Iowa

    I don’t love this one, but Iowa is too weak to be double digit favorites against anyone right now, especially not in a rivalry game. The Cyclones could tank after losing a game (vs. Kansas State) they had won, but I’m betting the rivalry factor is just enough to hold on and cover.

    South Florida (+2) vs. NC State

    Lots of home dogs for me this week, which is usually where there’s value. Again, I wouldn’t pick this game if not for the contest rules – line is too close to expected reality. Resistible force (USF offense) vs. movable object (NC State defense) is a true coin flip. But I’m betting the first road game and humidity factors keep the Wolfpack offense out of synch enough to lose a close one, something like 24-20.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    West Virginia (+3.5) @Maryland [12:00 B10 Network]

    Toss up game and since I hate the twerps and they turned the ball over 6 times at USF.

    Central Florida (+9.5) @Missouri [12:00 SEC Network]

    I picked against the Tigers in Toledo last week and got burned, they better not let me down two weeks in a row.

    Louisville (-7) @Virginia [12:30 ACC Network]

    Petrino vs London and only a TD?? Yeah right.

    Georgia (-5.5) @South Carolina [3:30 CBS]

    The chickens front 7 is awful and will get destroyed by UGA’s OL and Gurley.

    NC State (-2) @USF [3:30 CBS Sports Network]

    Toss up game. First game on the road. State has no defense. Offense is slow to start. I’ve got no clue how this will result so I’m picking the better offense since USF couldn’t score more than 17 points off 6 TO’s and one was a defensive TD.


    BYU (-18.5) vs Houston – Can I just pick the Cougars and let it go at that? Probably not. Hoping that Big Love’s ground game is good enough to set up a really bad UH pass defense so that BYU’s QB Taysom Hill (lol…Taysom) can then hook up with multiple partners (get it???).

    Georgia Southern (+20) at GT – Just because I’m hoping the transitive property really exists and will mean we’re better than expected. FWIW, I’m also hoping for ODU to obliterate their upcoming opponent as well (because I really want us to be better than Eastern Michigan…we already know we can take Savannah State).

    L’Ville (-7) at UVa – Cavs have been better than expected so far, but they’re about to run into a very stout Cards defense.

    ECU (+11) at Virginia Tech – I fully expect that the Hokies will avoid the post-Columbus letdown and screw me over on this one. But the Pie-Rats getting smashed will still be a good enough consolation prize.

    NC State (-2) at South Florida – Hating this line. Even without their starting QB, the Bulls hung with UMd almost the entire way; and he’s rumored to possibly be playing vs the Pack even with a broken left (non-throwing) arm. But how effective will he be if he does play? Will the Pack suddenly be able to pressure a QB? Hopefully the key here will be that USF faded in a scoreless 2nd half, while allowing 10 4th qtr pts to the Terps. So, I’m going with an improving, well-conditioned Pack and Smooth Operator to get at least a late FG to cover and get a big-ish road win.

    Picking the Pack as road favs??? Really??? I know, right!!!


    NC State (-2) at South FLorida – OK, I have missed the Pack’s game both weeks so far. But I have confidence in the offense and a less extreme South Florida offense. If Maryland can win there, State will win there. Besides, you know Jacoby has this game circled and wants a big performance, being from South Florida.

    Texas A&M (-31.5) vs. Rice – This A&M schedule is so weak. Lamar, Rice, who is next? Texas State with Scott Bakula as QB?

    Southern Miss (-48) at Alabama – I just don’t envision Saban running up the score so big that he beats someone by 7 touchdowns. That is way too much for Saban. Spurrier would do it in a heartbeat, but Saban is a defensive coach. He doesn’t want to run it up too much. Plus, he is handicapped having an OC of Lane Kiffin.

    Old Dominion (-17) vs. Eastern Michigan – That offense we saw last week is really good and Eastern Michigan has struggled over the past year or two. They even struggle running onto the field.

    BYU (-18.5) vs. Houston – Houston lost to BJD95’s new favorite team, UTSA, by 20 at home. BYU went to Texas and won by 34. The transitive property in math says that BYU beats Houston by 54. That will easily cover the spread.


    South Florida (+2) vs. NC State — I hvae picked against the Pack each time so why change what we all know. You cannot succesfully arm tackle a bull.

    West Virginia (+3.5) @Maryland — Hillbilly trumps douchebag

    BYU (-18.5) vs. Houston — It is Ramadan so Hakeem the dream ccannot pull this one out.

    ECU (+11) at Virginia Tech — I read the future in Beamer’s goiter and it is telling me they crush the pitiful pirates.

    Louisville (-7) @Virginia Anyone who can get caught doing what Petrino did and get another job is going to win. They have some kid of dangerous, witch craft type juju going on.


    State (-1.5) at South Florida
    I don’t trust this defense on the road.

    Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech (-20)
    GT wins, but I just don’t see a 3-TD win against a team that moves the ball so effectively on the ground.

    West Virginia at Maryland (-3.5)
    You can forget the betting lines whenever there’s a classic Big XII-B1G match up like this one.

    Louisville (-6) at Virginia
    Neither of these teams does anything well so far this season. I think this is a field goal game.

    Arkansas at Texas Tech (-2.5)
    Intriguing match up. Tech throws for a ton of yards, Woo Pig Sooie runs for a ton. Tech gets the nod at home.


    Damn you Joseph Smith. I knew I shoulda gone with LaTech over NTex for my Thursday game pick.


    I curse your magic underwear, Stormin’ Mormons.

    I could go from 5-0 to under. 500 overall by week 3. This is a cautionary tale about betting actual scrilla.


    And BYU was up 23-0 with 5 minutes left in the half. Then, they give up a FG, a tipped pass which is intercepted followed by a spearing penalty turns into a TD and then a fumble leads to a hail mary for a TD. An easy cover up 23-0 at the half becomes 23-15 (missed both PAT). No wonder Vegas is so rich. Suckers.


    Ye Gamecock non believers really should go pick another profession causing your “inteL” is extremely faulty.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    ^ I didn’t pick that game because I didn’t like either team’s Jekyll/Hyde qualities. L’Ville has now entered that territory as well.


    LOL…I love to “instigate”! I have never seen so many dummies sit on aluminum bleachers when they were being warned to “take cover” in all my life…Most were Jawja fans, and you can’t tell them crap anyway…but a ton of young Gamecock idiots. I was almost hoping for a bolt to hit and scare the crap out of all of them. I talked to a couple of security folks and said “well, I guess Tanner is covering his liability by telling them to get out”, but I’m not sure if that works if security keeps letting them go into the stands and sit. I know they physically ran everyone out last year at the Unc game and I’ve been there before when they made everyone leave the seating area. Really a good game, but my DVR timed out on that last series so I haven’t been able to watch the replay of the final series. Sure looked like the ref kept spotting the ball on the wrong side of the 50, particularly the second time. Nice article on Gurley in the Charlotte paper a few days ago. I think I’ve driven by where he lived in Princeville several times on the way to Ahoskie. He’s gonna make some money come draft time…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    BJD95: 10-5 (3-2)
    Wufpacker: 9-6 (3-2)
    Ruffles31: 9-6 (1-4)
    LRM: 8-7 (3-2)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 8-7 (3-2)
    Rick: 7-8 (1-4)

    JackWolf: 4-6 (DNP)
    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    Our first losing week as a collective (14-16), but trust in the Five-Year Plan, comrades. Overall, we are now 57 for 105, or 54.3%. JackWolf joins TobaccoRdShow at the Siberian Gulag for glorious re-education.

    Apologies for misreading Comrade Ruffles’ Alabama/Southern Miss pick (should have listed USM +48, but context is clear). We are back above the “break even with the capitalist pigs’ juice” mark at 55.2%.

    I re-checked, and don’t see Comrade JackWolf’s picks anywhere in the thread, but we can at least let him out of the Gulag for Week Four.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Being a part of the collective means there are no winners or losers.


    Stalin does not agree, Jigs. There’s only so much vodka and balogna to go around.

    I figured y’all would get at least a 1/2 season in before you started seeing defections. Better check in on T’show…he’s been known to go AWOL.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Stalin does not agree, Jigs. There’s only so much vodka and balogna to go around.

    Remember…all animals are equal, just some are more equal than others.

    The only real “winner” though is the Homeland Motherland.


    Week Four lines are very difficult, at least for me:

    Eastern Michigan (+45.5) at Michigan State

    Sparty is mostly a defensive team, and EMU held Old Dominion to 17 points. Line just seems too high for any B1G team, against any bottom feeder.

    Mississippi State (+10) at LSU

    I’m not convinced LSU is really that good this year, and I have a feeling that the Cowbells will at least flirt with winning outright. Call it this week’s version of last week’s Kentucky visit to the swamp.

    Oregon (-23.5) at Washington State

    Mike Leach has yet to turn around the S.S. Titanic that is Wazzu football. I’m not convinced he ever will. Anyway, it doesn’t start this week, with Oregon in pursuit of style points for the playoff committee.

    Syracuse (-2) vs. Maryland

    What I’ve seen of Maryland leads me to believe they’re not any good. They are also coming off a tough, emotional loss and I don’t expect they will bounce back, at least not enough to win in the AC-less Carrier Dome.

    Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida

    I think the Gators are hot garbage, and Nick Saban has his team playing like he expects. I really wish this line was 13.5, but it is what it is.

    NC State’s epic showdown with a religion has no line, but for funsies I will say NC State 48, Presbyterian 7.


    Strange, I def put my picks in last week. I took, ECU, GA So. Utah St, Lville, and State. If you add my 4-1 the collective did not suck.

    This weeks lines are a little tighter.

    UGA (- 39.5) vs Troy – All Gurley all the time. Interesting fact, TOB was close to landing Gurley until he visited UGA, and the only reason I picked this game was so I could write that.

    FSU – 20 vs Clemson – I really wanted to pick Clemson in this game because I’m not in love with this FSU team but Clemson hasn’t shown me enough to think they’ll not get trucked by the Noles. I hope FSU rolls and they come to Raleigh for their annual let down game.

    Army @ Wake Forest (Pick) – I’m taking Army to come to Winston Salem and upset the Deacs. Army held strong against Stanford for a half and Wake is just garbage right now.

    UNC (+2.5) at ECU – I have no clue who is going to win this game but I wanted to at least pick an interesting one. ECU would be ripe for a let down game and UNC can score just as fast as the Pirates. If this were a night game in Greenville I’d say the Heels have no shot but I think they might squeak this one out. For the record, I hope this ends in a 0-0 loss for both teams.

    NC State vs Blue Hose (Off) – Hope the Pack can keep things rolling as they were vs USF. That was the best I’ve seen a State team dominate in a long time. I’m going with 48 – 7 and we’ll see a whole lot of freshman playing.


    Hey BJD95, I was 2-3 last week, not 1-4. Therefore, we were right at .500 last week.

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