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    In Soviet Russia, ‘Dog beats you….complete with Benny Hill Theme, which has been stuck in my head all week thanks to BJD.
    (picks to come later….I have to find my lucky darts)


    Wuf, truly one of the most joyous things ever created. And was apt last weekend.


    If I had any talent whatsoever, I’d be tempted to do a “highlight” reel, using it as background music.


    Da. In old Soviet,Dog strong like Siberian Musk Ox.

    Had Red Army in pocket. 1980 Lake Placid ring bell? Rubles…how you say…out ying yang. Who you tink made happen?

    Curse dat Ron Reagan.


    And all this time I thought you just took the Soviets out and got them smashed on Vodka and ‘shrooms the night before. Who knew?

    After a 1-4 week where my only correct pick was the Pack getting smashed at Clemson, I’m not sure this is fun anymore. It wasn’t that much fun when I was doing (relatively) well. Maybe I need a trip to Hooters to clear my thinking. Hee hee….muahahahahaha.

    BYU(+3.5) at UCF – Yep, it’s a Thursday game. I was 1-4 last week, so what should it matter at this point? All in for the Stormin’ Mormons on the road.

    Michigan State(-21) at Purdue – Purdue is coming off their lone B1G win of the year in all likelihood. I expect the Spartans’ D to pillage and plunder.

    Clemson(-9.5) vs L’Ville – ‘Ville’s schedule takes a definite uptick this week. Petrino or no, they haven’t shown they have the horses to stay with Clemson.

    ECU(-15) at USF – Even in front of 172 rowdy home fans, I just don’t see USF staying close in this one.

    NC State(-4) vs BC – I wouldn’t pick this game if I didn’t have to. Neither team is reliable. Home field nod.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    FSU (-23.5) @Syracuse [12:00 ESPN]

    The Cuse are all kinds of screwed and that’s before FSU comes to town.

    Louisville (+9.5) @Clemson [3:30 ESPNU]

    Louisville may have a strong defense but they have no offense. This could be Clemson’s second straight shutout.

    ECU (-15) @South Florida [7:00 ESPNU]

    I think Ruff will have the Pie-rats more focused then they were against sorry SMU and we’ve seen just how bad USF can be.

    LSU (-1.5) @Florida [7:30 SECN]

    This may not be Les Miles’ best team (or even a good team) but Muschamp is out the door and the clock is just counting down to the end of the season.

    Boston College (+4) @NC State [3:30 RSN/Fox Sports Carolinas]

    Nothing good comes from this game when making picks. I’m going with the home team and lucky(??) for State they are the home team.


    BC at State (-3.5)
    Ever seen a team rush for 500 yards? Because you might.

    Georgia (-3) at Missouri
    No Gurley. Only the NCAA and UGa are allowed to make money off his likeness.

    Texas vs
    Oklahoma (-14.5)
    Texas can’t score. Oklahoma can.

    Alabama (-8.5) at Arkansas
    Poor woo pig sooie getting Bama off a loss.

    Ole Miss at Texas AM
    Ole Miss hangover.


    Shawn Moffitt and the UCF special teams can suck it.
    Damn you Thursday Game.


    NC State (-4) vs. Boston College – The rest of the year State will play teams not in contention for big bowls. Good for the building of the program. This is a must win game for the team. Doeren needs a conference win. He gets it.

    Alabama (-10.5) at Arkansas – Bama is 4-3 in their last 7 games. All 3 losses have been against the hurry up spread offense. Arkansas, while improved, isn’t that. Darth Saban rolls.

    Texas A&M (-2) vs. Mississippi – Ole Miss winning this weekend is much more impressive than beating Alabama. Not because A&M is better (they’re not) but winning on the road in college football is so hard nowadays.

    Clemson (-9.5) vs. Louisville – When you can sit your true freshman in the first half because his performance has been that great, then the offense must be pretty good. Louisville is overrated and has already lost at Virginia. If they lose in Hooville, what will they do in Death Valley? Nothing.

    Georgia Southern (-21.5) vs. Idaho – Idaho is one of the worst FBS teams. We all know the Eagles are solid. Add flying across the country for this game and you have the recipe for a complete beat down. Sorry Vandals.


    Louisville (+9.5) @ Clemson

    NC State (-4) vs. Boston College — first time I have picked the pack this year

    Alabama (-8.5) at Arkansas

    LSU (-1.5) @Florida

    ECU (-15) @South Florida


    he doesn’t like our loose rules

    Ya’ll do have some loose rules. If Alabama beats Arkansas 29.5 to 20.0 – Does ruffles get a loss and LRM / Rick get wins?


    Yup. Just have to be consistent and use the same source so no “forum shopping” – we just ain’t serious enough to be all rigid-like. No stakes, so honor system be fine.


    Louisville – 17 vs State
    Marshall – 21 vs FIU – Doc Holiday has the best team no one is talking about
    UGA – 3 vs Arkansas
    Ohio St -19 vs Rutgers
    Tenn +16.5 vs Ole Miss


    Updated table coming soon. Here are my terrible picks o’ the week:

    Notre Dame (+12.5) at Florida State

    Get your moneyline wagers in NOW – the Domers go to Tally and win outright. Perhaps by a metric f-ckton. As opposed to their usual form, this year ND is actually significantly BETTER than their reputation, having dominated most opponents (despite shooting themselves in the foot to keep scores close). Florida State has been a meh team all season, and this week it catches them in awe-inspiring fashion.

    Kentucky (+10) at LSU

    I liked Kentucky going into The Swamp under similar circumstances (they covered easily, and should have won outright), and as we saw last weekend…LSU and Florida are essentially the same, deeply flawed team living off their reputation. Kentucky is the real contender to Georgia in the East.

    Duke (-3) vs. Virginia

    I could see the Hoos keeping this close, but a 3-point spread assumes UVA would be a 1-point favorite on a neutral field. I don’t see that logic at all. Back Cutcliffe and Palz.

    Wake Forest (+4) vs. Syracuse

    This is Wake’s best chance to avoid pulling a Doeren (sorry) in Clawson’s first season. Syracuse is really, really bad (especially on offense), and Wake plays pretty good defense. That’s enough to squeak out a win, or at least a home cover.

    NC State (+16.5) at Louisville

    Speaking of pulling a Doeren…winless ACC season II: Electric Boogaloo? I still don’t think it happens, but I have no hope for this week. Bobby Petrino is clearly one of the top 3-5 gameday coaches in the land, and he will exploit the hell out of our flawed personnel. But they are limited offensively, and this is too big a spread for them against anyone. As with their game against Wake, don’t worry so much about HOW State will cover, just know it’s more likely than not that they will, in ugly fashion. Final Score – Louisville 28, NC State 13.


    BJD95: 21-14 (3-2)
    1.21 Jigawatts: 17-18 (1-4)
    LRM: 17-18 (1-4)
    Ruffles31: 15-19-1 (1-4)
    Wufpacker: 15-20 (0-5)
    Rick: 15-20 (1-4)
    JackWolf: 12-18 (2-3)

    TobaccoRdShow: 3-2 (DNP)

    Holy shitsnacks, Comrades! We took a beating last week. Expect a purge, followed by minor tweaks to Glorious Five-Year Plan.


    Three straight weeks below .500, 1-9 the past two weeks, 0-fer last week. Not trending very well at all.
    I should have followed TRS’s lead and bowed out while I still had some dignity.
    Hopefully, there will be a lot of hearty travelers this week, as I only just realized that all my picks to cover are all road teams.

    KState(+8) at Oklahoma
    Baylor(-7.5) at WVU
    Michigan State(-14) at Indiana
    Georgia(-3.5) at Arkansas
    NC State(+16.5) at Louisville

    Not only do I think the Pack covers, but it will not surprise me if they AT LEAST come close to pulling off the outright upset. Then again, I haven’t been very good at this lately, so it won’t surprise me if they don’t.


    State at Louisville (-16)

    VT at Pitt (-2)

    Baylor (-7.5) at West Virginia

    Texas A&M at Alabama (-11.5)

    Stanford (-3.5) at Arizona State

    1.21 Jigawatts

    NC State @Louisville (-16.5) [3:30 RSN]

    Georgia (-3.5) @Arkansas [4:00 SECN]

    Missouri @Florida (-4.5) [7:00 ESPN2]

    Tennessee @Ole Miss (-16.5) [7:00 ESPN]

    Kentucky @LSU (-10) [7:30 SECN]


    NC State @ Louisville (-16.5)
    Kansas State (+8) @ Oklahoma
    Virginia @ Duke (-3)
    Rutgers @ Ohio State (-19)
    Washington (+21) @ Oregon


    Az st

    I forgot the pitt gave had already happened


    Too late to pick Pitt! LMAO


    Tells you how much I watch football


    LOL, by my count you still gotta pick one more Rick.
    Might I suggest BC to cover at home vs Clemson?


    No…let me help my boy Ricky.

    Wyoming v.San Jose State.
    Wyoming opened as a 1pt fave. The Cowboys now sit as a 2pt dog.

    Take Wyoming, and give 2.
    A lock.


    I meant take Wyoming and the 2

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