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I spent all day yesterday, and part of the day before, cooking.  Then my extended family invaded the house, ate all my food, and left the house a complete and total shambles.  But before they all left, one of my nephews, who was brought to MY house wearing a Carolina shirt, was pulled aside and talked to.

Before he left, I traded him….he went home wearing an NC State shirt.  His Carolina shirt is now in the garbage can in the garage and will be disposed of at the dump before kickoff today.  Yes, I’m serious.

Last night, after getting the house and kitchen at least back to a semblance of normalcy, I reflected on today’s game.  More on that later….but first, let’s hate for a bit.


I hate The University* of North Carolina with a passion.  And when I say “hate”….I MEAN hate.  I hate everything about them.  I hate their arrogance.  I hate their cheating ways.  I hate their plausible deniability….oh no NCAA, it was academic.  Oh no SACS, it was athletic.  I hate that when one tries to point these things out, the knee jerk response is either “You’re just jealous” or “You’re not our rivals anyway” or “That’s in the past, we’ve fixed those problems”.

Yeah, sure you have.  Suuuuurrrre you have.

And even if that fairy tale WAS true (it’s not, btw), you still haven’t paid your pound of flesh yet.  And you’re fighting like crazy to deny, deflect and delay, just because you’re a bunch of p-ssies who wouldn’t know how to live up to your responsibilities if you tripped over them.

We did, we owned up….and for much, much less severe transgressions.  We were honest to a fault.  Dismantled an athletic program more or less, and killed a National Championship basketball coach in the process….but we did it.  Collectively threw ourselves on the proverbial sword.  And now, these sh-theels, who collectively were more than happy to run us thru with said sword years ago, are gonna sit here and lie about their own culpability in the BIGGEST ATHLETIC/ACADEMIC SCANDAL IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE ATHLETICS….and still find a way to try to come across as holier than thou.


In ’89 we should have told them to all go and eat the whole bag.  They can all rot in hell for all I care.

Also….Dean Smith was a dickhead no matter what those baby blue f-cktards try to tell you.

I was in Walmart (yes, the setting drips with irony, friends) a few days ago, wearing an NCSU shirt of course.  I had two people come up to me, neither of whom appeared to have graduated HS successfully, let alone attended U*NC.  But these two genetic misfits still came up to me and started talking sh-t about this game (and basketball in general also).  I listened.  Patiently.

When they were done I asked two questions….

Did either of you attend U*NC?  Well, no…but….

“AH AH, SHUT UP”, I says.

Are you really so proud of an athletic program and university which lies, cheats and steals, just to make money….so much so that you are proud of coming up to me here and talking sh-t about a school you couldn’t even get admitted into IF you tried?  No answer.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought….have a nice Thanksgiving,” as I walked away.

Bottom line, there’s not enough napalm on the planet to raze Chapel Hill to the ground.  But oh, if only there was.  And these toothless, dickless, hapless assheads who shop for their Tar Heel gear at Walmart (yes, it’s really a real phenomenon) should be buried up to their necks and have rocks and other projectiles tossed at their heads.  But at least Sam Walton’s progeny are getting rich off them.


So, today’s game.  The likelihood is that it won’t end well for us Wolven sort.  We’re an 11 point road dog.


Carolina has the worst run defense in the conference.  We’ve got Matt Dayes and Co.  So matchups might end up shining for us if other things can work out.  What are the other things?  Our secondary.  Up front defensively, I think we’ll probably hold our own.  TJ logan could punish us to a degree.  But if we let them open things up in the passing game, it will only open things up for Logan that much more.  So our secondary has got to stay home and keep their collective sh-t together.

I don’t expect us to win, but I do think we’ve got a puncher’s chance.

There’s a bowl game on the line for us.  There’s the slim hope of a Coastal title for them.  My biggest wish is that they’ve already had the rings made and shirts printed (not like it would be the first time, right?) and we’d waltz in and put another 41-10 drubbing on them in front of their self-righteous fanbase.  I WANT BABY BLUE TEARS!!!!!!!!

F-ck ’em all.

UNC, NC State renew rivalry with eyes on even bigger goals (USAToday.com)

“I’d say it’s a great rivalry,” UNC coach Larry Fedora said. “It’s unique because your fans interact year round — they’re always around each other. They work together. I’m sure that some of them are friends.”

Probably not on gameday, though.

Tar Heels cornerback Des Lawrence says there’s “a bit more chirping between” his team and the Wolfpack, and there’s “extra talk. That amps things up.”

So do the stakes.

The Tar Heels (8-3, 5-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) enter the final week of the regular season still in the hunt for a Coastal Division title and a repeat berth in the ACC championship game, but they need to beat N.C. State and get some help from Virginia, which faces Virginia Tech the following day.

The situation is a bit more dire for the Wolfpack (5-6, 2-5), whose season was marked by close losses to a pair of highly ranked teams — Clemson and Florida State — and also befuddling losses to East Carolina and Boston College, two teams with a combined record of 8-14. A win over North Carolina will make them bowl eligible, while a loss will keep them home for the second time in coach Dave Doeren’s four seasons.

UNC vs. NC State Prediction, Game Preview (CampusInsiders.com)

What To Know About UNC

One week after the Tar Heels suffered a tough road loss to Duke, which really hurt UNC’s ACC Coastal division cause, Larry Fedora’s squad shut down one of the best offenses in all of FCS. The Tar Heels offense didn’t have its “A” game, but it didn’t have to against the Bulldogs. UNC converted just one third down and was out-gained in yardage 371-356, but the Heels did actually have an interception. Dominique Green picked off a pass and returned it 58 yards for a touchdown, which was the first interception of the year for UNC. It had been the only FBS team to not intercept a pass this season.

What to Know About NC State

One week after the Wolfpack went on the road and held Syracuse to 218 total yards in a 35-20 win, Dave Doeren’s squad received 76 yards and a score on the ground from Matt Dayes, who became NC State’s first 1,000-yard rusher since 2002. But mistakes doomed the Wolfpack, including an end-zone interception by quarterback Ryan Finley, a penalty that took back a fourth-quarter scoring run by Dayes and Bra’Lon Cherry’s second-half fumble on a punt return. The game was seemingly a microcosm of the Wolfpack’s entire season. To get to the postseason for a third straight year, NC State must be able to capitalize on its golden opportunities when they are presented. Do Doeren and Co. have a clean game left in them for the regular season finale?

 Scouting reports: NC State at North Carolina (NewsObserver.com)

Key theme: N.C. State’s defense forced a total of seven turnovers in back-to-back games against Notre Dame and Clemson. That’s the same number it has forced in the five games since the 24-17 overtime loss at Clemson on Oct. 15. The defense has to make more plays, especially against UNC’s prolific offense. The Wolfpack can’t afford to just trade punches with UNC’s offense. It won’t be able to keep up.

N.C. State also needs to keep tabs on UNC running back T.J. Logan, who has three touchdowns in as many career games against the Wolfpack. Logan ran for 100 yards, on just six carries, with two touchdowns in last year’s 45-34 win in Raleigh.


Pack Travels to UNC for Friday Rivalry Game (GoPack.com)

 Two years ago at Kenan Stadium, the Wolfpack churned out 388 rushing yards in a lopsided 35-7 victory over the Tar Heels. Stung by that result, UNC returned the favor last season in Raleigh, putting 35 points on the board in the opening quarter and never looking back in a 45-34 triumph.

“We played really well two years ago and played really bad last year,” said Wolfpack head coach Dave Doeren. “They played really well last year and I’m sure they’d say they played really bad two years ago. It’s an emotional game and obviously you want to sustain the highs and lows early and make it a four quarter football game if that’s what it calls for.”

The ability to manage emotions becomes a tricky task in rivalry games, thus creating a certain level of unpredictability that often leads to unforeseen outcomes. The desire to obtain bragging rights and do so for passionate followers who relish owning the upper hand in the annual ‘water cooler debates’ can occasionally cause players to actually try to do too much over the course of a game, leading to execution mistakes prompted by overwhelming, sometimes unchecked emotion.

In its impressive victory in Chapel Hill two years ago, NC State used its emotion productively, funneling the excess energy into a dominant performance at the line of scrimmage.

Time: High Noon


Author’s warning….this first YouTube clip is totally NSFW or for your children….

This second one is family friendly, however….

Go Pack!!!!!

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    I’m trying to understand what he could possibly do “well” that outweighs:

    (i) 9-23
    (ii) calling out and pissing all over his shareholders during and after said 9-23
    (iii) all the on-field idiocy we all saw with our own eyes this season
    (iv) the result and effort shown against BC on homecoming, in Year 4

    He’s not being paid to be some kind of intramurals part-timer.

    And what if the recruiting goes down and the staff breaks up? Will you REALLY be content that we waited for the full tire fire? That we wasted having a reasonable roster for the next coach?

    This kind of reactive, small-time thinking is why NC State athletics never gets anywhere. And letting Yow have complete rein is increasingly nonsensical. She’s not objective and not the right person to make the next hire in any event. We are being very, very foolish. Again.


    Finally finished this excellent thread. An emotional roller coaster earlier on. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats gouging the Holes at Kenan. Not. A. Damn. Thing. I’m still fired up.

    Double D will be back next year, and while some here will disagree, I think it is a good thing – for a number of reasons – some that have been mentioned already. Barring any early defections the defense, especially the line, should be great next year as we lose only Monty Nelson up front I believe. We lose no linebackers, but lose Tocho, Wright and Clark in the secondary. This defense is currently ranked 4th in the nation in run defense and 27th in Total Defense.

    All in all, not a great season, but not our worst. A 33yard FG and an end zone pluck – who knows how it shakes out. Six and six is nothing to brag about but it beats no bowl over the holiday.

    I recall back in 2010 when we beat UNCheats at Kenan, my father (N.C. State class of 1950) was still alive, albeit in a nursing home with dementia. I reported the Pack’s victory to him the falling day and he was as excited and responsive as I’d seen him in a long time. I wish he had been here for this one. Perhaps he was.


    edit ..following day jeebus


    “I’m trying to understand what he could possibly do “well” that outweighs” – he’s a really swell guy


    I ask in all seriousness if we replaced the football coach who is better than we could reasonably hire?

    This is a useless line of reasoning. None of us are athletic directors being paid big bucks to know the resumes of the next line of up/coming coaches. If the man you have isn’t meeting expectations, then the AD is being paid to rectify that situation…either with new assistants or a new head coach.

    I do agree that State won’t be able to hire a sure thing in either FB or BB. In the next coaching search, State will have to choose between retreads, non P-5 head coach, or P-5 assistant (football only). I hope to live long enough for State to find another Dick Sheridan.


    Of course, Cut exceeded Roof’s (his predecessor) conference wins in his first season. (Ted Roof went his last 3 years without winning a conference game..so again, we aren’t talking fair comparisons.

    We can also agree that they don’t have the same expectations or attendance in Durham.

    Like Whiteshoes, give me a coach who has built something and has sustained it and regional if possible. Keep in mind Dabo probably doesn’t get the gig if Bowden isn’t fired mid-season.

    Most big schools don’t want to bring in an assistant if they can help it. It doesn’t mean it can’t work, it just means that in a case like that you have zero to go on.


    I also think lots of people just assume DD is a swell guy because he doesn’t win a lot. Like Sid or HWSNBN.

    Cutcliffe inherited genuinely dire fan support and did a great job acting as a POSITIVE ambassador for his program, making people feel excited and included. Compare and contrast that to what DD has done and failed to do.


    And for all his faults, MG has always got the need to sell our brand, and do so aggressively.


    And for all his faults, MG has always got the need to sell our brand, and do so aggressively.

    Everyone knows I am not the biggest Gott fan but the man does have his positives and selling our brand while being upbeat and good to the fans is one of his better ones.


    only people I can think of as coaches carry a lot of baggage I doubt the university is willing to take on…

    Art Briles- could get him for cheap since he has his issues (don’t think the university would go for it) But did build a crappy Baylor program into a national name

    Lane Kiffin-seems to be getting it together but would bolt for a better job based on track record. might be too pricey but also has baggage

    Steve Sarkisian- problems

    From my count, you either take the gamble on a hire with baggage, stick with what you have, or hunt for the next mid major (crapshoot)


    I ask in all seriousness if we replaced the football coach who is better than we could reasonably hire?

    This logic means we should just let DD coach until he’s dead. 9-23 conference record and he’s the best we’ll ever get?! Or better yet, why even have a football program?


    I think anyone watching the Duke football program has seen what improvements have been made. Maybe he is regressing to the mean – that remains to be seen. I’ll bet you would trade State’s last 5 years for Duke’s last 5 years.


    Although I have not posted in a very long time, I read faithfully and don’t post because usually BJD says what I am thinking…maybe it has to do with we graduated State the same year (95) and set through the same demoralizing defeats in basketball with LES and football with MOC. Yes, I was in Reynolds the night the mighty Campbell Camels beat us and I was in Carter Finley when FSU drubbed us. So I know pain. Sorry to barge in, but I do agree DD should have been let go this year as it is very evident he is not turning the corner with the talent, to his credit, he has accumulated. But, to answer some of the guys question of who we could get that is better? It is always a crap shoot with anyone as you never know how they will mesh with current team, high school coaches, boosters, etc. I do think the following list would be people that are proven winners and that we could probably get for about the same money and they would be an improvement over DD. Bo Pelini has a little baggage but would fit in with State’s culture and is a proven winner at Nebraska and now Youngstown State. Then you go to the guy I think could be our next Sheridan…Danny Rocco from Richmond. He has built and proven to be a winner at Liberty and now Richmond. The third person, who I know, is Mike Houston who is at JMU now and built the programs at The Citadel, Lenoir Rhyne, and high school before that, which is where I knew him. Just some food for thought to answer some of the guys of who could be get. Sorry again to barge in, just had to get some things off my chest.


    You ask who is better that we could reasonably hire? I think the biggest question is apparently is patience with DD being reasonable? Let me throw a scenario and name out there.

    A D1 coach in his first years of taking over a sub par coach has a record of 10-27. His conference record is 2-25 overall. The fanbase is calling for his firing. The AD gives him another year with a similar situation as DD at State. The next year, the team goes 10-2 overall and 8-1 conference. Currently ranks 9th in the nation. The name is Mike MacIntyre, former DC at Duke and current head coach for the University of Colorado.

    It can happen with DD. Sometimes being patient does pay off. I agree, there as been improvement. Just needs to equate to more W’s.


    Been away awhile also; but read religiously. More fun to read after wins versus losses.

    WCU 1980 grad; but both kids ran with the Pack and are now contributing members of society. Grateful.

    My wife and I try to catch the Wake game in W-S every other year as we live in Lexington. Last year we arrived at BB&T early to tail gate and intentionally pulled into a space next to current Wolfpack students. We love to be around the young people that enjoy football as we do. We had some beers, talked current classes/majors (engineering like my son), life on campus and the current head football coach. One young man was a serious fan and as a student had been to a “meet Dave Doeren” function. He said it was more of a meet and greet than a question and answer session. I know head coaches are busy and important; but he said Doeren was very standoffish, gruff, and really acted like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

    My point is – win some lose some…. but keep the people happy and everything will hopefully work out. These points have been made above; but I wanted to share experience from one of his current “customers”. If nothing else Cut and Dabo do have personality.

    Lastly as I mentioned above I am a Catamount first. We didn’t win every game but…… Bob Waters coached the football Catamounts for 20 football seasons (1969 through 1988), and performed the dual role of athletic director from 1971–1986.according to Western Carolina, “the evolution and success of the school’s athletic programs, especially its football program, during that period can be attributed largely to his talents and personality” bold and italics mine. Luuuuke


    I agree Luuuke. I don’t know where DD ranks in these, but I have always said anyone in any position can succeed if they have 4 things. Organization, positive personality, integrity and do it all with enthusiasm. I call it OPIE.


    ^ the MBA creed. The reality is for some jobs you have to have the right skills and/or knowledge. Maybe DD does and maybe not but looking around I don’t see a better option that is possible to hire under the current situation.


    Like I said…

    For or against Doeren you must admit, he’s got us talking our arses off on this and other boards.


    Basspacker – Mime MacIntyre has the same tenure @ Colorado as DD does here. They are both in their 4th year.

    He also took over a program in worse shape – at least from a wins and losses standpoint.

    A better example is the tried and true Beamer. This appears to be the fallback comparison for othdr coaches who didn’t have much success in 4 years.

    Regarding his tenure – apparently he has another year. I can see that with the UNC win and improvement shown on the line and defensively.

    Regarding the gruff demeanor of DD – it is similar to what I have heard and read from others. The question is whether this is just social awkwardness or disdain for his external customers. Doesn’t matter anyway – he has next year and if it’s a repeat of this one, he could be will rogers and still get fired.



    Dangit. Would love to have a feed to see the few minutes we missed – particularly that second touchdown, which wasn’t on any of the highlights I saw.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Factoid of the day…..probably a repeat of what may have been posted before. There are two recognition nominations pending….


    Paul Hewitt, GA Tech BB Coach, was fired at the end of the 2010-2011 season. He had a “Rolling Automatic Extension” clause in his contract. So, each year, he always had 6 years left….@ $1.3 MILLION. His Agent will be a shoe in, after the mandatory 5 year waiting period, for the Sports Agent’s Hall of Fame.

    SO, Paul is receiving $1.3 Million for this season. Remember, he quit coaching there in 2011.

    Bryan Gregory was the coach following in Paul’s footsteps….and he had a contract that was NOT at lucrative. His buyout clause had a sliding scale in the later years. Perhaps that PROTOCOL should be noted by ALL AD’s…

    He had a descending value buyout. So for 16-17, he got 75% and 17-18, he got 75%. His base is $1.075 Million.

    Bryan was stripped of his Yellow Jacket credentials in March, 2016. The “Kid” is now coaching after a stint in Memphis….where they refuse to acknowledge any coach save Cal.

    Therefore, this year, GA is writing checks to Hewitt for $!.3 Million and to Gregory for $806 Thousand or around $2,3 Million. that is close to the TOTAL that we would have been out is DD was let go ($2.52 Million).

    Next year, Paul’s Christmas list will be pared down due to lack of funds. However, Gregory will get $538 Thousand.

    In total, the TWO buyouts, in the KID’s first two years will be $2,644 THOUSAND…call it $2.65 MILLION….

    IF you add in the $6.5 Million that Hewitt got when Gregory was coaching, the total is $9.15 MILLION….

    If the KID has a poor outing, a nomination to the Harvard Business Review will be submitted for “Worst HC BB Contract in NCAA History…”

    Hope that makes you feel better…as you cheer up, things COULD be worse….I think…


    Roo: GT’s contract with Hewitt is up there with NC State’s last two basketball coaching searches. They are all case studies of what not to do.

    I’ve said numerous times and I will say it again. State should have zero buy out on their football and basketball coaches or AD. It hampers us more than it protects us.


    Bowl bid after unc defeat, and nothing, not to mention basketball up and running. Are our previous moderators in retirement, or just turned their backs on the red and white. Coaches come and go, but the Wolfpack will always be. Back the Pack!


    Hey. I see this all the time from you, dude. We write when we have time to put front page worthy stories up, and enjoy discourse in here…like you.

    The boards have always carried the site since inception.


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