UNC Scandal

The $18 million Banner

The Flagship certainly earned that banner. For decades, UNC institutionalized rampant academic fraud that kept its star athletes eligible — all thoroughly documented. In August 2015, within hours of the deadline to respond to the NCAA’s first (May 2015) NOA, UNC self-reported additional violations, simply a tactic to delay any potential punishment that would have […]

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NCAA to Reopen UNC-CH Investigation

It is being reported that the NCAA has provided UNC-CH with a verbal notice of inquiry today, notifying the school of its plans to reopen its 2011 investigation into academic irregularities. NCAA Reopening Academic Case (InsideCarolina.com) UNC-CH athletic director Bubba Cunningham has issued the following statement: “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has […]

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UNC Defense: The Wrong Argument

“Everybody does it.” The problem with this is that it’s the wrong argument. Sure, it’s fair to suggest that “everybody” gives scholarships to academically-unqualified athletes. But the details — especially intent — matter. When a program gives an unqualified athlete a scholarship, it’s the university’s duty to ensure, at minimum, the athlete leaves with basic […]

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