UNC Defense: The Wrong Argument

“Everybody does it.”

The problem with this is that it’s the wrong argument. Sure, it’s fair to suggest that “everybody” gives scholarships to academically-unqualified athletes. But the details — especially intent — matter. When a program gives an unqualified athlete a scholarship, it’s the university’s duty to ensure, at minimum, the athlete leaves with basic reading and writing skills. It’s not unfair to say that almost “everybody” does this.

The difference is that for the past two decades The Flagship has institutionalized academic fraud to keep those unqualified athletes eligible for football and basketball while pompously promoting their arrogant, elitist credo, The Carolina Way.

And it appears they’re the only ones doing that.

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    “Everybody does it.” The problem with this is that it’s the wrong argument. Sure, it’s fair to argue that everybody gives scholarships to academically
    [See the full post at: UNC Defense: The Wrong Argument]


    You don’t even have to be an ABC’er – if *anyone* criticizes the ‘flagship’ they are automatically met with ‘well everybody does it, and you shouldn’t cast stones from your glass house since you cheer for _______’.

    That falls flat on so many levels … The holes have no one to blame but themselves. If they aren’t fraudulently holding themselves up as *THE* standard in college athletics and academia for the past eternity there’s a reasonable chance this ‘mess’ never gets as far as it has. They held themselves up as such, and that ideal was happily propagated by the local unx media machine … Then, the national media. And we all know that lazy journalism and tired takes would *never* come from national talking heads (snicker).

    As it is currently, their PR machine is a runaway train heading full speed in the wrong direction. They simply know no other way than ‘we are all that is good and right in the world – others are not’. I didn’t know it was possible for a collective entity to become so far stuck up its own ass.

    ‘But our SAT admittance average is better than yours!!!’ And that means exactly what as soon as the ‘student athletes’ show up on campus for no show classes?

    Fraudulence and Flippancy. The Carolina Way.

    Get mad, Roy. Get real mad! It’s your *right* to benefit from fraud!



    This excuse of everybody does flies so well even as a child. I think everyone’s parent replied with “if everyone jumped off a bridge would you?” There are no adults over there.


    Remember this is just phase two of the Defense….

    1. Denial
    2. Didn’t Know what we were doing was wrong cause everybody’s doing.

    Then the Big Flip… probably end of next week…
    3. Perhaps these things are wrong (which is not the same as “we were wrong” )
    4. The NCAA investigated us for years and said nothing about this.
    5. We have stopped doing what we were doing that we didn’t know at the time was wrong.
    6. We are going to Lead the Nation in effecting major NCAA reform.
    While on the western front out in San Diego…. the NCAA is fighting for its life…
    Anybody else NOTICE…. that there was a timed release ( around 4:00pm ) of an news article at WRAL (ABC affifiate) EVERY DAY THIS WEEK which was picked up by the AP and ESPN (ABC).

    As Mr. Dog suggested a couple of weeks ago… this Show has a whole different beat and is NOT being run by the *NC PR machine.

    It’s just a matter of time before the Smart People in Chapel Hill give the Invisible People in Pennsylvania and California and elsewhere what they really want — the NCAA head on the proverbial plate.

    *NC is the trojan horse that brings the NCAA down.
    It’s just a matter of time. No way out.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    And today’s argument: It’s all a lie. They’re discrediting Mary Willingham as fast as they can.

    As to those outside of NC, I saw a bunch of FB comments from average sports fans who obviously haven’t been following this closely enough to have seen the unfolding of dozens of different, but interrelated, scandals. “Everybody does this,” is the prevailing theme. “NO, YOU IDIOTS! EVERYBODY DOESN’T.” Sigh. UNC doesn’t even need to spin it to so many people who are too lazy to look and see just how deep this goes.


    The Carolina Witch Trials….the smell of Willingham burning at the stake is in the air this morning.


    First….let’s all, even the UNC’ers, agree on a few facts.

    > Dean Smith (circa mid 90s’) wanted to copy the AFAM department that Kansas had.
    > AD Swofford then took care of getting the UNC Administration to add it to UNC.
    > Dean Smith hand picked AD Baddour to run AD dept when Swofford got ACC Job.
    >AFAM, over the years, taught various NO-Show classes, mostly attended by jocks.
    >AFAM administrator changed AFAM grades in without professors approval.
    > Coach Williams brought Wayne Warren from Kansas to head “Academic” areas

    Second….let’s explore what the Athletes have said….
    >Used tutors to prepare papers. Tutors were paid for by UNC & not private
    >Athletes said they were specifically TOLD to take certain courses
    >Athletes say they really did not get much, if any, of an education – FARCE

    It NOW appears that “Everyone Does It” or EDI is synonymous with “The Carolina Way”. SO when you hear EDI….think TCW…Keep this forefront in your noggin.

    Finally, as many have posted on the forums, from common sense, and also being a good corporate employee, when the Home Office tells the Senior folks and the Lawyers that “THIS STRATEGY” is what we are going to use is it…you either “Get with the program” or seek other business or professional opportunities.

    The highly compen$ated PR/Legal/Consultant company NOW has complete control of INFO flow and issues “talking points”.

    Bottom line…the stage is now set for a complete denial….so WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

    I liken this to the current attitude toward recreational use of controlled substances….

    Colorado has legalized the recreational use…

    BUT, Colorado and the rest of the US will vigorously ATTACK and CRUCIFY any Large Scale Dealer or Supplier or Drug Cartel.

    So, you have the EDI defense or TCW approach….

    WHAT UNC does NOT want anyone to know is the dirty little secret that TCW has now turned into a South American or Mexican DRUG CARTEL. They have honed and crafted and improved their system SO MUCH that most any other university would have kicked out the professors and administrators and AD employees and coaches that DARED even think about such…but they get BONUSES for their exemplary work in IMPROVING TCW.

    Me thinks that this little “situation” or melodrama is at the “Gee, somebody said that old Jerry Sandusky seems to ‘like’ the young guys in Paterno’s camps…probably just a Pitt fan starting a rumor….” STAGE…

    Make sure the Richter Sensors are calibrated and online as there will be a thermonuclear event in Orange County in the future….however, it will be so cataclysmic that you will NOT need to even look at them to know “IT” happened.

    The Chris Christie sized vocalist has not even left her dressing room yet, as a wise insider told me….


    ^Pigs get fat and HOGS get slaughtered….
    No way out. It’s just a matter of time.

    Until the HOLES rollover and gives the ‘sharks’ a BIGGER HOG.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I didn’t know it was possible for a collective entity to become so far stuck up its own ass.

    76-As succinct and accurate a description of ‘The Carolina Way’ as I have ever heard-kudos…


    I continue to find it amusing how relatively quickly the uNX fan braintrust rolled from “we’re above it all – it’s the Carolina Way” to “everyone does it”. And I find their comments and bile spewed toward Willingham appalling –but not surprising. This from the same group who whines about libel and lawsuits anytime more damaging information comes out.

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