NCAA to Reopen UNC-CH Investigation

It is being reported that the NCAA has provided UNC-CH with a verbal notice of inquiry today, notifying the school of its plans to reopen its 2011 investigation into academic irregularities.

NCAA Reopening Academic Case (

UNC-CH athletic director Bubba Cunningham has issued the following statement:

“The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received a verbal notice of inquiry from the NCAA that it will reopen its 2011 examination of academic irregularities. The NCAA has determined that additional people with information and others who were previously uncooperative might now be willing to speak with the enforcement staff.”

“Since 2011, the University has conducted and commissioned numerous reviews of this matter and provided the NCAA with updates. In February, the University retained former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein to conduct an independent investigation and instructed him to share relevant information directly and confidentially with the NCAA.”

“The University has instituted numerous academic reforms based on findings from earlier reports that can be found at We remain committed to learning from our past so that we can move forward to building a stronger University.”

“Consistent with NCAA protocols, we will have no further comment on this matter until the process is complete.”

News and Observer: NCAA Reopens NCAA Investigation

NCAA Reopens UNC Investigation (WTVD)

More on this as it develops.


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    It is being reported today that the NCAA has provided UNC-CH with a verbal notice of inquiry today, notifying the school of its plans to reopen its 20
    [See the full post at: NCAA to Reopen UNC-CH Investigation]


    The NCAA called Bubba today after determining that “additional” people with information and “others” who were previously uncooperative might now be willing to speak with the enforcement staff at the NCAA. Joy to the World!


    I wonder if they chose this week because friday is a holiday…

    Prowling Woofie

    Sergeant Schultz will be in charge of the investigation…

    All show and no action, wait and see –


    I wonder if Mary willingham is considered one of those people…some people involved in this have the ability to redeem my faith in decency in this state. Woodall and wanstein..


    I wonder what the new banner will say


    Ah, the Friday joke never gets old. But after 2 years and a couple hundred references to it, it may be time for some new material. Hopefully this new phase of the investigation will help.


    I wonder what the new banner will say

    Hopefully, “National Vacated Titles Champions, 1789 – Present”


    How ’bout…. “Christmas in July!”

    ’cause… Everybody over in and around Chapel Hill, including Uncle Roy, has a “special” present waiting under the proverbial UNx and the $NCAA$ trees..

    And the hitting just keep on coming…
    The old radio DJ said…
    “No record is a record unless we play it… ”
    “It ain’t a hit unless we say it!”

    And off the hot wire…
    The Line on Uncle Roy sitting on the UNx bench Thanksgiving just moved from 50/50 to 60/40…Not going to be there….

    Adios Amigo.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Well if that just isn’t some great news! Time to go entertain myself at IC


    uNX better get busy printing more of those boilerplate “I got a great education at Carolina” letters.


    I’m praying for a coordinated effort between Unx, Wainstein and the NCAA that only results in minor verbal spankings. Keep painting yourselves into a corner. I know the odds are slim but eventually an outside entity could gut these tools.

    Completely agree that the attorneys have a prioritized laundry list of items to sacrifice as the need arises. Roy is not far down the list to cauterize the overall wound and keep Dean out of it. Roy Boy would like nothing more than to bask in the lime light as he falls on the sword to save all things Carolina.

    The perfect script would have this drag out for another 2-3 years with more infractions surfacing. It will never happen but anything less than a five year death penalty for all programs involved and a hefty fine to be divided by the ACC schools that suffered for decades would be too little.



    Time is flying on us all!! It hasn’t been ‘2 years’ of the “Friday joke”. More like FOUR YEARS!!! It is the gift that keeps on giving.


    Woodall was correct…There was some meat on the bones.

    I believe my little birdie to be correct about Indiannapolis hanging out in the hallway, waiting for the DA, and the SBI to finish up.

    Now that those entities have provided the avenue of info via Wainstein, the NCAA will probably weigh in accordance to Wainstein’s findings.

    Who knows?


    Say It Ain’t So….

    “new information” from e$PN….

    … the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer reported that McCants was not the only member of the 2005 team who was enrolled in no-show classes to stay eligible.

    The newspaper gathered data that showed “five members of that team (2005) …
    accounted for a combined 39 enrollments in classes that have been identified as confirmed or suspected lecture classes that never met.”

    … heading on over to IdiotCentral… better than TV tonight….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yea – time will tell won’t it? Even the inept investigations have yielded some valuable info. Sec of state revealed that marvin’s handlers got paid… (No action from NCAA?)…martin’s report revealed the fake signatures and tons of fake classes. The correct question is “what the @#%%! Took you so long.”


    The DA drops the charges just before public discovery. For anyone to have hope for justice doesn’t grasp how blatant and public an act of UNC protectionism and support that was.

    Whatever happens will be a fraction of the punishment deserved. I gloated the first few years of the investigation and came out a fool.


    DeCock: UNC athletic, academic case not over yet, nor is it anywhere close

    What began as a probe into impermissible benefits in the football program – Marvin Austin and Greg Little, please step forward – uncovered agents afoot and soon crossed over into academic misconduct, with detours covering a U-Haul truck filled with drugs, South Beach clubs and a tutor who handed out cash to players, wrote papers for them and worked as an in-home instructor for Butch Davis’ son.

    One tutor led to one plagiarized paper that led to one transcript that led to one department full of phony classes that led to one inadequate and very expensive report that led to one whistleblower that led to many, many protestations and recriminations from the second North Carolina administration to trumpet jargon-laden “reforms” instead of real action.

    Beautiful. Read the whole thing!


    I won’t be happy until they’re caught selling tennis shoes.


    Close the school as step one. We can dream can’t we.


    Consistent with NCAA protocols, we will have no further comment on this matter until the process is complete

    It’s always nice when two parties’ needs align.


    The NCAA is stepping in to save its own wicked soul. If the public finally understood that the NCAA knew about the cheating and accepted it then the backlash would destroy the NCAA. I expect another minor hand-slap but personally want the death penalty.

    Prowling Woofie

    Emmert doesn’t have the balls to take this to its full conclusion. Whitewash, Part V.


    Not sure what to think about this. It will either be a full on whitewash to save the NCAA’s reputation or they will emasculate UNC-CH.

    I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.


    The NCAA has become a laughingstock. They are only wading back in to save their butts.

    Some good has come of it all. Now everyone knows just how corrupt the NCAA is and what lying, cheating scoundrels run UNC. No other school in the nation could have gotten by with what they’ve done. They and their minions continue to run this banana republic of a state like Tammany Hall.

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