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    A warm weather bowl, pretty much the best we could hope for. Well done Pack!


    Got to believe we are going to the Belk Bowl, they have our pictures on the ticket page.

    in reply to: Purdue 66 NC State 61 #64121

    The call – It was a legitimate rules violation. The ref called it right. However, we may never see that called again in our lifetimes. (hopefully)

    RT – Some gross mental errors resulting in rookie fouls. He really had an off night.

    Guard play – Purdue kept the pressure on our guards all night. I think we saw the result in Trevor and Cat’s free throw shooting. Except for them, we shot FT really well. But on the other hand, Cat and Trevor are our primary ball handlers and only had one turnover between them.Really good.

    Bigs – Kyle is working hard to get back in the starting lineup. Except for that ridiculous foul, he had a stellar game. That’s what I expected from him this year. Hope he can do it more consistently, but inconsistency is the hallmark of a young player.

    Bigs – Nard – what happened? 2 PT / 3 RB – I was ready to have him start every game, but …

    Bigs – BeeJay – 8 PTS / 5 RB (4 OFF) – could have done without the 3 TO (especially the last one). Really liked the one strong move around the seven footer to the basket. We are getting glimpses of what will become the norm in the next couple of years.

    The defense played really well. They held a team that is shooting 48% from the field as a team to 39%. They were a little under their 3PT % as well.

    We had more blocked shots, more steals, and fewer TO.

    They beat us by one bucket in the first half, and another in the second.

    Not that bad for game #7.

    in reply to: All-ACC Teams Highlight Pack’s Current Talent Gap #63625

    “Consistent with the pre-season progni ….” “Progni”, very nice indeed.

    For any of us watching carefully week to week, this is not a surprise. If I remember right, the voting majority on this site predicted 6-7 wins. And we might get our 8th.

    Historically, (hysterically???), an eight win season has been considered acceptable. Not extraordinary, but good. The fact that we’re at this point in year two of the new administration relying on a lot of younger players bodes well.

    in reply to: The Best of Jacoby Brissett #63590

    Whoa! That’s a bucket of cold water!!!
    Was expecting to prolong the glow of victory a little longer.

    in reply to: Gottfried’s Wolfpack start 5-0 #62678

    Great win. No asterisks at all, they played well against a tough team. Nice to see them continue to improve. I would think this win will help our NCAAT resume.

    As noted earlier, we still need to work on getting the ball in the hands of the bigs. I think Cat is afraid to throw it in, and that is probably because our bigs don’t consistently seal off their defender and put themselves in position to take the pass. I think it is a timing thing. The bigs are doing the right thing, but not able to hold the position long, and the guards aren’t reacting quickly enough to take advantage of the small window of opportunity.

    * BeeJay needs to learn how to play defense, not just try to block every shot, and continue to work on his post moves.
    * Kyle needs to learn to rebound and play defense.
    * Nard’s got it all going for him – we saw the mid-range jumper last night – he just needs to demand the ball more often. I think he can do it all, he just needs to get a little more aggressive.
    * Abu still needs to learn how to do everything. But his size and energy are great on the court.

    Totally agree with the poster that said start Caleb and bring Ralston off the bench. Had thought the same thing many times. However, not sure how Ralston would react to that emotionally. Would he go into a slump, and we lose the scoring? Caleb definitely needs more time on the court.

    Great progress! There’s real potential out there. Can we live up to it this year?


    1) Give Carolina some bulletin board fodder – Check!
    2) Question the coach’s disdain for Carolina (i.e. Does he “get it?”) – Check!
    3) Snappy uniforms ready to go – Check!
    4) Gobble till we wobble
    5) Kick Carolina’s butt!!!!!!

    I’d say we are right on schedule!

    in reply to: University of No Consequences #62418

    Here’s a thought … while we are over in Chapel Hill, why not do a little of our own spray painting? Clearly the boys in baby blue have no problem with that.

    I happen to know where there will be 21,750 baby blue seats just begging to be painted red.

    I’ll chip in on the paint.

    in reply to: University of No Consequences #62413

    Incredible arrogance

    in reply to: Bowl scenarios du jour #62350

    Detroit??? I thought Detroit was closed.


    Good things about last night

    1) We got a lot of practice against the zone. We need a lot more, but they showed signs of understanding how it should be done. I think the bigs still need to figure out their part. Like last year, we will probably see it most games.
    2) Trevor is sneaky good. You hardly noticed him last night, but he got 5 PT, 7 RB, 5 AST, 2 STL against one TO. He gets stuff done, and will only get better.
    3) Only four guys played well, Caleb, BeeJay, Trevor and Nard.
    4) It seemed like we started out playing down to the competition, which has been a characteristic of Gott teams. But we picked it up and got 79 points – that’s what we hope to get most games.Probably should have been more, but the first 10 mins looked like it was going to be a 50 point game.

    Granted, it is early. But lots of big ugly, game-costing, flaws. FT shooting, turnovers, FG shooting are the most worrisome.

    in reply to: NC State 74 Hofstra 64 #61804

    Zone – The key to beating the zone is the bigs. They need to hit that spot at the top of the key to catch the ball and pass back out, take the 15 footer, or pass inside to a big or cutting player. I think Kyle did that once last night. They’ll get it. Last year we played against so much zone that we got good at it. I think that will happen again. Gott talked about it in the post game.

    We had consecutive first have possessions where someone left his player standing alone, and he hit a three. That may have been Caleb. (hard to tell, no one was standing close by LOL) However, he played well. Very high energy – he got a rebound, an assist and a block. However his shot was not falling at all. He’ll play a lot.

    Nard was great, nuff said. He looks much more physical this year, and plays with more energy. I’ll bet he starts every game.

    Very disappointed with BeeJay. Looked slow and clumsy. He’s got an odd FT action. He did block three shots, which gives a hint of what he could do were he better prepared to play. Hard to imagine him playing more than 10-12 per game.

    in reply to: Sunday/Monday: NC State Campus Report #61660

    “but..the ‘could’ not beat Duke and we ‘could’ keep them from getting to a bowl!”

    That’s the best we could achieve this season. Knowing us and our history, I am skeptical.

    in reply to: Bowl Eligible! #61616

    November 29!!!!!
    That is the game that says, “We did the minimum expected this season” or “There may be something brewing in Raleigh.”

    Rooting for the dark blues on Thursday, and then our having the satisfaction of ending their dreams of post season on the 29th.

    To me, this will be a good coaching gauge. Will the team relax and collapse? Or will they get up for the rival game and play well enough to win?

    I think a seven win regular season was the best most reasonable minds could expect this season – so should be celebrated in a big way if it happens.

    By comparison:

  • David Cutcliffe – year two – 5-7, year five got 6 wins, in year six won 10, was coach of the year
  • Ruffin McNeil – year two – 5-7, year three won 8, year four won 10
in reply to: NC State Campus Report!! #61303

I wonder about the mood on campus today. Does the start of a promising basketball season dilute the remaining passion for football?

in reply to: Basketball starts tonight! Jackson State @ NC State #61301

Hate it, but I will miss this one – on a plane, but hopefully it will be the only one I miss all year.

1) Center – Who will start? Nard, like the exhibition, or will the “future king of the world”, BeeJay?
2) Frosh – Are Caleb and Abu for real?
3) Cat – Is he going to turn into a pass first PG? Can he limit turnovers?
4) Wash – 6’9″, high energy, hard working, athletic power forward. I think he needs to get 10+ ppg / 5+ rpg for us to be really good.
5) Trevor – how long will it take to adjust?

Can’t remember being this excited for a season in a while. I expect them to b e fun to watch grow into a good team.

in reply to: NC State frontcourt getting national press #60846

^ The only thing I would argue with is “everyone else.” I’ll be surprised if Gott can keep 10 guys in every game, he admits that 9 was unusual for him last year. But I hope he does.

Here’s my take:
Turner 12 (increase of 1.5 over last year)
Barber 12 (+ 3.5)
Lacey 11 (thats what he scored at Alabama)
Lee 9 (+0.6)
Wash 7 (+ 2.2)
Freeman 5 (+ 1)
Anya 10 (+ 7.9)
Abu, Martin, Martin 4 (that’s what Nard got last year)

That is 78 ppg, about the same that DU & UNC averaged last year. Anya is the only massive increase in points, and he’ll certainly get the chance to score that much. Any kind of defense at all and this should do us really well.

in reply to: NC State frontcourt getting national press #60781

Has anyone seen the SI preview of the ACC? They ranked the conference about the same as everyone else (we’re a little low at #10), but the interesting thing is their predicted stats.

They list their predictions for our best 7 players.

1. Trevor 13 ppg
2. Ralston 12 ppg
3. Cat 11 ppg
4. Abu 7 ppg
5. Dez 7 ppg
6 Caleb 4 ppg
7. Nard 4 ppg

No Kyle, no Anya???

in reply to: NC State frontcourt getting national press #60747

Whoa there, let’s not dismiss the preseason that easily.

Pomeroy says we are ranked 60 in their preseason ranking.
Game #5 – Richmond is ranked 51
#7 – Purdue is 40
#12 – West Virginia is 55
#13 – Louisiana Tech is 49
#14 – Cincy is 46

Hard to predict this early, but at least somebody who’s done some analysis thinks we may have some challenges before the end of the year.

And then it really gets to be fun, Pitt, UVA, Duke, and Carolina all before the middle of January.

I’d say it could get ugly early. But that’s why we play.

in reply to: NC State frontcourt getting national press #60717

Who’s ‘Frenchie’? Missed that memo apparently.
Anya? LenNARD? Malik?

in reply to: NC State frontcourt getting national press #60707

Ironically, Jordan Washington is one of Herb’s recruits.

I’ve been complaining about all the pre-season “blah blah blah”, a bunch of noise with no substance. (“The big question is, who will replace TJ at State?” – genius)

Finally, these guys do a little real analysis – but then they blow it by confusing Kyle’s name. However, I think they are right. By February, I think our bigs will be really good.

in reply to: Playing for Bowl Eligibility vs. Georgia Tech #60676

You guys are all basking in the glow of this one game winning streak, and it is clouding your memories. The end of the game Saturday should have reminded you.
We are the Pack. We don’t do anything easy.

I would be willing to bet my entire pocket full of lint that we will go to Chapel Hill still needing that last win, and they will do what they do to us – late rally to win in the last minute.

I would happily lose that lint if we could beat WF, but that just seems too easy.

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*Al Sharpton calls this worse for blacks than Donald Sterling”

I’ve always thought of Sharpton as a little too ‘out there’ for me. He always seems to take such an extreme position.

But welcome to the ‘piling on’ Reverend, we are glad to have you. LOL Hope something sticks on Teflon U.

in reply to: UNC Becomes A Literal Punchline On SNL #59996

SNL strikes again! Love it!!!!

in reply to: Jordan Vandenberg Signs with the New York Knicks #59833

Congrats JV! Bank the money and enjoy the ride!
Hopefully you can ride ‘seven feet tall with some skills’ to a ton of money.

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