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    One of the realistic preseason goals for Dave Doeren’s second team — after a 3-8 (0-8) 2013 campaign and one of the nation’s youngest and talent-defi
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    Good win, GO PACK!!!! I’m going to try and not complain but at half time Coach said they couldn’t rotate on defense….yet we never went up tempo???? would have won by 70, it’s all good….GREAT GAME FROM OUR LINE AND BACKS!!! F U * K CAROLINA!!!!!


    Good win over a team we should beat. Now take a week off and get ready for the Cheats.

    Alpha Wolf

    Nothing could be finer than to celebrate a win on 11/22 over Carolina.


    AW, that’s two weeks from now on 11/29. We get a bye week!!!

    Smarter than the average bear


    I was able to take my son to the game yesterday…great way to spend my birthday. During the third quarter, part of the band came up the aisle beside us (in section 31) and played for us; after they left, a squirrel ran up the steps beside us, appeared to be headed to Vaughn Towers! A few minutes later, he grabbed the leg of the gentleman in front of me! Everyone was having a ball “Squirrel Hunting”!


    Lying, cheating, arrogant bastards is much more applicable.

    Way to come through Pack!


    Hopefully Duke will be pissed after their loss, and kick the holes arse next week, then when they return home, we need to give them a nice season’s farewell!


    At 6-6 this will be a season where we made progress. At 7-5 this will be a season where we started to move up the food chain a bit. The sweetness of a victory over those arrogant, cheating buttholes will make for a perfect end to Thanksgiving weekend.


    Some possibilities include the Independence Bowl vs Florida, Military Bowl vs Cincy, Bit Coin St Petersburg vs Cincy, and the Quick Lane Bowl against Ohio.


    DITTO!! Will be traveling just to watch this game at a NC hotel with my brothers. Cheats must go down.


    … bowl eligibility just a stepping stone, not a destination, to what most ‘educated’ observers see as long term success…
    but this season cannot be properly evaluated until after THE GAME of the year on November 29th.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    November 29!!!!!
    That is the game that says, “We did the minimum expected this season” or “There may be something brewing in Raleigh.”

    Rooting for the dark blues on Thursday, and then our having the satisfaction of ending their dreams of post season on the 29th.

    To me, this will be a good coaching gauge. Will the team relax and collapse? Or will they get up for the rival game and play well enough to win?

    I think a seven win regular season was the best most reasonable minds could expect this season – so should be celebrated in a big way if it happens.

    By comparison:

  • David Cutcliffe – year two – 5-7, year five got 6 wins, in year six won 10, was coach of the year
  • Ruffin McNeil – year two – 5-7, year three won 8, year four won 10
john of sparta

Duke has been exposed.
We will be the underdog.
play the points.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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