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    WV Wolf

    In case you missed it on last night’s Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live, the Carolina Way is now literally a joke.
    [See the full post at: UNC Becomes A Literal Punchline On SNL]


    You had me at “arrove”. XOXO


    Memo to Thomas Ross: Well Tom, looks like its flaring up again…there ain’t enough Prep H to make it go away either, you lying POS.


    Quinton Coples isn’t going to like this!


    SNL strikes again! Love it!!!!


    “Ungood and distrue”, say it ain’t so Roy.


    That right there is funny, I don’t care who you are… Oh wait, the IC bunch won’t like it.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I laughed last night, I laughed again today.


    Let’s hear what Tom Ross has to say on the subject:

    Prowling Woofie

    Though nothing will come from the NCAA of any consequence, at least now everyone will KNOW FOR CERTAIN, that when they walk into the Dean Dome (a building named after the architect of the cheating scandal – he did, after all, instruct Matt Doherty not to change the system in place) and look into the rafters, that at least half of the laundry up there belongs to ineligible athletes, as well as at least two of the National Championship banners…

    Those assholes can print as many T-shirts and have as many rings made as they want, we all know enough of the truth (though certainly not all of it) to keep laughing at them for decades to come.

    BTW, if they start reneging banners and vacating wins, that’s going to hurt Schnoz and Ole Roy a bunch on the Career Wins Meter, isn’t it ????


    I personally think that we should hang banners for our ACC basketball title game losses to UNC in the Finals. The ACC may not award us with the titles, but they will hang there with a reminder that UNC did in fact cheat when they won those years.

    If nothing else, maybe it becomes a discussion point for 20-30 years down the line when all of that has been neatly swept under the rug by UNC.


    I personally think that we should hang banners for our ACC basketball title game losses to UNC in the Finals. The ACC may not award us with the titles, but they will hang there with a reminder that UNC did in fact cheat when they won those years.

    If nothing else, maybe it becomes a discussion point for 20-30 years down the line when all of that has been neatly swept under the rug by UNC.

    Gotta admit, my first reaction to this was to roll my eyes. But, the more I think about it, the more I’m coming around. I get the whole argument that vacating wins doesn’t award victory to the other team, but I guess I fundamentally disagree with that philosophy. In addition, I don’t see a huge difference between awarding ourselves ACC championships and UNX awarding themselves the Coastal Division title. And, thanks to UNX, the precedent has been set: the conference office clearly has no problem with it…


    I personally think that we should hang banners for our ACC basketball title game losses to UNC in the Finals. The ACC may not award us with the titles, but they will hang there with a reminder that UNC did in fact cheat when they won those years.

    What about a banner for the National Championship in ’73? We were undefeated you know.


    The weekend press was UN-GOOD to UNC. WTVD started it….Jeff Gravely made some rather caustic (OK…He’s a State Grad) remarks about the Wainstein report being Body, Witnesses, Motive, Opportunity, and Suspect holding smoking gun….then the N&O jumped in.

    I am getting the feeling that the “Banner Arrangers” for the DES Center are going to get more “ROOM” to spread out their OLDER banners….at least the ones that ORW has rings for. BUT, who knows.

    It also hit me….I have always thought that DES was a gifted individual. I differ in his social and political views…but still, the man COULD coach and he was VERY good at coming up with “Plans” to control the game in HIS (UNC) favor….aka….the 4 Corners.

    Now, I believe that he actually pulled off the biggest triumph of his career circa 1992. In 1990, he saw how our Faculty Senate jumped on the “Crucify Him” and St. Monteith cheerfully did their bidding. He was really, and rightly so, concerned about certain things coming out about his players and that the supposed crimes of Jimmy V were actually happening at UNC.

    He also was a student of politics. Thus, when he visited his Alma Mater (KU), circa 1991, he saw a 21 year experiment that was yielding results. The KU AFAM was started in 1970…I THINK it is the oldest in the nation.

    Dean, being the good liberal, set about to rationalize in his OWN mind a solution that would be foolproof. NOW, I am of the opinion that when a Liberal has a “PLAN”, it benefits his/her station or position MUCH more that it does to actually SOLVE the plight of the Downtrodden that they are bemoaning.

    SO…UNC will rev up an AFAM Department. Dean’s lads (and a few others….if needed) can have a REPARTITION Based Curriculum. In other words, a school where an athlete (mostly of the minority persuasion), can get a Degree on a NON-Level Playing Field since it is the “System’s Fault” that he came from a poor neighborhood and that his ONLY WAY OUT is to PLAY and he does not have enough time to STUDY. I really, in all seriousness, believe that Dean saw NO issues with a department that provided eligibility to his players so that they would get “Race biased GOOD Grades” and actually get a Degree from UNC.

    It was the PERFECT PLAN….The UNC Faculty Senate would OVERWHELMINGLY approve such….as it gave them MORE DIVERSITY. And Social Justice and Diversity is what it is all about….never mind if you major in something that you can not make a decent living at or ever have any chance at repaying UNC for all the student loans that you ran up…

    Dean, if you recall, actually “COINED” the Phrase…..”THE CAROLINA WAY” in his book. Not only did he conceive the plan….he figured out HOW to market it…so that the Faculty was ON BOARD.

    I recently got a cartoon….I will give you the paraphrased version here…

    Jimmy Valvano said…..”I have a DREAM….”

    Dean Smith said……”I have a SCHEME….”

    Sort of sums it up….



    Now you’re getting down to the “facts”…. as they were best seen back in the day….

    Your recollections are spot on… as to the “invisible deal behind the deal”….

    Now… while what had happened to Coach V may well have have been the “trigger” that set what followed over in Chapel Hill in full motion… It was not necessarily the root cause…

    It’s worth reaching back a couple of more years and remembering…
    1. Coach Smith arrove in Chapel Hill in 1961 with very low expectations… Coach Case retired in 1964.
    2. There were black scholarship athletes at NC State several years before there were any at xNC.
    3. Coach Smith was the most visible leader on that campus in bringing that to fruition… a position that put his career totally at risk … managing a process that was opposed at every level. Nor did his efforts go unnoticed on campuses outside of North Carolina…. (You may remember Coach Rupp’s famous statement at UK circa 1965 ).
    4. Thus … the hardwoods at Carmichael and Reynolds in those days in one way were just stages for something much bigger than roundball.
    5. On both NC campuses and elsewhere… the integration of college athletics helped to present an expanded view of race relations all across the Old North State.

    Thus… in some ways… one might wonder… what took Coach Smith so long to start the AFAM program at xNC as that was just the logical extension of what he and others had been working towards for decades preceeding 1993.

    And yes… at least in the minds of those involved at the time… it was done “the Right Way”… complete with echos of reparations, separate but equal, and a few other cliches of that day… enough so that a majority could say something good about it over morning coffee.

    When it was finally done in 1993… the potential benefits of a few more victories on the hardwood was of secondary concern… merely a nice bonus.
    That said… it could be asked why a AFAM program had not already been started at NC State… After all… we had a women on our Board of Trustees in the 1930’s, admitted women as students before xNC and were ahead of xNC in several other similar areas rightfully labelled as “liberal’ … albeit all without any of the fanfare and self=promotion that is normally associated with those kinds of things.

    The answer to that however is not so complicated…. when one also recalls that as late as the mid-1970s… the School of Liberal Arts at NCState was still in somewhat of an infant stage … and whose primarily purpose was still to teach the Engineers and Scientists ENG 111 && ENG 112 and a little more.

    One might also ask…”To what extent does any of this matter to the Pups” ??

    That question almost answers itself…. as in…
    ‘Folks probably ought not offer opinions about stuff they don’t know anything about”.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Al Hartly was the first Black scholarship MBB player at State and IIRC he played at the same time as Charlie Scott at UNC-CH.


    Bill on the Beach…

    Me thinks you matriculated around the same time that I did…..I wuz there from the fall of 1963 to that GLORIUS day in May, 1968 when I got my BS-Engineering Operations. I left for the Frozen NORTH and came back to Woodland, NC in February, 1970. As one person put it, North Hampton county ain’t GOT no Civil War Memorial…the ONLY county in NC that did NOT have one….according to a noted NC Historian (he could extemporaneously) do a 15 minute speech on EVERY county’s history….as well as being a noted “JUDGE”.

    The answer was SIMPLE….Nobody in Jackson knows that the war is over….there are still boys in the swamps fightin’

    The history of minority athletes in Raleigh and Chapel Hill is interesting….

    My point, which I think you got, was that Dean recognized the “threats” from empowering a Faculty Senate. YES, Dean was the “EMPORER” in Chapel Hill….and Sloan and Valvano knocked a few holes in his walls on many occasions.

    Dean was truly committed to Basketball and his Liberal Agenda….that is NO BS or HYPE. He, I think, also saw the seeds of unrest and getting Johnny Swofford (wonder if the pups also know THAT?) to be the “Implementer” or the Chief Greaser of Skids….to get AFAM started was a triumph. Dean hand picked Dicke Baddour to follow Johnny as Dickie was probably one of the DULLEST knives in the drawer. What happened when the FIRST Head Knocker of AFAM set sails for another horizon and Uncle Julius and Deborah (“Debbie Does UNC” should be the title of Mary Willingham’s upcoming book) really started to “Cook the Books”. The rest, now 18 years later, comes out.

    Here is a link to a UNC site….that STILL has Dean’s “words”. You can NOT make this mess up…


    LISTEN TO THE AUDIO….all that is missing is Charles Karault…..

    I need a NEW keyboard as I was drinking some lemonade as I watched it…

    Before you hit PLAAY….think about what we KNOW NOW and keep that thought as you listen to ORW….

    WOW….I feel better after my Laugh….All I need now, according to Jimmy V is to cry a little….



    not far off… class of ’76…

    Northhampton, if not the one, next to the only county in NC that recruited and enlisted NC boys for the Union Army.

    you said… “Dean was truly committed to Basketball and his Liberal Agenda”… by the early ’90s …
    the order herein may be backwards…

    there is no question… that the “events” in Raleigh in the late 80sleading to Coach V’s dismissal were exacerbated by outside influencers… nor is there a question in my mind… that had the Campus been solidly behind Coach V … history would have been different..

    yes… there were always ‘Academics’ on campus in Chapel Hill who were jealous of ‘Athletics’… enough to make a difference… probably not… but then we would have said the same thing when Caldwell and Casey were running our show too…

    Regardless of all that… the “Emperor/Warrior/General” found himself in a unique position in 1990… with the no rival generals, no opposing armies on the field within hundreds of miles… the closest being perhaps in Charlottesville, or College Park or Atlanta…

    Seeing nothing but chaos and open land for the taking on his four horizons in the Old North State and proceeded to do what any decent Emperor/Warrior/General would have done…

    Go over to headquarters… and made a grand speech espousing the high morals and values of the Emperor’s Way and the present opportunity at hand, consolidated his backend operators, neutered his Faculty Senate opponents, promised riches and fame for all, got new financing and struck out to take the newly opened territories by force, proselytizing their inhabitants by the hundreds, and reducing his opponents to ‘ghosts’ … the successful result of which would surely secure his legacy as GOAT for several lifetimes.

    Once that was accomplished… the Emperor’s sole remaining purposes were to solidify the Great Emperor Myth, to build the Grand Temple of the Faithful and the Way and place his priests, heirs and their descendants in key positions ( all across the country ) to ensure that his Dynasty would rule forever…

    Save for that Polish kid… who was Coach V’s friend… it could have been a lot worse.

    … and yes, ‘Roo, to say that old Dean was ‘committed’ is somewhat a polite understatement….

    Meanwhile…the rest of us, those who might have made a difference, idk, were busy with jobs, wives and children. For myself… after I met the faux-Chancellor from Vermont (before the Black Day), I basically said… ‘if “Somebody (else) can’t do better than this in Rawlee…”F” it…’ and hadn’t really worried or thought about all this much at all until I starting hanging out with you guys here at SFN a couple of years ago.

    I’m pretty sure… I wasn’t the only one…
    Not saying I was right… just what happened….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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