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    BEFORE the 2014 football season began we posted a couple of preview items on SFN that served to set the table for the coming year. Article #1 asked an
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    There is obviously GREAT news in the fact that Coach Doeren and his staff were able to muster a 7-5 record and a WHALLOPING of the Cheaters this season with so few seniors and juniors inside of the program.

    This bears repeating.


    When I watched our team play, I felt like Baumann was the most likely to play in the NFL……………..


    “Consistent with the pre-season progni ….” “Progni”, very nice indeed.

    For any of us watching carefully week to week, this is not a surprise. If I remember right, the voting majority on this site predicted 6-7 wins. And we might get our 8th.

    Historically, (hysterically???), an eight win season has been considered acceptable. Not extraordinary, but good. The fact that we’re at this point in year two of the new administration relying on a lot of younger players bodes well.


    Talent gap? Yes but that gap is narrowing rather quickly under Coach D. At least this staff does recruit.


    CDD deserves kudos for accomplishing the record with the talent he has. I am very happy with the finish to the season and the direction of the program. We beat the teams we were better than (WFU, SU, and the 4 OOC), lost to those better than us (FSU, CU, UL, BC) and pulled one minor upset (UNC), while destroying them. I don’t think we had more talent than WFU, SU and UNC, but we were playing better than they were and that credit goes to CDD.

    However, it is a long way to get to the level of FSU, CU, and UL. While I expect a major regression of FSU next year, sans JW, CU and UL are still ascending and will be very tough. For CDD to break through he will need to accomplish some significant surprises on the recruiting trail and on the field. I believe he can and look forward to watching him and the staff do it.

    I expect 8-4 regular season next year (4-4 conference), hopefully moving past BC on the Atlantic side. Anything more will be a significant achievement.

    In regard to the staff, i wonder if he will make any changes. Hux got a lot of criticism but much of it was the lack of talent. At the same time, he has only a modest resume. I think the deciding factor will be if CDD prefers the scheme Hux is running.


    While I expect a major regression of FSU next year, sans JW

    I don’t expect much of a regression there. Jimbo has it rolling pretty good, especially considering Florida and Miami are both down. Clemson I can see taking a step forward. Watson will be Heisman material.


    I don’t think the all-AFC team does is measure anything but act performance. We had talent – else we wouldnt have been able to dominate wake and UNC and hang with FSU like we did.

    We have/had very young talent..we have some talented experience too. Did this combo exceed the talent and experience combo of FSU and Clemson. Hell no. I think we were tired vs. BC. I think we lacked confidence vs. The ville. I think we overachieved vs. UNC. I think wake has an offense that couldn’t score on a high school d.


    I think we have more talent than Syracuse. BC – time will tell. But I think we should be able to beat this team @ home soon. Dd and company are doing a great job of assembling talent and we have no idea it may look when/if we get to see what he can do 4-6….that’s meant in a good way.


    Building a program may not produce All Conference performers. Had Doeren given Shad 25 or 30 carries a game like some fans thought he should, Shad may have been All Conference. Senior Tony Creecy would have been neglected and Dayes would have done pine time. And oh, we would have “improved.” However, recruits see what is happening at schools they are considering. The only conclusion to draw from what they saw here is that seniors are respected, and more than one RB gets a chance to show his stuff and win more playing time which might be important to those guys still out there that are considering State.

    It’s been said many times and in many ways, Canada and Huxtable with Doeren’s guidance and blessing have a plan for installing offense and defense. There was no rush to get ahead of themselves to install something early that was not in the timeline for installing either O or D. Not allowing Jacoby to run, and man can he run, was by design. Don’t risk an injury and screw up the plan. Run Samuels according to plan. When basketball coaches try different combinations, we think they are being smart. When football coaches try different combinations of receivers or whatever, we wonder what the hell is wrong with them and why don’t they play the flavor of the day that the fans like.

    We saw Saturday what happens when all that “talent we don’t have” get’s partially unleashed. I suggest that the data analyzers and that talent assessors are analizing and assessing with incomplete data and application of talent. We played Purvis and maybe other seniors who weren’t as “talented” as some newcomers such as Samuels. Why play them? Well, you can’t talk authenically about family and treat seniors like crap. Doeren is nothing if not authentic.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating and man did we eat some pudding in Chapel Hole Saturday. Those guys were playing for each other and for respect of “our house.” I doubt seriously if a damn soul in that locker room give 2 sh1ts about who made or didn’t make all comference. I wonder why we do.

    Alpha Wolf

    The Pack picked up a commit tonight from GA DE Kobe Smith:

    THE BEAR ?@k9be5 1h 1 hour ago
    I like to say that I have committed to North Carolina State University #Gowolfpack


    ^ 6’3 310 pounds defensive tackle. 5th commit for 2016


    Few things to consider before saying Clemson is trending upwards… Morris is leaving and that will hurt. Watson is already looking fragile. RG3 2.0? Super talented though! The defense will lose some significant contributors due to NFL and eligibility expiring.

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