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    your posts are very enlightening but the acronyms make them brutal to comprehend.

    Just wait until they start using player’s nicknames that were made up here at SFN.



    How does the assistants thing work in college, when we fired MG (Mark Gottfried) did we also fire the assistants or do they also have to be bought out separately or are they retained?

    I know most staffs change under a new coach, but was just wondering what we are on the hook for beyond the head coach.


    Long article on the first stages of the Carousel. Nothing earth-shattering about State, but interesting anyway.


    That was a good article, positive sounding for us. Good to see someone who knows basketball speak up. I wonder which university he was referring to with regards to passing on Archie? Any ideas?


    Yahoo sports tends to be truth tellers from what I can remember. I hope this eventually puts pressure on the 4 letter network to play it straight and quit the favoritism.


    Interesting especially about Indiana and tOSU both possibly NOT making any moves (at least forcibly). I hadn’t heard Brownell’s seat was hot, I figured with the football title everything was sunshine and lollipops in Tigger-land.


    Matta has a very impressive resume. Swapping out Matta for Arch might be jumping the gun there, but the natives are restless.


    I did NOT mean to cause folks to miss key job deadlines and put their careers at risk. THE INFAMOUS MG was supposed to be MJ as in Nike Swoosh also of Hornets and Car Dealer fame and the KID that actually left DES (Dean E. Smith) EARLY for the NBPCIA (National Basketball Politically Correct and Inept Association).

    If NCSU does hire Libetards Stevie Kerr or Greggy Poppovich, then there WILL, I suspect, be a small (Numbers…but MEGA in terms of $$’s Donated to the WPC and NCSU Athletics) uprising. It will peak about 9 on the Richter Scale and Dr. Woodson’s incoming texts will be X-Rated.

    That WOULD make for some interesting introductions at the PNC. The Snowflakes that had Play Doo Doo counseling are NOT the usual crowd that shows up at the PNC. Really would be a hoot….just to sit back and watch the fireworks….

    We need to get Yogi started on this one…..he could have a ball with it….

    I, TOO, also can’t quite determine the identity of some of the acronyms or the names for the players…


    Hmmm, Since the start of this BB season I have been mum. I really dislike speaking ill of the dead (as in man walking, MG). I have chosen not to watch any games (as in NONE) this season of any team, not just the pack. I guess Mc’s ambivalence rubbed off on me without me catching his sense of satirical wit. That plus I’ve been busy as heck at the old salt mine. Our business has been really hopping as a result of word of our efforts and results this past political season got around. It has been fun to watch our CEO tout our abilities and hand out kudos to our staff. the end of year bonuses were nice too.

    That being said I cannot see our lot improving with any of the names I’ve been seeing posted. Sorry, I just don’t see Archie being the man. Somewhere out there is a great second tier coach, either from the assistant ranks or mid conferences. I just don’t see us being able to land him. The crystal ball is murky. Yow should retire while she is ahead.

    Smarter than the average bear


    If we boo the hiring of Steve Kerr or Greg Popovic we reserve to go 0-18 in conference.

    A certain amount of success allows you to be anything but an outright Klansman/Islamic terrorist…And I would hope our alumns and true fans with ability to write would understand that.


    ^ Agreed. Plus, the Klucker would surely have a hard time recruiting, whilst the Jihadi wouldn’t be able to travel with the team to any of those cool holiday invitational tourneys…


    I used to chide my friend, ‘foose, for bringing world politics into this arena.

    Adventuroo…it ain’t becoming when it becomes a theme. Just sayin’. It sidetracks you from your mission.

    Don’t take offense, as none is advanced.



    I agree totally that only the lunatic fringe should be concerned….on BOTH ends. My point is that Stevie and Greggy and certain of our sport and entertainment “stars” and owners have decided that the fact that they excel in rebounding or making gazillions entitles them to opinions on certain issues that transcend us mere mortals.

    I personally like it when the politicians were the only ones running around like idiots in costumes and selling “their ideas”. YES, there have been sports personalities and entertainers and influential folks supporting political issues since the days of Ben Hur. However, the country today is very divided….much more that it was 8 years ago.

    Seems like the MSM is now chastizing our president for NOT having an NCAA Bracket. I guess since he has not called a BLM supporter an idiot and then invited the BLM guy and the NON-BLM guy that the BLM guy hit over the head with an axe handle to the WH for a “Beer Summit” is proof that we have chosen the wrong leader.

    Look how wonderful the ethnic factions are getting along with 8 years of proven leadership. One would question why the vast majority of Americans have stated that “Ethic” relations are WORSE now than in 2008. Yogi can fill in the numbers, but all the polls that I see indicate that even those that supported HRC and are of the BLM persuasion say that THINGS are worse….not as bad % wise as the OTHER side….but STILL say that things got WORSE in 8 years.

    My point is that we (as well as any NCAA school) does NOT need a coach that has a stated agenda or political opinion. SOME, of course do…but most are smart enough to keep their politics to themselves.

    There has only been ONE coach that was permitted to have a very liberal philosophy and to openly go where no coach had gone before. He was the guy that they named a dome after in Chapel Hill. There are (deep dark secret) a LOT of UNC alumni are NOT of the LIBERAL penchant….and they are some of the most generous and well heeled (PUN!). They ONLY forgave him because he kept winning and bring prestige to their fine university.

    Popovich and Kerr are totally, IMHO, over the top and would NOT represent a University, that is supposed to have FREE SPEECH well. SO, I would NOT support either of them….regardless of their BB or Political prowess…

    I also will take a small wager that if you dug deep enough into some polling data that NCSU, despite some of our positions, is basically a conservative school….and if you employed an overt and outwardly BIASED (either way) coach, that you WOULD lose support and you WOULD have repercussions. That is LIFE.

    There is also one of the “supposed” tier II coaches that has supposedly (I have NOT done the due diligence) tweeted and retweeted positions that are decidedly LEFT of where the line is at NCSU. I would think that such WOULD be a consideration (what priority or what level) in HIS review. AD Yow has indicated that we will review the coach’s “background” more thoroughly this time. Their expressions on social media and/or their involvement in political issues as well as their “Good Moral Character” WILL be taken into account. The “Firing for Just Cause” clause is about as ambiguous as listening the Roy (Ray?) Cooper and Tim Moore (or whoever) “expound” on WHY HB1 Will or WILL NOT be repealed. If there was more “definitive” codes of ethics or conduct in a coach’s contract, then maybe we would not be in the mess that we are in now.

    Same could be said for UNC. SOME of the coaches and their staff SHOULD have some accountability for the “Marvin Tweets we got BLING” fiasco as well as the AFAM situation. To DATE, the University has chosen to opt for the Ostrich posture..

    On to the game….Kerr and Poppy AIN’t COMING….because they will NOT be considered….and you can take THAT to the proverbial bank….



    You are, as usual correct….but sometimes being unbecoming when the issues are clear….are difficult.

    Right now I don’t give a Rat’s @SS who the Refs are or their political posture….as long as they blow non-partisan or fair whistles. However, we sure could use all the help we can get…

    Right now, a 6 point lead is sweet….and I am not hissing or booing MG…

    Gottfried is still in his blue shirt….with a lime green tie….that part of his personality will always be a mystery to me….as is WHY we are paying Jim Harrick a consultant’s fee….


    We have a hard enough time attracting top
    Flight coaches to Raleigh. We don’t need a political ideology test to compound that.


    Thumbs up to CowDog on that last post. It’s getting downright tiresome.

    This post is about our coaching search. The flamebait can be elsewhere.


    lol I don’t think Pop is coming so no worries


    I am old and I dont understand

    ‘If NCSU does hire Libetards Stevie Kerr or Greggy Poppovich, then there WILL, I suspect, be a small (Numbers…but MEGA in terms of $$’s Donated to the WPC and NCSU Athletics) uprising. ‘

    Stephen Douglas “Steve” Kerr is an American former professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors. no chance in #&!! of hiring him

    Gregg Charles Popovich is an American basketball coach who is currently the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association. no chance in #&!! of hiring him

    I dont understand the references to hiring these guys


    please define acronyms


    Ya I’m not sure why we’re even discussing Kerr and Pop. The idea either would leave the NBA is laughable. Did I miss something?


    BLM = assuming he meant “Black Lives Matter” (they do)
    WH = White House, maybe? Though, from my vantage point here in Nova, I’m starting to glean a slight orange hue….


    Thumbs up to CowDog on that last post. It’s getting downright tiresome.

    This post is about our coaching search. The flamebait can be elsewhere.



    I’m glad to see Gottfried go if only to end the, oh so, clever “We have GOTT to _______________ (fill in the blank.)

    If we can kill off the POP, etc., etc., we might stop sounding like high school kids trying to out do each other.


    it ain’t becoming when it becomes a theme.

    I agree in concept. Although understanding it would require bothering to read 12 incoherent pages.


    Another take from on State’s job.

    Dayton coach Archie Miller and Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall are obvious potential targets for the Wolfpack, but there’s no reason for either to leave their current gigs unless it’s for a top-tier job. Both are well-compensated and lead programs that are indisputably among the best in their respective leagues. As a result, they would be wise to follow Shaka Smart’s lead and wait for a chance to jump to one of the nation’s most coveted jobs, especially with the possibility of Indiana opening in the near future.

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