Coach Lowe delivers one of nation’s toughest OOC basketball schedules

Back when NC State’s basketball schedule was originally released, I noticed some fans referencing/complaining about the out of conference schedule.   Making a subjective observation in a vacuum without comparing the relative strength of the schedule just doesn’t add up.  Who am I (or an fan) to boldly proclaim the magnitude of strength or weakness of […]

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NC State vs NCAA Tournament teams

Now that the season is over, and Duke has won the national championship for 2010, we can fully take stock of the Wolfpack basketball team and see how well they performed against NCAA Tournament teams.  As many of us know, this year’s team was 7-7 against NCAA Tournament teams. How does that compare to past […]

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OTR: Predict Pack’s ACC Record (with bonus imbalanced schedule stats)

It’s that time of year again!  Time for you to go ‘On the Record’ with your Wolfpack perspectives and knowledge. State opens the season tomorrow with an extremely difficult task on the road at Clemson (we’ve got your pre-game discussion)  And, the schedule doesn’t necessarily get THAT much easier.  You can view the imbalanced nature […]

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