NC State Basketball

Forbes: The Most Valuable College Basketball Teams (Updated 4pm)

Note: Introductory Message for our new visitors – SFN Celebrates New Year with NC State Magazine Feature Forbes has come out with a great piece that effectively ranks college basktball programs by “value” that is primarily derived from operating financials from last year. You need to realize that a major component of ‘value’ is the […]

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Fowler & Hire Inevitably Linked

Caulton Tudor weighed-in with more of his astute commentary related to the Wolfpack’s search for a basketball coach this moring. Link here. Additionally, I shared some comments that dovetail with the focus of Tudor’s comments earlier today. Selected excerpts from Tudor’s, “Hire will reflect on Fowler” are included below: Since landing the job in September […]

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Regression to the Mean

The more I think about the last five years of the Sendek era, the more a pattern seems to develop. No matter how the season starts, you can expect things to ultimately level out at a “B minus” overall. Decent regular season? You get the respectable NCAA run (including heartbreaking loss to a power like […]

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