ACC AET Index (2006-2009)

The Age, Experience, & Talent (AET) Index is a quantifiable look at the each ACC team in 5 different categories: (1) Class Size (Percentage of team that are Jr/Sr) (2) Returning Starters (Percentage of starters that are returning from previous year(s)) (3) Returning Lettermen (Percentage of players who have received a Letter) (4) Depth Chart […]

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Agreeing with the Blogosphere

You have probably noticed a little less activity on the front page of the blog in recent days. We encourage you to remember that we are supporting our new message boards with a little more depth and breadth of topics as opposed to diluting the front page of the blog. So, PLEASE help us out […]

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NCAA strikes a much needed blow against injustice, SEMOST style

  “The NCAA hasn’t busted a single big-time men’s basketball program in nearly two years. It hasn’t nailed a major football program in nearly 15 months. It’s the longest stretch of compliance for the once iron-fisted organization in 46 years and the second longest ever according to an analysis of the NCAA’s major infractions database.” […]

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