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    I’m going to say something that is a bit inflammatory in ACC country. I don’t believe the ACC is the best baseball league. In fact, I’d put it third behind the Pac 12 and the SEC.

    The reason that I say this is postseason play. We’ll send a ridiculous number to the post season, have 1 (and at most 2) make Omaha, but never take home any hardware. It’s hard to argue you are the best, when you can’t break through as a conference.

    I hate to say it, but more than any other college sport, I see East coast (and specifically Southeast) bias in the baseball polls. I suspect that has to do with the fact that regular season games aren’t widely covered and the fact that at least one of the polls is in NC.

    The Pac 12 is the league that I feel flies under the radar. They typically perform much stronger to seed and are all recruiting out of Arizona and California, which has big time high school baseball.

    The ACC is honestly overrated every year. Yeah, we have a lot of top 25 teams, but I’ll believe that we have a #1 team when we take home a title. Until then, the ACC is a paper tiger.

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    People are going to believe what they want to. You can pull out all the stats you want and someone is going to say “I do not care what stats you have I know the refs are not biased.” Someone else will say “just never make a mistake and you will win”.

    There is enough evidence that at the very least Luckie does not like State. And I agree about the big money.

    Frankly, I have only watched a few minutes of basketball since the Syracuse game. I think refs are determining the outcomes of games and it is just not enjoyable to watch anymore. It stinks because baskebtall has always been my favorite sport. I used to watch any game on TV.

    That’s a good post Rick. Your last part in particular. I used to really enjoy college basketball and would watch almost any ACC game that was on TV. I would also go out of my way to ensure that I got to see the NC State games live. Now, unless I am at some place where an ACC game happens to be on, I rarely ever watch a game that doesn’t involve NC State. I’ve also missed more NC State games this season than any previous season. The fun has been sucked out of it.

    With that, I’m going to leave the Luckie stuff alone for a while. Maybe people will dig through the numbers (both related to Luckie, but hopefully more in general) and draw their own conclusions. The beauty of the numbers based approach is because it “sees through” the deceit that the eyes “want to see” when watching an event (either live or in review). An outlier is simply that, an outlier, and with respect to officiating, there are lots of them related to NC State and UNC basketball.

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    Whiteshoes67: When he is involved in a game this season, 5 more fouls against NC State than against any other team he calls a game for. His crews average calling 17 fouls against a team. They average 22 fouls against NC State. That’s 29% higher than his normal.

    I don’t debate that Gott doesn’t focus on defense, but I think calls work both ways. I actually contend that overall fouls work out about the same and they’re solely based on tempo all things being equal.

    Think about it this way. We practice something. Evidently we don’t practice defense. Okay, that’s fine (though I don’t believe that, but that’s another thought). That means we must spend our practice time on offense. Getting to the line is a key part of that because the easiest and best way to score is when the clock isn’t moving. Therefore we should be getting fouls on the other end and there shouldn’t be this disparity. We may hack away on defense, but surely that means that our offense would generate fouls on the other side because all we focus on is offense. Should be about a wash, huh?

    Here’s another way to look at it. Of all the teams in the NCAA, we get almost the highest percentage of our points from 2 point shots, and almost the lowest percentage of shots from 3 point shots. As a general rule, two point attempts are close to the rim, involve more contact and result in more fouls. Teams shooting the 3 should get fewer fouls because of more spot up shots. That’s what we always heard under HWSNBN right? Oddly, it doesn’t seem to work out that way.

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    Someone asked to look at these 5 games. The argument is that we were 1-4, thus were playing from behind and thus naturally would have fouled more. Here’s a look at that:

    NCCU: That game was nip and tuck. Somehow we fouled at such an ungodly rate that we brought in walk ons not only to play the overtime, but also to take the game tying shot. It was a foul fest on both sides, but the team with more talent, playing at home somehow had 4 players foul out and 2 other players with four fouls, while the “lesser” team had 1 player foul out. Hmm.

    Pitt: NC State starts up 17-2 and leads by 8 at the break. Between the time we took the 17-2 lead and Pitt tied the game, we were called for 10 fouls and Pitt 9. How exactly was the team who was playing for behind getting called for more fouls?

    Wake Forest: Another foul fest. NC State was actually up 8 at halftime. From that point, NC State fouled 16 times to Wake’s 13. Again, which team was behind and playing catch up? How exactly did that game end? That’s right, on an egregiously bad missed travel call.

    FSU: We won this one and led most of the game. There were anomalies there though. We took a 50-43 second half lead. From that point forward, we committed 10 fouls to FSU’s 5. Warren picked up his 3rd and 4th fouls with the game in the balance at the 8 minute mark of the second half. He fouled out with 1:36 left and the game still in the balance. Again, which team was playing from behind?

    Clemson: We stunk period. We were up by 1 at halftime thanks to a late push and got blown out in the second half. We needed no help from the officials to lose this one. This is the one game that supports the claim that the frustrated team playing from behind fouls more. We fouled 12 times in the second half to Clemson’s 8.

    So, in summary, in 4 out of the 5 games, the team that was trailing actually committed fewer fouls trying to play catch up. The one team that didn’t was NC State.

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    VaWolf82: I’m using Statsheet mostly.

    I’ve looked at lines and over/under using some of the Vegas book sites. I can’t spot a trend there tied to Luckie that is obvious, but then I also don’t know what might be the “right” outcome that it’d be correlated against. It’s not like on a NC State game with Luckie, you take the over, or you take us not to cover. When people manipulate the betting though, they’re not that obvious.

    You could look at previous seasons, but I tend to think that the smoking gun is the sneaker incident. Let’s say that any bias is backlash as a result of being mad at Hess (which is giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re just mad about their friends). This is why I’ve been focusing on post event.

    I also think that the “sneaker gang” guys were on their best behavior last season with respect to NC State. Anything contrary would have been way too obvious.

    I expected to start seeing things this year. We underachieved last year, Gott is taking on water and we were expected to stink this year. Why not add in a little more adversity if you’ve got an ax to grind? It’s also easier to hide because we’ve got such low expectations.

    If people think I’m looking too hard or just trying to see something, it is in part because I knew what was happening in the NBA with the officials prior to it coming out. I was in no way involved, but I knew of people who benefited. I don’t have names, or anything that would be part of a legal proceeding, but I knew that the games were being manipulated by the officials, how it was being done, and that people knew of it and profited.

    I don’t for a second think that it doesn’t happen in the ACC. There’s way, way, way too much money involved to think otherwise. There are macro level things at a league level that would motivate Swofford and crew, including keeping the league together, renegotiating TV contracts, ensuring high seeding in the NCAA tournament to push as many teams possible deep into the tournament, etc.. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the exact same thing if I were Swofford an faced with the same inputs.

    That’s why I was most surprised that the “Sneaker Gang” wasn’t all fired. A swift move by the Swoff would have been a token gesture of fair play to sweep things under the rug. I suspect these guys are just in too deep.

    While I’m bringing up the NC State/Luckie thing, the UNC/Roy tempo based stats are even more anomalous. I looked into that a couple of years back and the data was just staggering.

    As a fan though, to just sit here and ignore the obvious, or make statements like “well, if we only played better defense” is almost ostrich like. There’s way, way too much money involved for it to just be that simple. This is big business, and big business is always “grey.”

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    I agree with you about the sample size of 5 being too small. That’s the one thing that makes it a bit tougher to “prove.”

    I do think we can compare those as a sample though against the larger data set. If nothing else, they’d show up as outliers because they’re so far statistically off. In and of itself, that is saying something.

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. When Luckie officiates NC State this season, we have had 1.2 players per game foul out. When Luckie does not officiate NC State, we have had 0.095 players foul out. That means that we’re 12 times as likely to have a player foul out with Luckie officiating. While the N of 5 is small, for Luckie to get back to the “norm” of the larger sample (21 other games), he’d have to officiate about 60 more games for us without anyone fouling out.

    I would have to dust out the books and churn a bit more math to give “power” to this. It’s honestly been years.

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    For Luckie, a ACC “in conference” game involving NC State this season results in 4 more fouls per game than his other ACC “in conference” games.

    I don’t see how this is significant unless you can prove that all teams commit about the same number of fouls. But this snippet from your first post could be more significant.

    In the 4 ACC games that Luckie called, NC State had 82 fouls called against it versus the opponents’ 73. In all other ACC games, NC State has had 155 fouls called against 177 for opponents.

    State was also 1-3 in those ACC games called by Luckie. Did State foul more because they were trying to catch up in the losses? Or were they losing because of Luckie?

    I would love to prove a bias in the ACC officiating. But I don’t think that it will be as easy to prove as a lot of people think.

    VAWolf82: I took that “in conference” view because I knew those that didn’t want to see would make arguments like teams out of conference are typically unbalanced in talent level. There’s a lot of “excusing away” data, so I was taking a slice that was the best chance of comparing like teams.

    I would agree. Some of the first post information is staggering. I was just adding the additional data as people requested it or as I felt it was pertinent.

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    For Luckie, a ACC “in conference” game involving NC State this season results in 4 more fouls per game than his other ACC “in conference” games.

    Luckie has officiated 17 conference games this season. Four of them have involved NC State. If this were randomly assigned, with a 15 team league, he’d be at 2-3 for us (because we’d either be home or away in those games).

    A game called by Luckie involving NC State involves an average of 22 fouls against NC State. That is 2 fouls per game higher than the next highest number of average fouls called on a team. Of teams that Luckie has called 3 or more games for, the average number of fouls against any one single team (outside of NC State) is 17 fouls per game. In games Luckie officiates, an average of 5 more fouls per game are called against NC State than on any other team.

    Of all the games that Luckie has been involved in, NC State has the highest standard deviation of fouls called against them of any team. He calls 5 more per game on us than anyone else.

    That is consistent regardless of whether we are at home or on the road. There’s only a .2 foul per game difference. We’re getting our 22 and Warren is getting his 4.2.

    in reply to: The Jamie Luckie effect #41829

    I also checked in the games that Luckie officiated this year. Let’s look at the players who fouled out:
    – Warren, Lee, Turner, Freeman fouled out, Anya and Lewis had four.
    – Central had one player foul out and 4 guys with 4

    – NC State had 5 guys with 3 fouls. Warren was one of those 3.
    – Pitt had 1 player with 3 fouls.

    Wake Forest (loss):
    – NC State had Warren foul out and had Vandy, Washington and Freeman with 4.
    – Wake had four guys with 4.

    – NC State had Warren foul out and had Turner and Vandy with 4.
    – FSU had no one with over 3.

    – Warren had 4.
    – No one on Clemson had over 3.

    So, let’s look at the trends.

    Fouling out: NC State – 6. Opponents – 1.
    Four fouls (outside of anyone who fouled out): NC State — 8 players. Opponents — 8 players. Basically a wash.
    Warren’s average fouls under Luckie: 17 total fouls so average of 4.2 fouls per game.
    Warren’s average fouls in all other games: 47 total fouls so average of 2.24 fouls per game

    If we can’t look at those things and see Luckie’s impact, then……..

    in reply to: The Jamie Luckie effect #41828

    Wulfpack: I’m suggesting that there are trends related to NC State when Jamie Luckie is on the floor that cannot be ignored particularly when they are cross analyzed against larger data sets. One does not have to know the exact mechanism to be able to see that they exist.

    As fans, we’re our own worst enemy when we try to ignore the statistics and try to “reason” a view one way or another. All the individual plays can be examined for intent, and one could probably argue them one way or another. I don’t think you can argue against the larger trends.

    I attempted to find out who called the individual fouls by looking at the play by plays. We could look at who called the fouls on Warren or who called fouls associated with shooting free throws, but I couldn’t find the play by play that included the official. If anyone knows where that might exist, I’ll gladly do some digging. I’m not going to go back and watch all 5 of those games again right now.


    We lost the game at Clemson because we stunk. Having said that, I did some analysis about NC State games Luckie has called and saw some eye opening trends:

    Luckie has called 5 NC State games so far this year. He has called 1 game for UNC and 2 for Duke and 3 for UVA this season. He has called 6 for WF.

    Luckie called the Pitt, first WF game, FSU game and Clemson game. Luckie also called Central. NC State is 1-4 in those games.

    The games where Luckie officiate have other outliers for NC State in many categories. First, let’s look at total fouls. In the 4 ACC games that Luckie called, NC State had 82 fouls called against it versus the opponents’ 73. In all other ACC games, NC State has had 155 fouls called against 177 for opponents. So in Luckie called games, we foul 9 times more, but in all other games, we foul 22 times less. That lower fouling would seem to coincide with our more passive defensive style.

    In the 4 ACC games that Luckie worked in ACC play, NC State shot 71 free throws versus 115 for opponents. In the rest of its games, NC State shot 192 free throws to opponents’ 196. We’re to believe we’re roughly even versus all other ACC opponents (including UNC and Duke), yet were -44 in games Luckie has called?

    More interesting is how calls against an individual player can influence the outcome of the game. NC State has had 8 players foul out this season, but 3 times the player has been Warren. Warren plays our most minutes, so he admittedly gets the most opportunities to foul, but he also plays out on the wing where there is less contact, and he doesn’t pick up a lot of offensive fouls. Tellingly, 3 of the 5 games Luckie worked, Warren fouled out. Those were the ONLY games all year that he has fouled out all season. We’re to believe that TJ Warren is a fouling machine when Luckie is on the whistle who is disqualified at a 60% pace, yet never fouls out the rest of the year? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    I’ve always argued that it is hard for dirty officiating to influence the total number of fouls in a game. It’s too easy to catch that obvious discrepancy. It is a little easier to change whether a foul call generates free throws (see the Syracuse game), though people are likely to spot that. The biggest influence is changing who gets called for the fouls. If one team’s best player is ineligible, then they’re far more penalized than if another player’s scrub is out, or they have 5 fouls evenly distributed.

    There’s an ax to grind there. It’s pretty obvious. One just needs to look at the stats. Deb should do something about this.

    If one looks at the stats, he can also find pro-UNC bias in officiating. It’s been staggeringly bad in the Williams tenure when looking at tempo based statistics. Duke’s gotten the second best benefit of the whistle and their outlier is based on doing analysis when one looks at statistics based on the percentage of offense that comes from the 3 pointer. Duke’s bias hasn’t been quite as bad as the average fan thinks.

    This is part of why I increasingly dislike college basketball.


    Disappointing. Not surprising.

    That about sums it up. I was watching on recording and ended up just skipping 2/3rds of the game. The outcome was obvious fairly early.

    We got screwed against Syracuse, but this one is totally on us. That was a must-win game and we didn’t even show up.

    Tip of the hat to Clemson though. They knew we were mentally fragile, came out playing some tough defense and took one.

    While I thought Brownell was a goner due to recruiting, he may actually make it. This Clemson team is the best one since Purnell left.

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    If a team isn’t IN before the ACCT, then it needs something significant to be sure of getting in. No matter how you look at it, a win against a team from the bottom half of the ACC on Thursday won’t count as anything significant. You need to beat one of the Top 4 seeds on Friday before a bubble team has accomplished anything worthy of discussion.

    The ACC is dead. Kill the ACC tournament too. It does nothing for the league at this point, except maybe add some TV revenue.

    I’d argue that a team that makes a deep run in the ACC tournament, but doesn’t win it is actually hurt by doing so (unless it gets them off the bubble). The winner at least gets to hang a banner and gets an emotional and confidence booster. The loser often is rewarded with tired legs on a tight turn around to the NCAA tournament, particularly with this “Last 4 in” strategy. Hello first round upset.

    For the bubble team, there is a chance to get off. Really though, with the new look ACC and the merger of conferences, there should be enough bids to go around. Cancel the tournament, and go schedule some real teams non-conference. Take care of business and you’re in.

    Clemson is this year’s example of poor scheduling. With the win last night, they should be trending towards the positive side of the bubble based on what they have accomplished in league play, and thus how they stack up nationally. Their schedule will keep them out though.

    Maybe if there was no ACC tournament, no proverbial “get out of jail free” card, then the coaches would get motivated to play tough schedules. They couldn’t just hold out hope that maybe their team would get hot at just the right time and get in.

    That’s one thing that I can say for Gott. I have no complaints with the scheduling strategy.

    The other added benefit of no tournament is that the ACC regular season games would mean more. I would also argue we’d have a more legitimate champion. The conference season is long enough anyways at 18 games. Now they’d be 18 meaningful ones.

    in reply to: Pack beats FSU 74-70 #39202

    To win I felt like we had to out rebound FSU and have fewer than 12 turnovers. I put the chances of both of those things happening at less than 5%.

    If you’d have told me we’d have shot a similar percentage, yet outrebounded FSU despite huge foul trouble for Vandy and only 1 minute for Anya, I would not have believed it. The team as a whole really focused on rebounding and I was proud of them.

    The team really looks like a cohesive unit. I loved how guys like Lee, Vandy, Washington and Lewis stepped it up in crunch time when Warren and Turner were saddled with foul trouble.

    On the officiating, I thought it was horrible. NC State’s 3 most important players in a game against FSU all played fewer minutes than they average due to fouls. Yeah, we committed some fouls, but FSU hacked on almost every play. Their fouls were also really spread out and not on the “important” players. This is been one of my criticisms of ACC officiating for years. It’s not just the number of fouls, it is who they are against and when that happens in the game.

    I’m not saying had we lost it was due to officiating. I’m just saying that consistently inconsistent (or sadly consistently bad) officiating has really zapped my enjoyment of the game. Look for that trend to continue against UNC. Vandy will have 2 fouls the first two times down the court and Ralston and Warren will both have 2 by half time.

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    Great work VAWolf.

    As it stands today, I think the ACC gets 6 in (the top 5 + UNC). UNC, FSU, State and WF have a chance to play their way in or out.

    State got a big win last night, but FSU and WF missed golden opportunities. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

    NC State really needs a win over UNC. With our luck, the top 5 beating UNC team shows up and is paired up with an officiating crew that really studies the “tendencies.”

    in reply to: Mess in the Middle #38221

    packbackr04: I do see your point, but I would argue that NC State *should* be in that top group based on the program metrics, revenue, money spent, year over year recruiting haul, TV exposure, etc..

    Anything less is really not acceptable. Everything is needed to win consistently with the right coach.

    I’m not saying national titles. I am not even saying conference titles. I do think being in the upper third and a year over year virtual lock should be doable given the landscape of college basketball today.

    in reply to: ACC to Test Permanent Rivals Thanksgiving Weekend #38193

    Long term, I predict the conference championship games will go away. The play offs will expand to 16 teams and it will be all about getting the most teams into that 16 for a conference. Having one member beat up on another and knock them out does the conference no good from a revenue perspective. It’s also better off for seeding to ensure the best team in a conference isn’t upset and knocked down.

    I think the divisions will go away and we’ll see an unbalanced schedule. There will be some weird tie break system.

    Ironically, I think that the expanded playoffs and this problem might break up the Super Conferences. The exit fees might keep the thing together, but if Maryland wins, those will be gone everywhere.

    As for consolidating the rivalry games all in one day, I’m all for them. It gives the league something to market and makes football interesting during the time of year that it typically is not.

    With respect to NC State, we’re not good fans if we can’t fill a stadium on a holiday weekend against UNC. After eating turkey all day on Thursday and either shopping or working around the house on Friday, I’m all for football on Saturday — especially if it is against UNC.

    The only rivalry games to me that don’t make sense are Miami/Pitt and BC/Syracuse. BC and Miami were so attached at the hip that we couldn’t have Miami without being forced to take BC. Let them play one another. I also think Syracuse and Pitt recruit the same areas heavily, so there’s much more intersection there.

    Long term, the Duke versus Wake game makes a lot of sense. Those schools will each want to be guaranteed to play one another, regardless of what happens with the scheduling.

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    I’m with you CowDog. Recruits would much rather play in a nationally televised game, or go on the road to play in a game where their families could show up locally. Pick a recruiting spot we want to focus on, find a middling BCS team and go play them. That S. Florida game is the right idea.

    If they think we’re going to lose in year one, then offer to go on the road first. That will help recruiting as well because we can invite recruits to the game.

    As you mention, I’m fine with Georgia Southern if that is the one weak game, and we have GT on the schedule later. I’m not happy with it given we have Presbyterian and Old Dominion on the schedule.

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    Great analysis. This is an example where pictures are worth 1000 words. This is particularly true of the trending as well as the conference break down. Keep it up!

    Five things that jump out at me:
    – The Wake Forest and Central losses are going to come back and haunt us. A couple of more points here or there and the season looks much different.
    – We played almost no real non-conference team.
    – We’ve played 3 of the top 5 in the ACC and been manhandled. There’s a gap there. Maybe it isn’t 40 points but it’s a gap and a noticeable gap between the NCAA locks.
    – I have never seen the league weaker. It started in the non-conference scheduling. Look at the starting points for most of our teams.
    – That top group is missing UNC, NC State and Louisville. I expect the group that is there right now will be there in the next 3-5 years (barring a coaching change/retirement). Those are solid programs on stable ground with good coaching. Louisville will immediately join that group. UNC is having a speed bump kind of year, but this could be more of the norm with the ongoing scrutiny. There’s some uncertainty there. For us, I am curious to see whether this is a speed bump or indicative. I think we’re the biggest wild card.

    in reply to: Because he deserves to have his picture featured!!! #38062

    Agreed about Warren BJD. I think he’s just a different personality type. Part of what makes him such a silent assassin is that he’s silent. We can’t love it on one side and hate it another. That’s not fair to him. If he has an ankle sprain, he shouldn’t be jumping up and down on it.

    The team gutted out a must win game last night. They pulled together, gave it high effort across the board without their best player.

    The defense was significantly better than it has been all year. I thought Des Lee played great fundamental defense against Des Wells.

    And Turner? What’s not to love? He’s been on fire recently and really stepped up last night. It’s much easier to do that when you’re the second option than when you are the first.

    The freshman big men will be up and down this year. I think by the time they’re juniors, they’re going to be one of those Big East styled, physical, mature front lines. In the new look ACC, we’re going to need that. The key will be stacking up some similar kids behind them.

    I would be remiss not to mention my general opinion of Maryland. I think they should be staying in the ACC, but given they’re leaving, I was happy to send them off with a loss. I think they’re really going to struggle in the Big 10 because I think Turgeon’s a bad coach and I think they’re generally trending downward in the ACC. Every year that Gary’s legacy becomes more of a memory, the harder things are going to be for them. I’m so thankful we didn’t get the Turg.

    in reply to: Arkansas Looking at DC Dave Huxtable? #37257

    Be careful what you wish for guys. I’m not sure it’d be a good thing for Huxtable to be hired away.

    in reply to: Coach McNutt Out from NC State? #36815

    Cowdog: Thanks, and I know that Wisconsin made a strong push after we made our hire to try and get him back. I know that Alvarez has forgotten more football than I will ever know, so there must be something there.

    I probably was looking for a problem on that side of the ball early. Someone on another site who I trust told me before the season that the over/under high water scoring mark for our offense against a BCS school would be 23 this season. It was telling……

    in reply to: Coach McNutt Out from NC State? #36804

    Classof89: You’re saying what I’m thinking. It doesn’t make sense to me either. The only other argument is maybe that DD was closer to the defense, saw this wasn’t working and made a change.

    tjfoose/Cow: I don’t know if we’ve seen the real Canada because I don’t know who Canada really is. Was the real Canada the guy who was “unleashed” against Nebraska? That was an impressive victory indeed, but I would argue that it is easy to surprise a team when they expect one game plan and you trot out a completely different one. I’d also suggest Nebraska’s defense really hasn’t been that good.

    Was the real Canada the guy who lost in the bowl game immediately following that? It didn’t take a team long to prepare to bog them back down.

    What was Canada’s role in the absolute dysfunction that resulted in the OL coach being fired just a few weeks into the season. It’s easy to pin that on Beilema, particularly given he made the hire, but I kind of see the OC as the line manager who wasn’t really getting it done. Regardless, that was a situation that rarely ever happens in college football.

    Was the OL really that bad, or schematically was Wisconsin doing something different (and flawed) enough that Beliema had to step in. I have a Wisconsin fan whom I trust and he suggested it was the latter, and that was AFTER BB left them for Arkansas. He has no love lost for BB for leaving Wisconsin, but was more thankful that Canada didn’t stay.

    Canada was OC at Indiana and they had 5, 7, 3 and 4 wins while he was there. Yeah, he had the great year in 2011, but Jordan Lynch covers a lot of sins. That’s why I think he gets a chance with Brisset, and maybe he’s good enough to be a Lynch.

    I find it really odd that Huxtable gets all the heat, but he’s produced good defenses at multiple stops. When I watched the team this year, I thought the defense was solid, but would run out of gas (well, other than that last game). The offense though was putrid and put them in bad spots seemingly every possession. I’m not sure what more we really expected from the defense given the personnel, field position, no sustained offensive drives and constant turnovers.

    How does Canada get a free pass when the offense was the worst I have ever seen at NC State? Yes, I know there was no QB, and I defended that position because it was truly awful from a personnel perspective. Still, I think there should be some scrutiny there. All those pre-snap penalties were directly do to some of the motion we were trying, and that never got corrected.

    Anyways, rant mode off.

    in reply to: ACC Update #36802

    Great work. The visual representation is the best I have ever seen, particularly with the bands.

    We can play our way in, but need a good month. Right now, we’re NIT bound.

    in reply to: Coach McNutt Out from NC State? #36756

    I take no joy in seeing the man fired, but I expected that changes were coming. The DBs were pretty young and inexperienced, so I couldn’t tell if that was lack of talent, experience, scheming, etc..

    On some level, this says something for DD. He’s not going to be loyal to a fault like the last staff. Now, we can’t have this place become a revolving door like Amato, but some pressure to perform is a good thing.

    I know the most hated man on every coaching staff is the OC. I am not one that thinks that I can do better just because I can light it up on Playstation. At the same time, we just seem to have some schematic issues there that I don’t think are going to get us where we ultimately want to go. Canada has also been a bit “weird” and “polarizing” in previous spots. I suspect he gets one year with Brisset at least, but I wouldn’t be sad to see him moved on either.

    I’m a little surprised that we’re seeing any of this before signing day. I thought all assistant moves happened almost immediately afterwards.

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