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    Keymaster The ACC’s 2014 football schedule will include several end-of-year matchups that could mushroom into permanent rivalries across the leag[See the full post at: ACC to Test Permanent Rivals Thanksgiving Weekend]


    This is good business for the league and adds intrigue for the fans. It will certainly eliminate the problem of a 75% capacity crowd at C-F (or 50% capacity at Kenan) against a non-rival on a travel weekend.

    Deacon Blues

    They tried this already. TOB killed it, remember.

    I am glad to see them doing it again. It only makes sense. Let’s just hope it is the Holes bowl game more often than it is ours…..


    I imagine this is a precursor to eliminating divisions. Especially considering after last week’s NCAA meetings it looks like the Power 5 will have more autonomy to dictate its own championship structure.


    If this works, we’ll only have Thanksgiving games every other year…I approve.


    Do not like it. Better tickets sales because students will not pickup all their tickets but both schools will loose their “HOME” adavantage.


    Clarksa – that is the best response to this I’ve seen. I hate going to any game on Thanksgiving weekend. We already have too much to do that weekend.


    From a non-local perspective works for me. In town every other Thxgiving. Hopefully it aligns with Home games…


    Since I don’t trust Swoff’s decisions regarding anything in this league, this and the possibility of him being the deciding factor of who gets to play for the championship is ridiculous. It appears once again that ND is calling the shots.


    Long term, I predict the conference championship games will go away. The play offs will expand to 16 teams and it will be all about getting the most teams into that 16 for a conference. Having one member beat up on another and knock them out does the conference no good from a revenue perspective. It’s also better off for seeding to ensure the best team in a conference isn’t upset and knocked down.

    I think the divisions will go away and we’ll see an unbalanced schedule. There will be some weird tie break system.

    Ironically, I think that the expanded playoffs and this problem might break up the Super Conferences. The exit fees might keep the thing together, but if Maryland wins, those will be gone everywhere.

    As for consolidating the rivalry games all in one day, I’m all for them. It gives the league something to market and makes football interesting during the time of year that it typically is not.

    With respect to NC State, we’re not good fans if we can’t fill a stadium on a holiday weekend against UNC. After eating turkey all day on Thursday and either shopping or working around the house on Friday, I’m all for football on Saturday — especially if it is against UNC.

    The only rivalry games to me that don’t make sense are Miami/Pitt and BC/Syracuse. BC and Miami were so attached at the hip that we couldn’t have Miami without being forced to take BC. Let them play one another. I also think Syracuse and Pitt recruit the same areas heavily, so there’s much more intersection there.

    Long term, the Duke versus Wake game makes a lot of sense. Those schools will each want to be guaranteed to play one another, regardless of what happens with the scheduling.


    The only rivalry games to me that don’t make sense are Miami/Pitt and BC/Syracuse.

    Those are Swofford rivalries. He knows best.

    Personally, I think it should be Miami vs ND, let Pitt play WV (as they should) to re-establish the ‘Backyard Brawl”, and that leaves Syracuse and BC. Not sure of the historical significance of that ‘rivalry’, but it makes sense as they are regional and fellow former Big East’ers..

    If Swofford had an ounce of creativity, that’s what he would’ve done. He should be working to make it happen now.

    Yes, I know ND is supposed to rotate 5 (on average) ACC teams every year, but ND vs Miami has national interest. It is relevant. It would be discussed and promoted nationally. Let Miami be a permanent member of that annual list. Require it of Notre Dame, don’t give them a choice.

    Those 3 games are win, win, win vs… meh, meh.

    But what we get, once again, is reflective of leadership.


    Should get to 16 teams and split the divisions. If you want you can play one or two teams in the other division. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO COUNT IN THE STANDINGS! It can still be a ‘conference’ game without it counting in the standings.

    That way each division has a true round robin. Take the winner of each division and have them play in the Championship game. You get the best of all worlds and get balance and FAIRNESS in determining a champion.

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