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    The most shocking part about what happened to N.C. State on Wednesday was how predictable it turned out to be. Over the past three seasons, the Wolfpa
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    The better team won. They started quick and bested any challenge.


    Mississippi State under Dan Mullen has become a very good program.

    Doeren desperately needs some wins next year. And that should work itself out — one way or the other — because we’ll have to win a couple games where we probably won’t be favored just for bowl eligibility: @ ECU, Notre Dame, FSU, @ Louisville, Miami, @ Clemson, @ Carolina.


    it is what it is. We are a penny-pinching, bottom-feeding athletics department. Our budget uniforms looked like they were bought at the jockey lot. I heard we only paid to send half our band to a bowl game 120 miles from campus. All this for a nationally televised game that provides a window into your university for a captive audience. That tells you everything you need to know about what kind of commitment our school has to putting forward a championship-caliber program. We are staring down the 3-9 barrel next year as the ceiling for this team.


    To be fair, Adidas pays us to wear those uniforms.


    Adidas pays us to wear those uniforms.

    You’d have to pay me to wear those as well. Awful.


    Couldn’t wait for the start of 2015 Pack football…..2016….not sure I care… disappointing!!


    So much concern about the unis. I for one don’t care what they wear, as long as they win. And that certainly didn’t happen. Pass defense killed us, the qb for MSU had all the time in the world to pass the ball, and if we held them for 2 downs, you could pretty much count on them converting the 3rd down conversion. Guys open all day. Again, I totally blame our incompotent DC/Huxtable. And the offense didn’t do their job, in keeping our inept defense off the field. Again the great play calling by our OC/Canada. We are what we are, and until we take the steps to be anything more, we will stay right where we are. I hope DD, can realize they, and take the proper step, or else DY will send him packing. What a miserable way to spend a day, sitting in the pouring rain, watching your team get whipped.


    While I don’t like ANY uni with black being a major color that is not the issue. A win solves that – we were not ready to win. The cowbells were better, their QB was markedly better. Yes he had better OL help but when he had to throw the trows were mostly NFL quality.


    Made the 3.5 hour drive from Atlanta to watch the game in horrible conditions. Main points from seeing the game in person…

    MSU clearly better team due to stronger line play. MSQ QB had plenty of time to set his feet and pick out receivers. Brissett was under duress from the first play. Until the PACK fortifies it’s lines, there is no real chance to elevate to a consistent top 25 program….(This has been the case for 25 years with the exception of a few solid Amato years)

    Our secondary did OK but was aided by bad conditions. MSU receivers had about 5-6 drops that could have made things worse.

    Best chance to win the game looked to be to run to the edges and catch a seam. Seemed not to stick with this enough.

    Coaching, discipline, and execution were lacking… Cannot win a game against a good opponent by throwing an interception on the first play from scrimmage then spotting the opponent a 3 touchdown lead. Roughing the passer on 2nd and 18 when all momentum is on your side to give the opponent new life. Disastrous trick plays ended several drives. False start on 3rd and 5 in 4-down territory. These are the red flag coaching/program issues that have to be addressed to start beating the good teams.

    Hoping for better for better in 2016…

    Alpha Wolf

    I’m quite far from picking up the ole “fire the coach” pitchfork, but next year, as a baseline minimum, Doeren and his staff need to beat a Power Five team that ends their season with a winning record.

    He’s not done that yet.


    Is a team that loses by 30 the same as a team that loses by 10?

    We improved this year whether most fans have the analytical ability to look past win loss metric is their problem.

    Also keep in mind that was MSUs Philip Rivers. He’s better than our QB and had a much better o-line.


    Well, win loss metric (which is what ultimately matters) was worse this year with a MUCH softer schedule than it was last year. If you’re willing to throw that metric out the window then sure, give Dave another contract extension.

    Break in a new quarterback for next year along with our 10th ranked recruiting class in the conference and against a more difficult schedule doesn’t exactly make me feel giddy about our alleged improvement we’ve had this year.


    Hux must think it is against the rules to rush more than 4. MSU rushed 5 at a minimum and 6 on every pass play. We rushed 4 and look what happened. I will never understand why when you cant get there with 4 you dont try something new. Hux must go and go now and take the OC with him


    While I have been a DD supporter, the evidence is clearly going against him. Our offense is worse this year than last. Our WR cannot get separation, which is normally coaching. All we do is run the ball, when we have a QB who has the ability to throw the ball down the field. We aren’t aggressive on the defensive side of the ball at all. Unless something remarkable happens next year, we will be looking for a new coach. Shame too because a lot of good ones were available this year.


    The biggest difference in this game was the line play on both sides of the ball. Prescott was very (surprisingly stout) impressive, but the pressure Brissett faced (from the first freakin’ play on) was a game changer. Also, I honestly expected more from our d-line.

    I don’t see a lot to build on going forward, other than probably a better than average set of running backs, which is like a shiny Corvette with an old air cooled VW 2-cylinder engine.

    Alpha Wolf

    I think that Doeren needs to make two important changes: get a new DC and new position coaches below him (especially in the defensive backfield) and also get a new QB coach.

    Without parsing through statistics, the eye test on Brissett tells me he regressed this year. For some reason, he seemed to be mostly static in the pocket instead of the dynamic scrambler he was last season. We needed a Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech’s QB) type of passer, someone who could move around, buy time for receivers to get open and then deliver the ball with accuracy. Brissett did neither, and IMO that goes straight back to Matt Canada and his coaching.


    I was excited about this season. For some strange reason I thought we were going to be a “dark horse” team in the Atlantic…


    Talking to high school coaches I know that routinely send players to Power 5 teams, they like Doeren. I don’t know about their impression of the OC or DC and other assistants, but I’ll ask.

    I’ve seen enough from Canada to stick with him. I do think he occasionally gets away from what works, and goes a little too Tecmo Bowl for my taste. Too much horizontal running and passing. I’m a north-south guy. The side to side junk only works if you can smash and go vertical, or have superior speed and big receivers who block well. Without those elements, you’re not going to be able to effectively stretch teams horizontally. With that said, I do think the loss of Thornton hurt us, far more than losing Dayes, and we desperately need more talent at the receiver position. Not getting the ball to Samuels more is/was inexcusable, particularly after injuries. Hand it to him.

    Haven’t ever seen anything from Huxtable that I like. Too many issues on that side. We chase too much and play too soft. It’s not a recipe for luring recruits or success against the spread. Need more creativity and aggression on that side. I’d go young and creative, take a risk.


    Why did we want the Belk bowl again?

    I was puzzled by everyone being so excited about our jumping Pitt and getting the better game.

    We were Tier II worthy and that is where we should have landed.


    Is a team that loses by 30 the same as a team that loses by 10?

    We improved this year whether most fans have the analytical ability to look past win loss metric is their problem.

    Also keep in mind that was MSUs Philip Rivers. He’s better than our QB and had a much better o-line.

    ’44, Are you ok? I agree 100%, but the above is not following your normal theme.

    I’ve seen enough from Canada to stick with him. I do think he occasionally gets away from what works, and goes a little too Tecmo Bowl for my taste. Too much horizontal running and passing. I’m a north-south guy.

    I agree, but to be fair, the horizontal running is tactically paired with the north-south stuff. This was most visible in the Wake game. Wake made it a point to shut down JaySam on the horizontal game. That opened up Dayes’ big game going North-South. The rushing stats speak for themselves (one of the best seasons in Wolfpack history). We were missing a consistently effective vertical passing games. It didn’t help that Brissett struggles, mightily, in wet weather, and we played 3 games in the rain. All ugly games for Jacoby.


    …when we have a QB who has the ability to throw the ball down the field

    Completely disagree.. JB has shown no ability to accurately throw past 20 yards with any consistency.

    I am on board with replacing the DC. I understand the frustration with Canada sometimes. I think he does well most of the time, and gets a little squirrely when our defense puts us in a whole.


    It was predictable. I’m glad I didn’t bother to watch, much less attend this year. I don’t need the frustration or depression.
    Our long term trend is to perform in the middle third of the conference and occasionally worse. I was a sophomore the last time we won the ACC in football – and I’m growing old. Not to mention that was when the ACC had half as many teams.
    If we want to do better we need to look to how other schools that have gone from mediocre or suck to the top tier have done it. Baylor, Oklahoma State, etc. come to mind recently. Years ago it was Bowden and Beamer that turned around losing programs. Maybe Doren is the answer but I’d be interested in seeing some comparisons between those programs and what we’re doing or not doing. Is it all coaching and recruiting? Money? Administration support?
    Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen so far, my expectation is that we will continue to revert to the mean. We hit that perfectly this year, again.


    This game was an epic fail…IMHO, it accentuated the problems that we saw this year….defense couldn’t get stops when it had to and when the door was cracked open the offense couldn’t make plays.

    Funny, msu made adjustments on d and offense. In the second half they basically spread us out and passed to whomever the linebacker was covering. Very disappointing in that we had seen this starting with Louisville game and apparently we didn’t make any adjustments to stop this.

    Funny, Houston is totally shutting down an FSU offense we couldn’t stop.

    While the offense was the problem in our first 2 conference games, it was our d that was absolutely awful in our losses. There needs to be significant changes on that side of the ball.


    Screw it. Lets throw the kitchen sink at Chip Kelly. Back up the Brinks truck. Until we do something balls out like that we will get absolutely no effing where. I refuse to be depressed by a weak sister program.

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