Kay Yow

Wolfpack: 2012 Year in Review

As we all know by now, the Mayans were not correct and the world did not end. Since that day has come and past, we can look back on the highlights of the past 366 days (this year was a leap year people). In David Letterman fashion, here is this year’s top 10 list of […]

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The State of State 2.0 – Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball I. Records ACC Record: 284-168 (.628) ACC Record Pre-Fowler: 216-102 (.679) ACC Record Under Fowler: 68-66 (.507) State’s all-time ACC winning percentage has dropped 5.1% since Lee Fowler has been AD. Our ACC winning percentage in the 9 years under Fowler is 17.2% worse than the preceeding 23 seasons and is statistically significant […]

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