It’s Only a Flat Tire, But There Be Tigers Lurking

Flat tires are a bitch. I don’t care how adept you are at mechanical handiwork, changing it, especially when you have a destination in sight, someplace ya really wanna get to, is a pure pain in the ass.

Worse, yet, is when ya pull out your tire iron, jack and spare, get it all laid out…

And the very first freakin’ lug nut you tackle, you discover it has been rounded off by some heavy with a pneumatic wrench from your last rotation.

At this point, you either quit and call AAA, or rely on experience. Hey, whaddaya know? You can make a shim from anything you have laying around your ride.

The adjustments work on the damaged lug, and so does the jack. The spare has air and tread, due to more than a modicum of diligence, and there ya go.

Back on the road you can pass that Mack truck ahead!

Or take the train. Yes. For this one, definately take the train. Get the heavy equipment out (’cause you’ll need it) Get that sucka right, and roll. Bring John Henry, too…Hell, bring John Henry the horse along, as well.


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    Clempson is Carolina Blue in Orange and has Johnny Swofford’s nads mounted near the rock where they squeeze on them…

    This ^2. Swofford is only about what team is the cash cow. And you can bet that’s why the NCAA did nothing to the holes. And conspiracy theory or not Johnny controls that replay booth. And that bunch controls the game. I’d bet good money he’s had input more than once in that booth in all 3 of our loses. Just one more reason little Johnny needs to go. Excuse me while I hang up my tin foil hat.

    Smarter than the average bear


    You are not paranoid when they really are out to get you.


    I dislike Swofford and absolutely think he needs to go. The officiating was bad against ND and is often atrocious in men’s basketball. You won’t get any disagreement from me on those points.

    We didn’t lose to Clemson due to officiating or due to a laptop. We lost due to too many mistakes, special teams, and being out coached and executed in the second half. Shrugs. Time to tip the cap to the better team and move on.

    We cannot let Clemson beat us two weeks in a row like we did last year. BC right now is the most important game on the schedule and we have to treat it as such.


    I understand what you’re saying rye BUT.. one of the booth reviews effectively created a turnover. Instead of a first down and retaining the ball on a drive we had to punt it away. Lump that in with other questionable calls and we have yet another game with the refs thumb on the scales. Just sayin’. It wasn’t the sum of the game but considering 7 point differential it could have gone the other way. Momentum is everything in a close game and that had a very negative effect (see pick 6 that should have been flagged for offsides against ND).

    Smarter than the average bear


    You don’t get any points for bitching about the refs, suck it up and move on.


    It was a disappointing loss in many ways. I agree, the play sending our NFL qb out wide for a direct snap should never be used ever, its a dead play from the start. Why it was called with a short 3rd down on that led to a punt and then next play a busted run up the middle for Clemson TD is on the coaching. Still believe another mistake was not going for it on 4th down there. Big change as was the punt return.
    As far as the laptop, DD did not blame the loss on it, nor did he say Clemson cheated. He merely said it should be investigated as it is 100% a rule violation to have one on the sidelines. It should not have been there no matter why and DD was correct in pointing it out. Dabo said we intentionally tried to hurt a player prior which was far more insulting.
    Like many, our kicking game is a head scratcher, why even attempt a fg now? And how cannot there be someone on the team, on a NC State team and or on campus that can kick a fg? That’s on coaching…..and DD has some flaws that seem to continue to hold back our program from key wins and success. I don’t see any changes soon that will change that.


    Basspacker – Bambard is 1 for 1 this year – and that kick was pretty high pressure.

    Regarding the game itself and calls. Like others, the selective application of the rules the last 2 games has been very frustrating and unfair.

    Whether it’s human nature or something more insidious, the “drop the mic” argument that something is amiss is the “show me when the underdog (who is NOT a preferred power) got the same benefits that the preferred powers do.”

    What I find most frustrating is a denial that there even could be a problem so we should strive to fix it. It’s a reason I love golf – the refs don’t unfairly single anyone out for excessive treatment or give certain golfers an advantage. I love the fact that of a viewer sees something illegal he or she can call it in. (And to show you the true moral character of many in the mainstream media, they want this changed.)

    I agree that his decision to punt on 4th and 1 on the 50 I’d where we effectively lost control of the game – and it harkened back to TOB’s decision to do the same (like TOB, we will probably forget this decision wasn’t fatal).

    Our red zone futility surfaced once again and for the second straight year may be the real reason these last 2 seasons are filled with more “what could beens” than truly magical moments.

    Still, there is a ton to play for – including our most ACC wins since the conference went to 8 teams…

    Quite frankly, games like this coming one are the only reason DD doesn’t have 98% unconditional fan support. In the past, his teams have tended to implode at these moments.


    Dave isn’t on the field silly!!! Who cares how fast he is, we only care how infrequently he draws up blitz packages. You’re silly Grey

    I’m worse than silly but even I know that Doeren doesn’t “draw up blitz packages.” Doeren is responsible for it all but that doesn’t mean he is calling the game or making personnel decisions. He does hold the coaches to account for the game decisions.

    Sure he has meetings with Hux where they discuss defensive concepts, the direction he wants the defense to go and accounting for the play of the game. He does the same with Drinkwitz. But as far as the game goes, he doesn’t “draw up plays” or call either offense or defense. Defensively that’s between Hux in the coaches’ box and Barlow, Assistant Head Coach for Defense, on the side lines. On the other side of the ball it’s Drink in the box and Kitchings, Assistant Head Coach for Offense, on the sidelines.

    No doubt when things are not going well, Doeren asks questions, makes suggestion, etc., but he won’t micro-manage as long as he wants the coaches to work with him. Ask CTC how micro-managing works.


    Who cares how fast he is, we only care how infrequently he draws up blitz packages.

    We only care? We? You got a mouse in your pocket?

    Perhaps you could explain how blitzing more or better or whatever, would have stopped the Clemson QB from beating our contain to the corner and into the end zone or to keep drives alive. There are many areas for improvement such as special team kick and punt coverage, but Doeren more frequently drawing up blitz packages ain’t one of them.

    Of course when you lose one excuse or reason is as good as another.


    Sorry I have to ask…CTC?


    6-2 would be the best conference record in 24 years.

    I was looking at this earlier this week. I would have bet on one of Sheridan’s teams, but MOC had the last two loss ACC season for State. You have to go back to 1979 for the last one-loss ACC record.


    CTC = Chuck the Chest. Noted for loving the Wolfpack, being a great cheerleader but micromanaging his assistants so all the good ones ran off.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Yogi: The one call I thought was bad was the catch that was ruled as indisputable evidence that wasn’t. I would agree that was a very bad overturn because the call on the field was that it was a catch and I saw nothing there that was so indisputable that it should have been overturned. That was a miss, and one could easily argue that old Swoff liked how it turned out.

    Outside of that, most complaining about the officials are either wrong (the complaint about the shift that clearly was at the end), or that judgement calls either should have been called tighter against Clemson or were called too tightly on us. I get that for us to beat Clemson we need every break going our way, and no bad calls, so I do understand the frustration.

    I would say every pass interference call on us looked like a legit one to me. We were grabbing a lot of jerseys to keep from getting run by. That’s honestly a GOOD penalty for a defensive player if the result of the play will be a touchdown. I’d coach my defense to do that and live to fight another down. I’m amazed in college ball we don’t see far more of it.

    I would see the argument of the officials if this were a one play game. It wasn’t though. We lost that game on a LOT of plays. Heck, we lost it in the first half when we played almost perfectly on offense given what we brought that day (no Hines) yet only had a 4 point lead. Shrugs……..

    The season is the next three weeks. For DD, these are career defining games. Go 0-3 and while he’ll still be a rich man, I doubt he’ll be a head coach again at a high major. Go 3-0 and we’ll have had our best season in 15 years, and a legitimate reason to argue that we have momentum and may have turned a corner. Alea iacta est.


    Sorry I have to ask…CTC?

    Chuck the Chest (Amato)


    Dabo said we intentionally tried to hurt a player

    Was that when a Clemson player stuck his finger in a dark place and our guy twisted and tried to break his finger off?


    rye, there were more than a few times that it looked to me like the orange DB got there before the ball, and not one PI call. And yes, I’ve thought many times with the rule that you only get 15 for PI that if the receiver gets away from you then grab him and hang on. Let that happen a couple of dozen times to swoff’s darlings and he’d be crying murder to the rules committee and we’d have two types of PI, the incidental and the deliberate and that would open a can of worms 10 times bigger than the celebration rule (which I think is TOTALLY STUPID). Keep the taunting but ease up on the celebration and let the guys celebrate, but that’s just me.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Time to move on. BC is no joke. The pack is not going in and out physical that team, trying to do so would be a mistake. BC hung tough with Clemson for 3 quarters and it will not be a pretty day if they are overlooked, especially with the pack’s past history at BC.


    It may seem petty to squabble about officiating, but as previously stated, when it comes to a TD, I have to say the officiating was clearly in the orange favor. Too many PI calls not called on them, especially remember one at halftime, that forced us to try a field goal, that our kicker missed. But still am not happy with the coaches play calling at times, with the fourth and 1, that we decided not to try, and paid dearly. Also red zone play calling has got to come up with some new plays. And we must win out, and pray by some miracle FSU upsets Clemson. But win first, and pray Saturday gives us our miracle.

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