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    Two weeks in a row screwed by the refs and the replay booth. This is a bunch of crap, swofford bowl II. Time he should be fired.

    Smarter than the average bear


    WF, BC ,CHEATS…… none are cupcakes, head’s up the Cheats have found a decent QB, Elliot.


    The hottest girl in the bar was ripe for the taking last night, now we wake up and realize we didn’t even get her name. Zero sacks, hardly any pressure the entire game and I refuse to believe Clemson and ND’s line (after the first quarter) are just that much better and made adjustments. Dave boring ass Huxetable has to be to blame, he should’ve went when Canada did. Our offense put up 31 points on Clemson..PLENTY to win so shut up about blaming the O. Special teams keeps finding new ways to be horrible. It’s over folks

    ***NC STATE should feel great about selling single game tix to Clemson and others. Obvious scalpers scooped up tons when they went on sale. We had a great loud crowd but tons of orange where it shouldn’t be.

    McCallum, Honey Monk???? ever tried the BBQ Center or Speedy’s??


    A heartbreaking loss like last year. I hope it doesn’t have the same impact on morale. However, I believe we played a better game than last year’s loss, even though we were in a better position to win then. Last year Clemson almost beat themselves as much as we played them tough. This year, except for 3 or 4 plays we played them even or better. We have to clean up special teams to win at the highest level and have to figure out how to play 4 quarters. The lack of offense in the 3rd quarter killed us. The defense was on the field too long and gave them too many chances.

    Going forward, I’m worried about WF. They stayed “in the game” vs ND despite being run all over. Wolford is a good quarterback and could pick on our secondary. Defense is vanilla but fairly effective.

    BC is no slouch either this year. I think we win that one because our receivers are better then their secondary.

    Hang 50+ on the holes!

    Go Pack!!


    Two weeks in a row screwed by the refs and the replay booth. This is a bunch of crap, swofford bowl II. Time he should be fired.

    This is

    You play the game the way it is being called, adapt and adjust.

    The big difference last night was:

    punt return
    85 yard run (2 weeks in a row of 50 yard plus runs, no damn safety in the middle on both)
    Finley pick on our end

    All totaled to equal 21 points. The refs had NOTHING to do with those plays. You control what you can control and move on. I saw a few questionable calls, the clip on the long pass play was very odd and trimmed 25-30 yards off the play. All subsequent calls, right or wrong, validated the notion that N.C. State was not allowed to win.

    I do not buy it one bit. That thinking,for example, removes any blame for the two release men on the punt that FAILED ON THEIR DUTY to contain and/or MAKE THE TACKLE. They ran past McLeod, period. That is coaching and execution, period.

    Honey Monks = Lexington BBQ

    Speedys many times, BBQ Center never.



    Who can I blame that starts with an “O”….. Officials!
    Just watch replay and it was a good game, just hate we lost


    Not sure how anyone could complain about the Offense yesterday… so I will assume the “O” type last night was misleading, my bad.
    Hate that Hines was hobbled but receivers were great and Finley is awesome!


    I could get behind “the refs screwed us” if we had not screwed ourselves. Fine game to watch, but to be the man you have to beat the man. That includes not giving up touchdowns on punts or missing field goals. We are deep enough into the season that some offensive adjustments should happen (not saying the offense lost the game however our offensive scheme need to adapt as the defense they are playing adapts). Same goes of defense – over the season the defense has gotten better but game to game those adjustments are needed. Last summer few here would have thought the team would have shown such improvement but this a big time football not the ACC of old.


    Dave boring ass Huxetable has to be to blame,

    Yeah. If Dave boring ass Huxetable was a little faster, we could’ve stopped those keepers to the edge.


    We dropped out of the rankings (still getting votes).


    You saw the talent gap last night. We’re still at a place with roster where we’re not good enough to overcome poor play and questionable in-game coaching at times. Clemson overcame 4 turnovers, including a pick 6 and 2-3 red zone fumbles to beat us last year. This year, they had fewer turnovers, won the special teams, and out coached and outplayed us as much as I hate to admit it. We played a near perfect first half of Fb, other than the special and kicking team, and led by 4.

    With the exception of the 85 yard Td, I thought the defense played well.

    We missed a TD on a slant-and-go to Harmon in the 3rd quarter but other than that, the offense was putrid coming out of the break for the second straight weak. Defenses with better athletes in the back 7 are squatting on routes, trying to take away the lateral plays that utilize WR blockers, and daring us to throw the ball downfield and over the middle. after a strong first half mixing in run, slants, and down field passing, we reverted back to inexcusably bad play
    calling. please, ditch the wildcat and stop handing it off to Samuels. Has to be Hines or Gallaspy at RB

    I did thing the officiating in this one was worse than last week.

    I get the flip the field argument on the 4th and 1 punt in the 3rd, but we’d already
    gone on 4th down earlier in the game, and you typically play field position battles if you have a reliable kicking game. Then you don’t play field position late and try to surprise Clemson with 3 timeouts and a straight ahead insides. I don’t get it.


    Dave boring ass Huxetable has to be to blame,

    Yeah. If Dave boring ass Huxetable was a little faster, we could’ve stopped those keepers to the edge.

    Dave isn’t on the field silly!!! Who cares how fast he is, we only care how infrequently he draws up blitz packages. You’re silly Grey


    It was a good game and we are a good overall team. I can’t say I’m not frustrated but I’m also happy with the improvement overall. Things that still frustrate me to pulling my hair out:

    1. Stupid continued wildcat play to Samuels when is consistently shut down. Its far from a shock to anyone lol.
    2. Special teams are…just bad.
    3. Onsides kick with plenty of time on a team that will punish you with great field position. That was just a stupid call.
    4. Why in the world can we NOT recruit a FG kicker? Why?????
    5. Our in game adjustments continue to be turtle slow compared to other teams.

    Still proud of them but dang that WAS a winnable game for us. It truly was. FINISH should be the new slogan for inspiration, along with let JimBob the crack head call the on the line play calls. Have to have better odds that way it would seem.


    My frustrations are with the kicking game – kickoff, punts and of course field goals. On a lesser scale the wildcat as long as it is only used for a dive play – by this time of the season all are old news. In general I’m encouraged but of course will never be satisfied until we win a natty every year 🙂


    Enjoyable game to watch, but we’re not quite there. I knew we were in trouble when Finley played a nearly perfect first half, and we were still barely up. Pair that with the inevitable coming out flat in the third/out-coached at halftime and it was really over before we ever played a snap in the second half. Shrugs….

    My thoughts:
    – In the first half we were very balanced on offense. The running, while not great, set up the passing and let Finley throw out of play action. In the second half, we just conceded the run which let Clemson start jumping those short passing routes. This is my criticism of Drink (well, along with the red zone). In the games he loses, he falls in love with the pass. It happened at Boise if you go back and look at their game stats, and it’s happened here multiple times.
    – Defense was out there too much in the second half. In the end though, Clemson just looked bigger, stronger and more talented. They look now like FSU used to look. Their plan to rotate the OL kept them fresher in the second half than our defense.
    – Special teams got us again
    – Dabo out coached us. The quick kick was a back breaker.
    – If I never see the “Wild Wolf” again, it will probably be too soon. That’s good for once a game near the goal line. Even then, JSAM on a jet sweep at 3/4s stride is a much better bet. That play seems to have disappeared from the playbook this year for the most part, though we did try it once with Hines.
    – DD blamed a laptop on the Clemson sideline. He needs to send out an assistant to do post game pressers after losses.
    – The officiating wasn’t nearly as bad as the ND game. I’m sure it didn’t feel that way in the stadium, but it looked like most of the calls were right to me on TV.

    It’s gut check time for the Pack. BC is quite improved and had a bye this week. They will be ready. I honestly think we’ll need our A game to beat them. Unfortunately we seem quite banged up and we’re probably a bit mentally fragile.

    Beat BC and we might be able to win out. Lose to BC and we could go into a death spiral. Wake is much improved and played ND better than we did. Lose 4 in a row and we’ll have zero momentum going into a rivalry game (which is never good).


    Sorry Mc but you are wrong. Flat out. per the NCAA rule book on instant replays:

    When To Stop a Game
    ARTICLE 2. a. A game may be stopped, either by the replay official or by a
    head coach’s challenge, at any time before the ball is next legally put in play.

    The ball had been put into play (snapped BEFORE the whistle). At that point the inadvertant whistle rule should have taken precedence, the ball reset, the play clock reset and State would run their next play. The rule is STEADFAST. You snap it you cannot do replay. And that is again just one of the screwups of this officiating crew. THEY should be held accountable (along with swofford).

    Smarter than the average bear


    Perhaps I am not seeing the same things everyone else is. Many of you say we are on the right track, but I don’t see it. We have a senior laden team. We will take a few steps back next year, just inevitable. With FSU and UL down we had every opportunity to make this a special season. Instead we are going 8-4 at best (yes we will lose one more). Special teams was a weakness last year and continues to be one this year. Sure DD can run a program and make it mediocre but he isn’t going to win us any championships. Is our best average? If so we are on the right track.


    I’m not that worried about next year. If the top Jrs. return, I think we should be competitive. At least not a big dropoff. You lose Tony Adams and Samuels on offense, but nobody else.

    On defense, you lose your starting defensive line, but the 2-deep tackles in Bryant and Sug aren’t slouches, should improve, and with Smith-Williams and Roseboro (assuming he returns) we’ll be fine on the ends, with some quality but young depth since it looks like we’re adding some solid line recruits.

    Pratt has played well at LB, but Fernandez will be a loss. Moore imo has not has his best year. On the backend, you lose Boone and Stevens and Alston. We’ll add the TN transfer at safety, and he’ll likely play. The cornerback depth is more of a concern. Hope they’re working out some people for possible position switches, if needed.


    lol, really, an internet tough guy is telling people to shut up about an “O”pinion about this football game. Come on man.


    I am thinking that the Pack will win 10 games this year now.


    Here we are on the Monday following a Clemson football game, and still the Wolfpack has beaten the Tigers but one time since the 2003 season, which is the same year the Pack won the Gator Bowl. That’s 13 losses in the last 14 games.

    Once again, Wolfpack coaches and fans are moaning about the officiating.

    Once again, a big game well within our grasp slips away in the twilight.

    Once again, poor team defense is primarily to blame.

    Once again, there are nearly as many yellow flags flying at C-F as there are red NCSU flags flying from fans’ vehicles in the parking lot. Amato WAS on the sidelines Saturday.

    Once again, there will be no ACC championship since 1979, unless the worst Florida State team I’ve ever seen somehow wins in Death Valley next weekend. Even if the Noles were to pull it off, the Wolfpack would have to win its next 4 games in order to party like it’s 1979.

    Since our next opponent, Boston College, entered the league in 2005, we are 4-8 against them and have won on their field only once in six tries. The home loss against them last season was inexcusable.

    Since 2005, we have won at Wake Forest only once in six tries.

    Both BC and WF are playing much better than the two teams everyone thought we’d struggle against, FSU and Louisville.

    I don’t even want to talk about the possibilities of facing another awful UNC team that will likely have a lame duck coach leading them. At least we don’t have to close out against ECU this time.

    But no matter what happens from here out, two things are almost certain. We’re going to a bowl, and AD Yow will give Doeren a contract extension. Athletic Directors are the real Santa Clauses of college sports; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been bad or good, they’ll fill those stockings, for goodness sakes! Look at David Beaty, who took Kansas from 0-12 in 2015 to 2-10 last season and was rewarded with a contract extension by the Jayhawk AD. Anyone who thinks we’re bad should watch KU football.

    A 9-3 record might seem disappointing right now, but it’ll likely get us a decent bowl, but these next three weeks will be more of a challenge than most anyone thought before the season began.


    I agree 13, which is why I said we have at least one more loss in us. We will be UNC Cheats bowl game. Wake in Winston has always been tough for us. IS there really enough difference between 8-4 and 7-5 when considering to keep the coach. Unfortunately we will keep DD and probably tie our hands financially so that we cannot get rid of him. But hey we are STATE, I am sure it will work out, always does right.


    Watched the game again Sunday with a much “clearer” head and most of the officials calls that I felt were wrong, actually turned out to be correct calls…IMO Our DB’s were hanging onto the jerseys, (which I didn’t see during the game) and the last second shift was a kick in the teeth, but that’s State shet. Like most, I worry that we may take a BC and Wake butt kicking.
    This is A chance for the coaches to step up along with the “senior laden class”, these next two games will determine if the Pack has “turned the corner” from years past.


    Packzingo – I think that is fair.

    6-2 would be the best conference record in 24 years.

    I hope we can get there. It is time for this team and program to differentiate itself from it’s predecessors.


    It’s ok, guys…remember, Clempson is “only us in Orange”…Duh, think Clempson is Carolina Blue in Orange and has Johnny Swofford’s nads mounted near the rock where they squeeze on them…

    Dabo is an idiot and if you observed, Venables told him to “shut up” when he was talking!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

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