Pack Goes to The Gates For a 12:00 Post

Ahhh…a pic so very relevant this week, too.

I’ve not set one single foot on the campus of the University of Louisville. Nor, have I ventured inside the house that really sh#tty, pepperoni, mushrooms and onions built.

I have, however, spent some time under the Twin Spires, a hired hand in fact. I know pizza and I know horses, and when State hits the turf course on Saturday, the field will be comprised of some pretty well seasoned thoroughbreds.

The Cardinal barn probably has more 4 year olds on the 2 deep than there are promising foals on the entire length of Versailles Road.

Seasoned handicappers, such as yourselves, also know that the Card speed bias is off the charts. They are some daunting ponies, to say the least. With speed on the rails, speed on the outside, and a talented trainer, the Cardinals warrant the prohibitive numbers placed by the oddsmakers.

To say the Red & White silks are stepping up in class for a second straight race is truly an understatement.
However, the Wolfpack farm is not exactly saddled with B meat runners and glue factory shippers. Indeed, they have more than a few studs of their own. Reading the Form leads us to believe this stable is on the improve since the first Maiden race of 2016.

A look at past performances shows that two years ago, at Louisville, the Pack stayed in that race until tiring down the stretch. Note several key horses were forced to remain in the barns back in Raleigh. Last year’s stakes, on a muddy surface, saw the Wolfpack lose early footing in a bad break, just out of the gates, with a bit falling to the turf, but managed to stay in it, failing just enough fire to close on the winner.

How the race will be run:

Obviously, the Cardinals will use that speed to try and get to the lead out of the gate. They will want to stay there and force the pace. While the Pack must break cleanly, it is tantamount that they rate early, yet not save so much ground as to lose sight of the frontrunner. They must set a pace of their own, and not get caught up in a speed duel.

If the Wolfpack can manage a clean race and find themselves only back by a few lengths at the far turn, they are capable of making a run at the top of the stretch. Whether they have enough to close and overtake the Cards at the wire, may depend in the accuracy of a rumor going around.

Has the ol’ cowboy, Tom Booker, been hired to work with one of the Wolfpack barn’s most fractious colts? Or, someone like him at least? Hopefully, the answer is yes, because the Pack is gonna need that particular hoof to be sound.

While on the Ohio River, the gravity of the stakes still looms. Don’t forget.


Multiple ACC Championship ring bearer...If they had given us rings back then, that is. Famous for being Lou Holtz's favorite target...of flying clipboards, and responsible for the creation of wholey new obscenities off the tongue of Sam Esposito, between and outside the white lines. Son of a HoF basketball coach.


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    Ahhh…a pic so very relevant this week, too. I’ve not set one single foot on the campus of the University of Louisville. Nor, have I ventured inside
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    What lane are we starting in?

    Does it matter in a two horse race?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Nope. Don’t matter, but the Cards have the best draw. Post position is fo’ chumps.


    Will Secretariat do the improbable? It is all the oats, son, and the wolven entry will be loaded.


    Cowdog – first off – top notch writing.

    Personally, I think that if we have anywhere near the energy, focus and physicality of last week’s game, the wolfpack Represent a Spectacular Bid. However, there is Genuine Risk here – as Louisville ventures into the red zone and scores more red zone TD’s than anyone in college football.

    As good as the offense was last week – this week’s is better. Of course, we know the value of transitive properties here. They don’t apply.

    What we do know is that the Wolfpack is competitive nationally in the trenches, behind center and in the backfield. The question remains, can the DB’s, WR’s and LB’s perform at the level they did last week…and can everything about the kicking game (that includes player and coaching execution) – come together for their best effort yet? If we don’t, we’ll be lucky to even feel like Alydar.

    Personally, I think that last week Affirmed DD’s efforts as a personnel recruiter and a pre-game prepper. The game management represents room for improvement, but there are very few Triple Crown winners around.

    My coaching outlook, especially for football, is decidedly big picture. And while, I’d love the win, place or show in this game, like last game, I just want to be close at the final turn.


    Chops!! What a good pull.

    In our current times, Alydar sounds good to me, and a few dozen other farms would agree.


    Agree with chop, the writing is most excellent, and I have come to look forward to these midweek creative exploits.

    On the field, last week certainly gives me hope. But Lamar! is scary. And our brains/hearts/souls could go either way. I just don’t don’t know.


    Absolutely cowdog.

    The notre Dame and Clemson games have been a revelation. We had heard/read that our DL was stout – but seeing in both of those games, well we know how some of those farms feel when they see the horses gallop and see their splits and say “by golly, we gott something.”

    We may not be ready to race against the best in breed yet every week, but the correct reaction to these last 2 weeks should put a lot of folks on notice… because we definitely should be ready for the big tracks like Del Mar.

    (If you can’t tell I haven’t felt this good about the future of football since we were up 7 vs. GA Tech.) You don’t want to serve whine before it’s time and you don’t want to push your young horse too hard – so sit back and hope that the progress we’ve seen evident these last 2 weeks is as legit ad it looks and that it continues.

    Royal Wulff

    ^ Chop,are you referring to the 2002 GA Tech game… when GT got an extra play on 3rd down off of their own pre-snap penalty?

    ^^ CowDog, beautiful extended metaphor, as always. The old troubadour from Monahans, TX would be proud. At this point in the season, I’ve got us somewhere between Bag of Bones (vs ECU) and a mighty good ride on Joe Walker’s Mare (Clemson). I guess One Mint Julep actually was the cause of it all.


    My My CD, your usually terse commentary tends to hide your true depth as a man of letters. As one who tried to stick by DD it does seem that he and his charges are rising to the task. Big Red is charging up the backstretch and if the competition isn’t careful he could steal one here. Ask Clemson how lucky they felt last Saturday. A Clemson grad at work who was on the 40 yard line last week said he and most around him almost had to get the paddle treatment to restart their hearts when wide right happened. My bet is the locker room was not dejected that afternoon. DD let them know in no uncertain terms that this edition of Big Red is ready for prime time. Yes they were nosed out at the finish, but so have a great many of strong horses. All they need is one more step and it will be their nose in front at the wire. It could happen this week.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I predict one of 2 things, a blowout by the ville, or win by the Pack. I am leaning toward the latter.


    Thanks for showing up in a blog you’ve been pining for.


    We are proven mudders this year. Louisville is home of the “hot brown.” I’d say the signs are lining up nicely for us. Go Pack!


    Game Time weather forecast in Louisville…

    Partly Cloudy – High 40s – 10% chance of rain, if that…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Louisville is home of the “hot brown.”

    Hmmm-a backhanded reference to the Cardinal basketball scandal?


    I’m thinking more Go For Gin. Take lead in second and fend off late charges. Just need to break in and flood that field tonight.


    A gem of a write up, CD. Bravo!


    CD, don’t forget the race will affected by a breed of 8 (I think) stripped donkeys. Will they knock the red and white ponies sideways and backwards so much that even Big Red couldn’t overcome such a handicap.


    I think, with absolutely not a farthing of bias to my Big Red WP, that we have a decent shot. Decent of course depends on how the Zeb’s see our OL blocking….and also their aggressive or passive tweeting.

    Vegas lines, which I am no expert at, show us as a 19.5 point underdog. That seems a bit overdone….or as it has been posted, our overall team’s performance against such foes have been under misrepresented….

    So, we shall see what we shall see. I am optimistic for a victory on a level field. However, I think that Bobby Petrino is actually a bit smarter (and craftier) that the Dabo…It will all comedown to the team that wants it the most. Hopefully, we will not get down 4 or 5 scores, as Louisville’s past conquests have done. IF we play them even, like we did Clemson, then we will find ourselves in a “Position to win”….at the end. And I THINK we will pull it off.

    As with all projections, there are no guarantees…..I WILL be disappointed if we forget how good we CAN be and play up to Louisville’s expectations…

    GO PACK…


    I too think we have a chance. I would love to see us improve on the amount of penalties we rack up. Limit those and the turnovers and we’re competitive. One strike against us going in – I’m afraid the zebras have decided we have “tendencies” regarding the chop block.


    ‘Dog, you’re nailing it every time out. My sincere apologies for being an absentee reader thus far and not telling you so before now.


    Thanks for a long awaited blog. Now if we can just get a live blog today, that really would be great. Or at least one after the game, if we win, or keep it competitive. Guess we will see. Go Pack!


    Hit Lamar early and hit him hard. He is nothing but a twig anyways. Go Pack!


    So Louisville is wearing glow in the dark cleats today for a noon game. Riiiight.


    Thanks for a long awaited blog. Now if we can just get a live blog today, that really would be great. Or at least one after the game, if we win, or keep it competitive. Guess we will see. Go Pack!

    I suspect BJD is on that as we speak. If not, I’ll toss something up at gametime on the forums.
    Which once again I’d like to remind folks…the forums do exist, and there are generally threads there which don’t necessarily appear on the blog front page.

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