“Homecoming Never Looked So Good” BC Game Thread

Tiers.  Remember that word we all used so freely back some years ago when HWSNBN and then El Sid were at the helm of the roundball?  Well guess what?  It’s reared its ugly head again.  The ’16 Football version of the Pack has a few things to prove if it doesn’t want to be relegated to some afterthought bowl played before Christmas.  Or even if it wants any bowl at all.  Up yours Wake…this time “Tiers” actually means something going forward.

The Pack returns home this week to the friendly confines of Carter-Finley after a less than stellar two weeks on the road.  First, one got away at Clemson.  Then came the pasting at Louisville.

State is a perfect 4-0 at home this year.  They’re also a perfect-ish 0-3 on the road.  So as the title says, Homecoming never looked so good.

Offensively speaking, BC is close to the being the worst in all of FBS.  Defensively, at least statistically, they’re in the top ten defensively.  But again, tiers.  BC’s defensive statistics are skewed by 3 wins over terrible competition, and a close loss to GT (in Ireland…which still makes me laugh even now).  Clemson, VT, and even ‘Cuse had no problem against their defense.  And if we fancy ourselves as even being remotely competent offensively, we better not have any trouble with them either.

Moreover, our defense needs to show up today.  After allowing ‘Ville to run roughshod over us last week, the preparation needs to show that we aren’t the lollygaggers we most recently appeared to be.

With FSU looming next week, a very winnable game btw…this week needs to be free and easy.  One win closer to bowl eligibility is what I expect today.  5-3 is way more betterer than 4-4.  Just saying.  But FSU is NEXT week.  They don’t mean jack this week.  And they won’t mean jack next week unless we take care of business THIS week.

The Pack is a 15 pt home favorite.  We need to not only cover that, but we need to beat that spread.  We need a foot on the throat mentality, and we need it now.

NC State can’t afford to look past Boston College (NewsObserver.com)

Clemson, Louisville, Boston College.

One of these things is not like the other. At least to media and fans they aren’t.

N.C. State (4-3) gets Boston College (3-4) at home on Saturday after stepping up in weight class with Clemson and Louisville the previous two weeks.

But that’s not how the Wolfpack sees the Eagles, who have won 7 of the 11 ACC games between the two schools.

“I know you guys look at it differently,” N.C. State coach Dave Doeren said.

Yep. Clemson is 7-0 and ranked No. 3 in the country and the Cardinals are 6-1, with only a six-point road loss to Clemson, and ranked No. 5.

Then there’s Boston College. The Eagles’ wins this season are over UMass, Wagner and Buffalo. They have lost 12 straight ACC games. They got blown out at home by Clemson (56-10) and lost a must-win home game with fellow “Atlantic Division Participant” Syracuse a week ago. They’ve also lost to both Techs to take an 0-4 ACC record into this game.

But that’s what we, with an untrained eye, see. Doeren sees a tough defense, in Clemson and Louisville’s class, and a disciplined team.

Let us all hope that DD has imparted this attitude to the team.

Boston College Eagles vs. NC State Wolfpack Preview and Prediction (AthlonSports.com)

Turn the page, right the ship, bounce back, forget it and move on: Pick your post-loss cliché and apply it to either Boston College or NC State, because they all fit. Neither team played particularly well last weekend, so both will be looking to… well, you know.

For NC State (4-3, 1-2 ACC), the last two weeks have been extremely distressful in its own way. Two weeks ago, the Wolfpack barely missed out on a season-altering upset of undefeated Clemson, only to see it slip away late in regulation and in overtime of an eventual 24-17 loss.


Final Analysis

Both of these defenses are pretty stout against the run, but NC State has been able to lean on the ground game with more success. And despite quarterback Ryan Finley’s struggles over the last two weeks, he is a more reliable entity at this point than what the Boston College has at that position, which is still up in the air due to Patrick Towles’ injury. Look for the Wolfpack to come out on top in a game that should be a physical confrontation in the trenches and in the run game.

Prediction: NC State 24, Boston College 13

I’ll settle for that final score, but beating the Vegas line of -15 would be preferable.

Coach’s Corner: Evaluating BC – NC State (BCInterruption.com)

Boston College Keys To Victory:

1. Win the kicking game – NC State has an advantage in the punt game behind AJ Cole who averages 44 yards per kick.  BC on the other hand is #122 in punting this season, but the rest of the NC State kicking game is non descript to say the least and the Eagles have shown that they can pop the occasional return with either Tyler Rouse or Myles Willis and Mike Knoll has become consistent, if not artistic, kicking field goals and extra points. Pack kicker Kyle Bambard went through the nightmare game at Clemson missing the game winning FG, but is 5-6 outside that game.  BC needs to get the hidden yards to create positive field position situations.



The Pack have been very good at home and despite not looking overly sexy on offense have put up over 500 yards in three games this season and 400 or more (397 vs Clemson) in two others.  Only in the game last week at Louisville and in the hurricane vs Notre Dame has the offense bogged down.  From an NC State perspective, the game this most resembles is Wake Forest.  Against a poor Demon Deacon offense and a stout defense, NC State put up 527 yards in a comfortable 33-16 win riding 300 yards passing from Ryan Finley.  Something similar seems in line.

NC State 27  Boston College 10

Now that’s a prediction I can get behind.  And that’s coming from the BC guys, btw.

Where to watch – ACCN (Locally on the Big 5) at 12:30pm

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Let’s Do This!!!!!

Go Pack!!!!!

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    It’s the coach. I thought he was way in over his head after I watched the very first press conference I heard from him when he was announced 4 years ago. I was hoping maybe I was missing something and we had some kind of quiet genius, aka Bill Belichick, because projected nervousness and trepidation from the get go. Here we are year #4 and an ACC cellar dweller runs us over on homecoming and he’s batting .250 in the ACC (record sits 7-21) and appears the slump will continue indefinitely.


    I don’t see duh-ren going anywhere. We can’t afford it with the cost of the Debbie dome and the extensions she gives out like candy.

    oh he’s gone.. you can’t just lose to Boston College, who broke a 12 game ACC skid today, during home coming. They better fVcking buy an iPhone and let Siri coach if they can’t afford anyone else. This train wreck has run its course. There’s no buzz around the program. At least with Siri coaching there’d be a buzz.

    I just don’t see Debbie pulling the trigger.
    Besides who makes the hire? I sure don’t want her doing it.


    Heard Chubb in the post game. Are these guys still living in the loss to Clemson? We played like crap today, and got beat. And as excited as I was about the new OC/Drinkwitz, he lost me today. Game on the line and we call two running plays up the middle to score, when we have been unsuccessful there all day. Then to end it all, Finley, in Clemson fashion, throws a pick in the endzone. We sucked and lost on homecoming against a lowly BC team, with a 12 game ACC losing streak. The coaches did not prep this team for today, and that falls on DD. Beginning to seriously consider thoughts of a change, or else we hire a psychiatrist to get in the heads of our players, who are clearly, living in the past, with the Clemson loss. The team that played the last 2 weeks, could never hang with Clemson, or beat ND. Who knows who will show up next week. I sure haven’t got a clue.


    Show some Christian Love and understanding for the coach! All you Wolfpackers realize that State has not won an ACC title since Holtz. We are long suffering and it is ever thus. Not that I like it , just saying


    I just don’t see Debbie pulling the trigger.
    Besides who makes the hire? I sure don’t want her doing it.

    I’ll do it. Hire Siri!

    Show some Christian Love and understanding for the coach! All you Wolfpackers realize that State has not won an ACC title since Holtz. We are long suffering and it is ever thus. Not that I like it , just saying

    You do know Dave is not volunteering or doing this probono or anything, right?


    Time for Yow and her flunkies to take a Bow. On syrius college football talk radio last week they talked how State could play so well against Clemson then fall apart against Louisville. They commented that Duke did not have the talent as State yet played an incredible game. They implied that Doren isn’t Coach Cutcliffe.When Yow hired Doeren she stated she wanted State to be a top 25 team and play in bowl games lol might as well be toilet bowls . In years past State has cracked the top 10 been ranked 11 and 13th at times. Why settle for goals like that when that should be your starting point? We should be trying for building a top 10 program instead of settling for her slacker goals. As a graduate an alumni and fan for over 50 years, I cant remember a time when our football and basketball programs have been so horrible. Yow has done a horrible job and if she loves the university she should step down . I think she is a nice person and I hate to see anyone get fired but it is embarrassing bad that merits her dismissal. BC has not won a conference game since 2014 until today.We go from having Clemson on the ropes to this talking about from being talented to Pop Warner that simply is POOR COACHING!We need an ELITE COACH!!! TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE IN BOTH PROGRAMS AND AT THE AD Position.


    It HAD to be the politicting in the parking lot. I did a poll and I saw about 50 – 60% SUV/PUT; rest were sedans. I DID see one white and one red Prius. I also noted many “make America GREAT T-Shirts in the PL and also in the crowd”. Did not see any “I’m with HER” clothing. Maybe it was the impact of Mr. Comey (starts with C) yesterday.
    Will Ferrell did make a light hearted comment about “nest of Deplorables”.

    As to the ball game, I thought that the Karma of the Canes would prevail. Howsomeever, what DID prevail was the Tow Trucks. There was an armada of tow trucks “clearing the lot”. Seems that a lot of the Canes fans abandoned their vehicles as the celebrated WAY too long after the game and either TaxiTaxi’ed or Uber’ed home. The WPC golf carts were running around like Tesla’a on autopilot calling in the “Take em OUTTA here”. Many fans were circling and were upset. Some actually “bunked” with friends that have two PP spots and they adjusted their tailgate routine.

    Obviously I got there too early and wandered around and talked to some WPC folks and other “regulars”.

    The game started on a downer…..can’t remember what play, but it was in the first series where they got their first “20 Yd Plus” play. NOT GOOD….UGLY.

    And, to add insult to INJURY…..another C….Cherry, the Ace Official, was on the scene…..forgetting to turn on his mike from time to time. He was “reviewed” more than a Trump Beauty contestant. It was unbelievable. The announcers said that obviously the G’Boro ACC War Room’s cameras were “better” than the telecast as they were seeing things or reviewing things that our own field correspondents and also some of the coaches did not see.

    We LOST. We SUCKED. We had NO energy. We seemed to have NO clue or motivation.

    Will DD rectify the situation? Probably stand a better chance of James Comey giving out additional info on QB…. OR, probably a better chance that the MSM will let up on her adversary.

    The season looks in jeporady. Is it lost? Of course not….BUT, it is looking as BLEAK as DD’s chances WERE….prior to Mr. C’s pronouncement.

    WILL WE RUN THE TABLE….or get laid on the table and the whole bier gang “uses us”? I’m thinking that there will be no more rolling balls for a while on the green…..but you never know…

    DD does deserve a real review….but that probably is not in the books…..or in the emails or whatever….


    FYI, so we lost to Clemson on their homecoming, with a missed FG. Yet this same BC team, we lost to today, were given the beat down @ BC, by Clemson, with a score of 56-10. WTF?????


    I wont attend another game or many of my alumni friends until SHE is gone and HER FLUNKIES the ole timer fans for 75 years say it is gotten out of hand ! I have only been a fan for a little over 50 cant remember round ball or pigskin being this bad. Yow and her flunkies most go!



    You wanna get rid of Gott right before we’re about to put a top #5 team talent wise on the court this season? Perhaps the most talented and deep squad we’ve had in DECADES? No thanks.


    I promise that HillyBob is gonna win North Cakalaky. Super certain of it at this point. (I can separate what I WANT from what I PREDICT.)

    When Deborah Ross is the only major statewide Demmycrat to lose, I hope the post-mortem blames it on the extremely annoying, every 3 hours e-mails begging for money. Shit, I almost WANT her to lose at this point. Burr could be worse.


    Firing Gott would be insane, BUT we do need a new AD in place to judge the program objectively IN CASE it runs off the rails again.


    Back from dinner with DW and lovely GK’s and a nice LARGE Margarita. This thought occurred to me PRIOR to getting there. I think a LOT of the CF FB Fan Base is actually the “Social” set. You have to have some exposure to the Cotillians and the Debutante Balls (local and state) of central and eastern NC. We are a “social species”. The tailgating is decades or generation old at CF. Teams come and go….coaches come and go. Reynolds almost went….and the PNC appeared. BUT, the constant in the equation….the TG in the PL.

    We (me included) can opine, embellish (not Moi), rant, rave, threaten, etc. BUT, a few facts remain. CF is usually at least 90% sold out. Right, Wrong or indifferent, the chief “deal closer”, Bobby Purcell has done a great job at exploiting our brand. We bought the LTR concept for the CF seats. We then followed suit in the PNC. I know folks that actually gave up their PNC Champions Club and paid a hefty “Priority Club Enhancement” amount so that they could move “into the PNC bowl”.

    YES, there are folks here, and I totally respect their motivation and decisions, that will either NOT use the rest of their tickets or not purchase the Season Tickets next year. However, there seems to be several OTHERS that are in the line to “upgrade” to these tickets. If you look at the CF seats, there are very few “regular” season tickets. My nephew purchased the LTR to the Season tickets that he had had for several years as they were going to be “put on the block”. He bought them for kids he has yet to conceive.

    I also have a BIL that is not a WPC member. But, a close friend upped his quota to 4. So, he and his wife have great seats and also a parking spot within 20 yards of a CF gate. They enjoy the FB games, but they really attend for the socializing and “Tailgating”. I don’t think his wife understand the difference between Off Sides and Pass Interference….but she makes a MEAN TG cuisine….and they have a crowd there.

    Today, I also talked to a longtime WPC member and his friends. I did not realize that he was right up the lot from me….but recognized his car. He and his friends spend considerable money on their spreads. Big screen TV’s, catered meals, custom tents, tarps, etc. for inclement weather….and a flag pole that should be lighted for the flyover.

    Having contemplated it…..as long as FB ticket sales are good…..there will probably NOT be a change….until after AD Yow is retired. I stated my feelings that we are now in a state of “continuing decline”….but as long as the FB program is breaking even or providing a profit….then nothing will be done….especially since it would cost some BIG $$’s.

    I would say one thing about the Reynolds remodeling. I was NOT a major contributor….probably less than my fair share. However, after attending the dedication and seeing how the “hear and soul” of Reynolds was preserved and also how the building was salvaged and made into a really functional enterprise, my hat is off to her. If you have memories dating back over 50 years to it, as my wife and I do, you might understand.

    I plan to take my kids and my GK’s to some functions there so they can see the transformation.

    Others may (and probably will) differ….but I am proud that we were able to salvage it and also upgrade it.

    Clemson is ahead by 2 TD’s NOT GOOD….BUT, the Native Americans are up 3 to 1 over the Young Caniforms…..and THAT is pleasing to me. OTHERS….probably not so.


    I don’t know roo.

    5 years ago after walking out of Carter Finley – after a wolfpack route of bc – into a parking lot where the high dollar spots were virtually empty…I told my wife that tob would be fired.

    Keep in mind – with that WIN – we had just gone 4-4 in the acc – the 4th time in 5 years we had been at least .500 in conference. But the wins of November were blowing – and it was semi-cold and well, even when the game kinda meant something – this meant nothing.

    DD, IMHO, is now coaching for his job. He wins 3 of 4 and he keeps it and builds momentum. We wins 2 of 4 and I can’t call it. He wins less, there’s no excuse to keep him on board.

    My question in that event to deb Yow would be:

    Name the last nc state coach to have 4 losing conference records in a row.


    Can somebody change this…

    “Homecoming Never Looked So Good”

    to THIS…
    “Homecoming Never Looked So Good BAD”

    to quote the Sage of the Upper West… Ply…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Doeren is now 22-24 overall. To say we are “mediocre” would be a compliment.


    WordPress ate my post.

    DD’s contract runs through 12/31/19. Base is $840,000. Fire him at end of season and it costs you $2,520,000 in equal installments until then….less what he earns as a D1 Coach. He also gets $1,360,000 Supplement, 20 FB tickets, 6 BB tickets (including travel to away games and post season for he and spouse), 2 cars and a State Club membership.

    Debbie plans on being here until 2019.

    Unless the fat cats stop writing checks or unless a LOT of LTR season ticket holders quit purchasing the tickets (and thus forfeit all their pledge $$), NOTHING….IMHO will happen.

    If my long and rambling post is released from the TO file, I apologize for double posting on the same topic.

    FSU is trying to make Dabo’s Halloween….a real TRICK. Cubbies got their trick tonight. Native Americans are salivating at clinching series in Buckeye land….


    I thought we’d win today. Wow we laid an egg.

    UNC will put the final nail in the DD coffin. He’s a dead man walking and they’ll remove all doubt. BC spoiled what a miracle hurricane might have salvaged for one more year.


    Show some Christian Love and understanding for the coach! All you Wolfpackers realize that State has not won an ACC title since Holtz. We are long suffering and it is ever thus. Not that I like it , just saying

    Actually it was Bo Rein 1979. My freshman year.


    I can’t figure out how to copy & paste on my Droid, otherwise, I’d put in the Latin.

    Yesterday, Coach Doeren’s dauntless troops were wandering aimlessly and inadvertantly “Crossed The Rubicon”….e.g.

    The dye is cast, figuratively speaking. Whether A D Yow decides to continue to wear the garment or goes shopping for a new pants suit is the question.

    Jimbo ain’t gonna let Clemson beat his Seminoles TWICE. In effect, next week, Clemson beats one team again…and the odds are, it is us.

    We’ve had the discussion about Les and Art and maybe a few others before. The season will end and odds are, we wear the stained outfit one more year….but the mess of the rest of the season might bear more weight this year.

    If the Cubbies are “still in it”, then, I suppose, so are we.

    I quipped yesterday, about mid Q4.

    The hapless are hosting the hopeless…and it is humorlessly hilarious. OUCH… little did I think it would end that way…. but it did.


    As for DY, I think all the opinions are based on football, and not on the state of the overall athletic department. So I say she keeps her job. As for football, whether coaching or players, except for the Louisville game, we could have won all the rest, and looking good right now. But unfortunately we didn’t. But it is the little things that are keeping us from winning, and this far into the season, it has to stop. Way to many costly penalties, averaging over 100+ yards the last several games. That can’t happen. I truly believe we can win out, but if we continue the current effort it won’t happen. The staff and players gotta step it up, and get over the Clemson loss. Go Pack!


    Dave’s contract buy out does look daunting. May have to just eat it next year with this guy.


    Actually it was Bo Rein 1979. My freshman year.


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