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    FWIW….I got a Living Social email today. Did I REALLY see Miami vs NCSU tickets for $5?


    Hover over each section and look at the prices. there are a LOT and I mean a LOT of LTR’s in the upper sections on the East and West side….Holy Hot Feces????

    We had 3 Extra FSU tix and I moved them for about 75% of face and did NOT sweeten the deal with a PP. BUT, I saw some this morning on CL that were pretty good seats going for about 50% or so…


    This disinterest in NC State football is quite obvious, with no blog for the fsu game. No blowout as many expected, but again another that gets away. Bambard makes earlier fg miss, a fg wins game, and the dropped int in the endzone, only to see fsu score on the next pass. Except for the Louisville, game. little things have killed us, though we did turn our penalties, into one tonight. Guys seem to have the mindset of here we go again. Not trying to hate on Doeren, but this is getting old. Better win the rest. And next year we return, pretty much the whole squad, with only a few seniors. Bad enough we had to put up with obnoxious fsu fans who never sat the whole game, and had the nerve to talk trash. Sure would have been nice to have that int, and win. But we didn’t.


    So we let Clemson off the hook in Death Valley, now we play Syracuse who lost 54-0 to the tigers. Here is hoping the right team shows up from here on out. The remaining schedule is favorable. Even with the holes, as the coastal is weak, as the holes were trounced by vt, who lost to syracuse. Guess we will see, I am looking for a victory next week, as long as Bambard is not kicking. Win out and we are 4-4 in the ACC, and 7-5 overall, Doeren off the hot seat, and again with pretty much the same team returning next year


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Viewing 4 posts - 176 through 179 (of 179 total)
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